Kenwood Mesmerine Toaster 2 Slice Red

Price: €129.00

The TCM811RD is a toaster from the Mesmerine range from KENWOOD . With a metal body, this design toaster will be inviting in any kitchen. The TCM811RD model has a 6-position adjustable thermostat allowing you to opt for a browning suited to your desires.


It has a defrost function. Its removable pastry warmer gives you the opportunity to heat your croissants and other pastries without burning them.


The design of this toaster is remarkably successful. The coating gives the impression of a texture with a 3D visual while it is very smooth to the touch.


Housing material: Stainless Steel
Color: Red
Dimensions (cm): 30L x 16D x 28H
Watt: 2200W



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