Kenwood Prospero 4.3L Glass Liquidiser and Processor

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Kenwood Prospero White 4.3L Glass Liquidiser and Processor


Prospero KM282 is equipped with planetary movement and has 3 sockets for 3 different engine speeds. Powerful 900 W, has a stainless steel bowl 4.3 l. New in equipment: the blender is made ​​of glass and the food processor is in elegant gray finish.


Extremely simple to operate, Prospero KM282 comes with 3 tools of mixing and kneading: K beater, wire whip, dough hook.In addition, it comes with blender with glass carafe and Max.1.2 l. Also included the Food processor with stainless steel blades, 3 disc blades for slicing / shredding coarse and fine, to grate, juicer accessory.


Like all Kenwood kitchen machine, even Prospero KM282 has been studied and designed to ensure excellent results in the kitchen. And 'able to knead, mix and whip with planetary motion. Moreover, thanks to the equipment included, also allows you to blend and chop. The Interlock security system stops the machine if the equipment is not properly inserted or the cover cpoerchi taken are not well positioned.


Color: White

Power (W): 900

Capacity (Liter): 4.3

Attachments: K Beater, Dough Tool, Whisk, Glass Liquidiser, Food Processor with Citrus Press.


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Guarantee: 2 yearsSKU: KKM282002.