Whirlpool Microwave 25LT, Chef Plus, Crisp, Black

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Whirlpool Microwave 25LT, Chef Plus, Crisp, Black


This whirlpool microwave oven is equipped with: grill function. Crisp function, for frayed, golden quiches, pizzas and pies. Jet Defrost program for super fast, even defrosting.


Crisp: Whirlpool microwave equipped with Crisp function, for crispy, golden pizzas, french fries and microtid pies. With crisp you can also bake, for example Bake a sugar cake in around 7 minutes.


Grill: Fast grilling, faster cleaning. An effective grill that gives the food a nice color. Can be folded down to keep it clean.


Function For Thawing Bread: Tina bread with perfect results. By combining the Jet Defrost and Crisp thin programs, Bread Defrost quickly delivers your frozen bread with a perfect warm and crisp result.


Reheating:Quick and even heating. Micro with a function for reheating pre-cooked food, in a few minutes the food is even warmed and ready to be enjoyed ..


3 Dry Technology: Perfectly cooked. The revolutionary 3D technology style ensures consistent heat circulation through an all-through 3-dimensional heat distribution system, so you can always enjoy evenly cooked foods, just by pressing a button.


Jet Start: Quick start. Easy quick start function. Pressing Jet Start gives 30 seconds full power cooking. Ideal for fast heating where every additional pressure gives another 30 seconds cooking time at full power. Perfect for eg heat drinks and cook soups.


Color: Black

Capacity (Liter): 25

Microwave Turntable Size (cm): 28

Maximum Microwave Power (W): 800

Grill: Yes

Grill Power (W): 800

Control Type: Electronic

Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 30.1 x 52 x 42.5



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