Philips Kerashine Hair Dryer 2200W

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Philips Kerashine Hair Dryer 2200W
Protects your hair while while enjoying rapid drying. This new KeraShine hairdryer from Philips has different speed and temperature settings.  Features include ThermoProtect for fast drying at constant temperature, Ionic care TurboBoost.
Protective ceramic coating with keratin content
Protective ceramic cover with keratin content for better hair care
Feeding with ions for shiny, smooth hair
Give your hair instant care with ion refreshment. Charged negative ions eliminate static electricity, take care of your hair and smoothen hair cuticles to enhance the glow and smoothness of your hair. The result is smooth hair without tearing with a beautiful shine.
Temperature setting ThermoProtect
The ThermoProtect setting gives you the optimal drying temperature and extra protection against overheating. With the same powerful air jet you get the best results by spending your hair.
Professional 2200 W for perfect results like a hair salon
This professional 2200 watts hairdryer produces a strong airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed speeds up and facilitates the drying and shaping of your hair.
Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control
The necessary speed and temperature are easily adjusted to create the perfect hairstyle. The six different settings give you total control for precise and sophisticated shaping.
Extremely slim, 11 mm precision trimmer
The ultra-slim shaping spout focuses the airflow through its 11mm hole, allowing accurate localization. Ideal for finishing or fixing the hairstyle.
The volume diffuser increases the volume for curls and casual, natural hairstyles
The Volume Diffuser dries hair in a healthy way, reduces tearing and increases volume by distributing airflow to hair. It raises and increases to the maximum volume, especially when used in the area of ​​the crown and roots, making it ideal for curls and playful hairstyles.
Turbo mode for ultra-fast drying
The turbo mode button boosts the airflow to dry your hair even faster.
The cool jet fixes your hairstyle
A professional feature that every stylist needs to have. The CoolShot button provides a strong cold airflow. Used after shaping the haircut to finish and fix it.
Power cord 1.8 m
Convenient to use, thanks to the long 1.8 m power cord.
Hook for easy and convenient storage
The rubber strap is located at the base of the handle and provides another storage option, particularly convenient for use at home or when staying at a hotel.
Elegant, feminine design emphasizes the quality and functionality of the product
This hair dryer embodies the modern, sophisticated approach to design. The soft, smooth contours and elongated silhouette imply femininity, and precision-crafted details and high-quality materials and finish testify to the excellent product quality.
The air filter movable filter is cleaned quickly and easily
The removable air filter of the dryer is easy to maintain. Just remove it to clean it. Regular cleaning will prevent the accumulation of dust and hair, which may affect the operation of the hair dryer.
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50-60
Power (W): 2200
Power supply (W): 2200
Color / coverage: Black gloss and flowing purple
Housing material: PC
Motorcycle: Permanent motor
Cable length (meter): 1.8
Foldable handle: No
Cold jet: Yes
For two voltages: No
Travel Case: No
Ceramic coating: Ceramic element
Feeding with ions: Yes
Suspension ring: Yes
Diffuser: Asymmetric volume diffuser
Nozzle / concentrator: Extremely slim, 11-mm molding tip
Number of plugins: 2
Turbo boost mode: Yes
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