Hoover H-Purifier 300

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Hoover H-Purifier 300


H-Purifier 300 is the connected air purifier designed by Hoover to guarantee a superior and intelligent purification experience: a unique solution against pollutants and allergens that guarantees a safer and healthier home environment. With a CADR * (m3 / h) of 290 it is able to purify the air of a 20 m2 room in just 9 minutes.


Once you have connected your H-PURIFIER 300 to the hOn App, you will have the opportunity to create your allergy profile, selecting the pollens to which you are allergic to among the most relevant ones.


The hOn App will monitor the presence of pollen outside and communicate it to the purifier. Pollen Alert mode will automatically activate and H-PURIFIER 300 will reduce its level to prevent allergic symptoms.


The Multi Sensor System of your H-PURIFIER 300 scans the indoor air quality in real time, monitoring pollutants (PM 10 and PM 2.5), allergens, GAS (VOC). Its extreme precision guarantees high efficiency and reduces maintenance operations.


The HEPA 13 filter features a unique treatment that inhibits pollen once captured by the filter, rendering them harmless and allowing allergy sufferers to clean the filter in complete safety.


Thanks to the LED Display Ring you can constantly check the home air status with a single glance. The 4 different colors indicate the status of the air quality: green indicates good quality, yellow satisfactory, orange poor and red bad.


Enhance your air purification experience with the hOn app. You will access a world of useful functions: remote control of purification modes and settings, customization of programs.


In addition, the hOn app allows you to collect data on indoor and outdoor air to the home, providing real-time monitoring information on indoor and outdoor pollution.


360 ° AIR FLOW
Thanks to the round shape of the H-PURIFIER 300 and its 360 ° airflow system, the purified air is distributed evenly in all directions, even in large spaces.


Once the allergens and pollutants are captured, the filtered air is diffused first towards the ceiling and then across the room to reach every point of the house quickly and effectively.


Set Sleep Mode to start a silent but deep air purification up to 8 times a night: you will never be disturbed while sleeping and you will always have fresh air when you wake up.


Set the Maximum Mode (MAX) and let your purifier run at full power. This mode is ideal for large spaces, to remove cigarette smoke (even electronic cigarette smoke) and food odors.


Select the Automatic Mode and let your H-PURIFIER 300 work autonomously: it will set the fan speed relying on the detected air quality.


When the LED display ring remains green for more than 30 minutes, H-PURIFER 300 automatically activates the stand-by mode: the fan will switch off and the sensors will continue to monitor the air quality, reactivating the fan only in case pollutants were detected.


H-PURIFIER 300 is equipped with a specialized sensor to have an always active monitoring of the presence of Carbon Monoxide. When the level of CO in the air becomes potentially harmful, the CO sensor alerts you with an audible and visual signal and with a notification on the hOn App to ensure greater safety.


H-TRIFILTER is the exclusive Hoover filtration system, characterized by the combined action of three different levels, each with a specific function, to always guarantee protection from polluting particles inside your home down to 0.1 microns. The outermost filter acts as the first level of filtration, catching larger particles such as dust, hair or pet hair.


The HEPA filter (H13) traps invisible microscopic particles such as PM 10 and PM 2.5, removing 99.97% of allergens down to 0.3 microns, such as pollen, dust grains and bacteria. The Activated Carbon filter absorbs polluting gases (VOC, NO2), fumes, cigarette smoke and odors.


You can always check the PM 10, PM 2.5 and GAS (VOC) level of the air in your home via the hOn App. In addition, you can track the maintenance status of the filter.


Color: White
Suitable for rooms up to: 100
GAS removal: VOC: Yes
CADR dust particles at maximum power (m3 / h): 290
Removal of ultra-fine particles: 99.97
Weight (kg): 6.3
Technical Features: CO Alert Sensor, Ring LED air quality, Filter maintenance alert, Carrying handle, PM sensor: PM 2.5, PM sensor: PM 10
Features of The Filter: Filtration levels: 3, External part of the cleanable filter: Yes, Hepa filter H13: Yes, Pollen neutralization: Yes, Activated carbon filter: Yes
Programs and Functions: Automatic mode, Maximum Mode, Allergy profile setting, Pollen allergy mode, Voice control: Alexa, Voice control: Google Home, Sleep Mode
Dimensions (H x W x D): 52.05 x 28 x 31.4 cm


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