Elica NikolaTesla Switch Duct Out Black

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Extremely clean lines give life to a truly exclusive appliance, NikolaTesla Switch, a concentrate of design and technology through which Elica has revolutionised the daily cooking experience.






Airmatic – Now, thanks to Airmatic, your extraction hob area is completely automatic. The smart sensor can distinguish between the quality of the fumes and the type of cooking and combine this information with the number and power of the induction hob areas being used.  Even when the hob is switched off, the system automatically adapts by gradually decreasing extraction and eliminating any residual fumes and odours. This advanced technology is top of the range in the world of extractor hobs and allows you to obtain the best balance between silence, power and energy efficiency.



Bridge Zone – When you cook using loner or large pans, there is a risk that the heat is progressively dispersed on the surface of the pan from the centre outwards.  The Bridge Zone function solves the problem by joining two cooking areas into one single larger area.  With the same power, uniform and constant temperature for the best result of your dishes.



Pot Detector – It is easy to see where to position the pot on the induction hob. With Pot Detector, the hob automatically detects the presence of the pot on the cooking area and provides heat only when it is correctly positioned.



Stop & Go –  Sometimes you need to unexpectedly leave the kitchen in the middle of preparing a recipe, interrupting the cooking.  In this case, if you enable the Stop & Go function, all the active areas can be switched off with a single gesture, saving whatever is being cooked.



Temperature Manager –  On a daily basis, we often prepare our own signature recipes as well as standard dishes. The Temperature Manager function is an excellent tool for optimising times. Just start one of the three pre-set programs (42, 72, or 92 degrees) with a simple, intuitive button and start cooking your more delicate dishes, such as mousses or sauces, reheating dishes, or boiling water. No wasting of time and maximum efficiency.



Revolution Filter –  This filter is suitable for the most challenging cooking environments, given its superior ability to filter and purify the air. The new Elica technology is able to achieve filtering thresholds of 82% against the market average of 60%. It can be regenerated for up to 3 years.



A return to the origins with a simple induction hob, completely automatic and featuring continuous surfaces and a display that becomes completely invisible in standby mode. The extraction area is cleverly hidden by the glass and cast iron ring, characterising the product without clashing with any other elements.


The two NikolaTesla Switch versions in white or black ceramic glass can be finished with either polished steel or cast iron details, boasting a continuous, elegant surface that’s easy to clean. By rotating the central flap by 360°, the exterior finish can be changed and the ideal combination for each kitchen can be selected. Available in both a filtration and extractor version.




Colour:  Black / Grey
Finishes:  Black Glass
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  83 x 51 x 21
Version:  Duct Out
Duct Size (mm):  150
Total Absorption – Aspiration System (W):  160
Total Absorption – Induction Hob (W):  7.4
Booster Airflow:  620 m³/h Duct Out
Noise Level:  60 db(A) Duct Out
Voltage:  220 – 240 V
Frequency:  50 – 60Hz
Energy Class:  A+ (Duct Out version)
Controls:  8S+2B Direct Slider
Bridge Zone:  2
Cooking Areas:  4 (2.1 – 3.7 kW) – 210×190 mm
Safety Features:  Child Lock & Safe Activation,  Safety Shutdown
Unique Features:  Timer,  Egg Timer,  Power Limitation,  Residual Heat Indicator,  Automatic Heat Up,  Power Booster,  Bridge Zone,  Pot Detector,  Stop & Go,  Temperature Manager


Grease aluminium Filter included.  Charcoal fibre filter included.



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