Hoover H-Go 300 Hydro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover H-Go 300 Hydro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


H-GO 300 HYDRO robot is the perfect ally for a cleaner home. Advanced Gyroscopic Navigation Technology allows a more regular and accurate path, improving efficiency and cleaning coverage. By combining Vacuuming and Mopping it cleans thoroughly, for spotless floors. H-GO 300 HYDRO is also autonomous, as you can schedule it to clean at a convenient time. The robot moves effortlessly around obstacles and furniture, adapting its path to suit your home. Its lithium battery grants up to 120 minutes of continuous vacuuming to ensure effective and complete cleaning.


Use the remote control to schedule a cleaning session for when you’re not home. Let your H-GO 300 HYDRO do all the hard work while you’re out, so that you can relax when you get home.


By vacuuming and mopping in one-go, H-GO 300 HYDRO easily manages dust and dirt to ensure spotless floors including wood, tiles, laminate and stone.


H-GO 300 HYDRO’s Brushless Motor provides excellent suction and incredible pick up on fine dust and larger debris. Functioning with permanent magnets that reduce friction and vibrations and increase speed, it guarantees powerful suction, great efficiency and a longer lifespan.


Start or pause your H-GO 300 HYDRO by using the buttons on the robot itself or through the remote control with LCD display that allows you access to all the functions.


H-GO 300 HYDRO is equipped with a full set of sensors to automatically recognize stairs or steps and avoid accidentally falling over the edge.


Through its intelligent sensors, the H-GO 300 HYDRO detects obstacles and furniture, so that it can reduce speed and change direction in order to avoid bumps and collisions.


Colour: Hi-Gloss Black
Run time (Min): 120
Anti fall down sensor: Yes
Battery type: Li-Ion
Charging method: Charger base and plug in
Filtration system: Washable EPA
Info Voice technology: Yes
Programme settings: Yes
Recharging time: 4-5
Scheduling function: Weekly
Automatic return to the base: Yes
No touch sensor: Yes
Real soft bumpers: Yes
Rubberized wheels: Yes
Additional filters: Yes
Side brushes: 2
Product depth (mm): 320
Product height (mm): 80
Weight (kg) – cleaner only: 2.4
Width of the product (mm): 320
Bin capacity (l): 0.35


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