Severin Microwave With Grill Retro Design

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Severin Microwave With Grill Retro Design
Microwaves have grown in popularity since their introduction in the 1960s and 1970s. The new 2-in-1 microwaves with grill function (MW 7892, MW 7893 and MW 7894) convince with an attractive retro design.
With five different power settings including defrost programme, 700 watts and approx. 20 litres of cooking capacity, the retro microwaves from SEVERIN have enough power and space to prepare all types of food in a flash.
The microwave-grill function can be used for dishes requiring cooking and crisping on top, such as pizza, gratinated dishes, or baked potatoes. Those who’d prefer not to set the microwave combination manually can select one of the eight auto-cook programmes. If grilling only is required, the appliance operates at 1,000 watts, and a handy grill rack is provided.

– 5 different power levels
– 8 different automatic programs
– Weight and Time defrost
– Combi – Mic/Grill combination modes, separate also possible.
– Digital multi-functional display,
– Digital timer with an acoustic signal
– Full Power quick start

Colour:  Blue Chrome
Material:  Plastic
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  44.5 x 36 x 25.5
Weight (kg):  10.8
Capacity (L):  20
Microwave Power (W):  700
Grill Power (W):  1000
Microwave Turntable Size (⌀ cm):  25.4
Control Type:  Digital
Unique Features:  Clock (12 & 24Hrs)
Unique Accessories:   Grill Rack


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