Severin Hot Air Fryer 3.2L 1500W

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Innovative hot-air technology for varied results for health-conscious deep-frying, cooking, pan-frying and baking without the addition of oil.







Energy-saving, quick & odourless rapid heating-up and preparation time due to innovative hot-air technology







6 automatic programs guarantee perfect results at the push of a button for chips, meat, chicken thighs, shrimps, vegetables and baking





Much of what tastes absolutely delicious is unfortunately guaranteed to pile on the pounds. However, there is another way! The new allies in the battle against guilty consciences are full of hot air: air fryers are the new stars of the culinary heavens, promising both healthy indulgence and delicious taste.


Crunchy chips, crispy fried fish and perfectly breaded chicken tenders without the need to add oil! Air fryers are one of the best-loved kitchen appliances in many households.


–  Ceramic coated inserts: extremely scratch-resistant, best anti-stick effect, especially heat-resistant, easy cleaning
–  Big 3.2-litre basket insert – the perfect treat for the whole family
–  LCD touch display for fast and simple operation


Colour:  Black / Silver
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  40 x 29 x 34
Capacity (L):  3.2
Power (W):  1500
Technology:  Hot-Air Technology
Safety Features:  Thermal Cut-Out,  Automatic Switch off (When basket removed)
Unique Functions:  60-Mins Timer,  Separate Temperature and Time setting,  Adjustable Thermostate (80°C – 200°C)
Unique Features:  Power Indicator Light,  Ready-to-use Indicator Light,  Low odour development,  LCD Touch Display



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