Braun KF3120BK Coffee Maker

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Make yourself comfortable and put a delicious cup of fresh coffee with the coffee purer PurEase KF3120 BK from Braun. Fill the coffee filter easily via the swing filter and let the OptiBrew system do its work. Thanks to the optimal coordination between the temperature, throughput time and extraction you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. The perfect aroma is also kept extra long in the glass AromaCarafe. After 40 minutes, the KF3120 BK automatically turns off for added convenience and safety.


Drip stop– Pour a cup of coffee when it suits you. You do not have to wait until the water has completely run through. When you take the AromaCarafe out of the coffee maker, the drip stop will ensure that no coffee is lost. Place the AromaCarafe back and the fresh coffee will run into the jug.


AromaCarafe – The glass AromaCarafe keeps the aroma of your fresh coffee in the coffee pot so you can enjoy the optimal aroma for a long time.


Automatic shut-off- For your safety and convenience, the Braun PurEase coffee makers are equipped with an automatic shut-off function. The KF3120 WH automatically switches off after 40 min. So you no longer have to worry about switching off and you can concentrate on other things


Dishwasher safe– The loose parts of the KF3120 are easy to clean in the dishwasher.


Open handle– The unique open handle of the coffee pot has been developed to facilitate pouring. The ergonomic shape offers all the required safety and ease of use for easy pouring of fresh coffee.


OptiBrew System– All PurEase coffee makers are equipped with the unique OptiBrew system. This system ensures optimum coordination between the temperature, throughput time and extraction, resulting in a perfect coffee flavor.


Colour: Black

Power (W): 1000

Capacity: 10 Cups



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