Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic EXS BBQ

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Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic EXS BBQ


The Master 3 Series Classic delivers exceptional performance and grill perfect cooking results. This stylish barbecue combines unique features, including the innovative InstaStart, an electronic ignition ensuring effortless lighting, to continue to improve upon existing models and further push their innovative boundaries.


The InstaClean® system has been hugely improved upon, sporting a new finish it protects removable barbecue parts so that they can be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher after use.


The stainless steel frame of the Master 3 Series Classic EXS features strong side tables and space for cylinder storage. Giving you that much-desired freedom to prepare and grill with full enjoyment.


Even-Temp® – Even Heat Distribution
Having a temperature equal to or higher than 250°C is recommended for direct and strong grilling. Even temperature throughout the cooking surface is essential to result in thorough and
even cooking for all food


Campingaz Series 3 and 4 grill surfaces reach temperatures above 250°C, allowing the grid to be used more efficiently, minimising unnecessary heat loss. The 3 Series’ control knobs allow you to control the heat throughout the BBQ’s surfaces, letting you decide which areas to be hotter or colder.


InstaClean® system
After extensive research, the unique Campingaz InstaClean® system has been further improved.


The InstaClean® burner housing of the new Master Series collection has a special finish that makes cleaning your barbecue even easier.


The new finish of the removable parts minimizes the amount of grease and food scraps that stick to your barbecue and ensures you can easily brush away any residue before putting everything in the dishwasher.


Fast, simple, and huge time saver!


Culinary Modular System
Discover the convenience of multiple cooking and baking options with the Campingaz® Culinary Modular barbecue accessories.


Just remove the inner ring from the cast iron and place one of the Culinary Modular barbecue accessories. Why not make a freshly baked pizza on the special pizza stone, or enjoy a delicious paella made in the Spanish-non-stick pan? If exotic foods are your weakness, then you will definitely be impressed with the special non-stick wok.


Bake any chicken perfectly with the special poultry dish. Or you may just be looking for the perfect way to grill a steak!


Campingaz® Culinary Modular Cooking Accessories include every option for the gourmet barbecue you desire.


InstaStart® ignition for gas barbecues
This special electronic ignition is a handy push-and-turn system with spark designed especially for our gas barbecues. You only need to press and turn the knob to light the barbecue.


Stainless-Steel-Burner system
Prepare yourself for enjoyable and long-lasting barbecue sessions with the new strong and durable stainless steel burners!


From direct grilling to slow baking using indirect heat, everything is possible with this burner:
– Even heat distribution over the cooking surface.
– Powerful heat for grilling and searing.
– Adjustable heat to even low temperatures to enable indirect cooking.
– Durable material to ensure a long delivery time for the burners.


How does the Stainless-Steel-Burner system work?
– Specially designed burners create V-shaped flames that target the grill grate and distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface.
– The tube burners can also be set to small flames that create a lower temperature that allows long-term indirect grilling.
– The newly designed burner tent, with protected ventilation openings, supports even heat distribution and prevents flare-ups.


Colour:  Black / Stainless Steel
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm:  Closed – 144 x 63 x 120, Open – 144 x 69 x 151
Cart Material:  Steel
Cover Material:  Stainless Steel
Burner Material:  Stainless steel pipes AISI 304
Cooking Surface Dimensions (cm):  67.5 x 45 – 2800 cm²
Cooking Surface Material:  Enameled Cast Iron
Cooking Surface Configuration:  Modular Grid / Grill Plate
Cooking Height (cm):  95.6
Weight (kg):  65.5
Power (kW):  9.6 + 2.8
Fuel Type:  Gas
Gas Consumption (g/h):  686 g / h + 200 g / h
No. Burners:  3
Side Burner:  1
Ignition:  InstaStart®
Wheels:  4 Castors
Side Tables:  2
Folding Side Tables:  N / A
Campingaz InstaClean™ System:  Improved
Culinary Modular Ready:  Yes
Optional Cover:  BBQ Master Cover
Other Features:  Thermometer,  Warming Rack,  Rotisserie Ready,  Gas Bottle Holder,  Illuminated Buttons


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