Severin Nose & Ear Hair Trimming Set

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Severin Nose & Ear Hair Trimming Set


For precise styling and high fashion looks.



The secret behind fashionable short hairstyles and evenly trimmed hair sections: hair clippers. This essential machine is perfect for creating brilliant contours and adding structure to your hair. It is also easy to sculpt contours around the neck and ears.



Colour:  Black / Stainless Steel
Material:  Housing – Soft-Touch,  Blades – Stainless Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  3 x 3 x 13.7
Weight (kg):  0.15
Power:  AA Battery – 1 x AA Battery Included
Unique Accessories:   2 trimming heads – Rotary trimming system with 16 mm trimming head for Contours/Shaping,  Hair Cutter
Unique Attachments:  Cleaning Brush,  Storage Station,  Protective cover
Unique Features:  On / Off Switch,  Illumination



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