Braun MQ9038 Hand Blender Flexi 1000W

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The MQ 9038X blender is characterized by an elegant, timeless design. The refined, ergonomic shape allows a secure grip and comfortable blending with one hand. The slim handle has been designed to provide full comfort of use, and its deep black color fits perfectly with the stainless steel foot. The German quality of Braun products and durable workmanship guarantee its trouble-free operation over the years. It is also easy to maintain – individual parts of the blender can be washed in the dishwasher.

MultiQuick 9 is the world’s first blender with a movable blade. This solution prevents the formation of so-called a dead field, or a free space above and below the foot, in which the ingredients only spin, instead of going under the knives. The ACTIVEBlade technology ensures the movement of the blades up and down, which makes it easy to blend all, even the hardest components of the dish, saving as much as 40% of the effort put into the work. The moving blade uses up to 250% more active zone of blending, guaranteeing the expected consistency every time! Supplemented with the PowerBell PLUS system, it is possible to process even the toughest ingredients, such as coconuts and ginger roots, in home conditions.

The breakthrough technology PowerBell PLUS increases the cutting area and shreds the ingredients also in a rotating way, which ensures accurate and even faster mixing results and allows you to process large components effortlessly. The unique bell-shaped foot lifts up constantly, ensuring continuous rotation of the components during the operation of the device, thanks to which they constantly reach the blades. Now you can enjoy excellent work results without worrying about splashing clothes and kitchens.

Power: 1000 W
Functions: Grinding, Mixing, chopping, Whipping foam, creaming
Speed ​​control: smooth
Tank capacity: 0.5 l
Attached accessories: Mixing tip, Beater tip (whisk), A cup with a measuring cup 600 ml, Mill, 500 ml shredder
Additional information: Non-slip handle, The possibility of washing the parts in the dishwasher (except the block with the engine), Stainless steel blade, A button that releases the mixing tip, ActiveBlade technology, PowerBell technology, SplashControl technology
Colour: Black




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