Magimix 5200XL Black

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Magimix 5200XL Black


Designed for large families and entertaining
The Magimix 5200XL food processor is ideal for catering for lots of people, providing a helping hand it is an invaluable addition to any kitchen. With the largest capacity in the food processor range, the 5200XL can knead up to 2 loaves (1.2kg) in one go and grate up to 1.4kg of vegetables in the main bowl.


Easy to use
With just three buttons (stop/auto/pulse) the Magimix motor automatically adjusts power depending on what’s in the bowl, making all your food preparation effortless. Professional stainless steel Sabatier blades and discs ensuring you get the perfect cut. The 5200XL comes with its own recipe book and free Magimix app, along with everything you’ll need to slice, grate, chop, whisk, blend, knead, citrus press and store your accessories.


Multifunctional 7 in 1 solution
Slices, Grates, Chops, Whisks, Blends, Kneads & Presses. Perfect for 6+ people. Kneads 2x family sized loaves in the main bowl (1.2kg)


Perfectly uniform slices of fruit and veg in a fraction of the time in either 2mm (E2) or 4mm (E4) width.


Precisely grate fruit, vegetables or cheese in a matter of seconds in either 2mm (R2) or 4mm (R4) width.


The egg whisk is ideal for whisking egg whites and creams for meringues, mousses and soufflés.


The dough blade enables you to knead pasta, bread, brioche and pastry dough in a matter of seconds.


Create the finest soups, smoothest smoothies and airiest pancake batters together the BlenderMix® and main Sabatier blade


Effortlessly chop meat, vegetables or nuts and crush ice with the stainless steel Sabatier main blade.


The mini bowl and mini blade chops and mixes with ease, enabling you to make a wide variety of fresh and home made sauces and dips.


The citrus press allows you to make freshly squeezed citrus juice in seconds.


Bowl Capacity: Main Bowl – 3.6 L, Midi Bowl – 2.6 L, Mini Bowl – 1.2 L
Processing Capacity: Brioche dough – 1 kg, Bread dough – 1.2 kg, Shortcrust Pastry – 1.5 kg, Soup/Juice – 1.8 L, Meat – 1.4 kg, Carrots – 1.4 kg, Egg whites – 8
Material: 0% BPA
Power: 1100 W
Weight: 11kg
Motor guarantee: 30 years
Dimensions (H x W x D): 44.5 x 21 x 26cm
Accessories included: 3 ABS and BPA-free bowls: Main bowl (3.6L), Midi bowl (2.6L) and Mini bowl (1.2L), ABS and BPA-free lid with extra-large feed tube (W135mm x D73mm x H83mm), Accessory box, BlenderMix® ring, Citrus Press, Disc support, Dough blade, Egg whisk, Grating discs (2mm & 4mm), Recipe book, Slicing discs (2mm & 4mm), Spatula, Stainless steel Sabatier main blade, Stainless steel Sabatier mini blade, Triple pusher


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