Braun MQ3000WH Hand Blender 700W Smoothie

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Braun MQ3000WH Hand Blender 700W Smoothie
Braun’s patented PowerBell bar mixer foot, a standard part of every Braun bar mixer, is designed with SPLASHControl technology that will prevent splashing and provide the best mix results, keeping your kitchen perfectly clean. The combination of the 6 bends in the PowerBell bar mixer foot with the bell shape and the unique position of the blades in the bar mixer foot ensure that the ingredients are sucked inwards to achieve a finer and smoother result without messing.
Speed: 2
Power (W): 700
Accessories: Anti-Splash Shaft and a 600ml Beaker
Material: BPA-Free Plastic Beaker
Color: Blue – White
Stainless Steel Blades: Yes

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