Melitta NW Caffeo Varianza CSP

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Melitta NW Caffeo Varianza CSP
An intense tasting pleasure renewed with each cup.
The Caffeo® Varianza® CSP Automatic Espresso Machine gives you access to an unlimited world of coffee. For each cup of coffee, you can choose different grains.
One Touch
CI Touch® impresses with its ease of use. Pre-set coffee varieties (espresso, long coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato) can be selected at the touch of a button. You can also select hot milk, milk froth or hot water in a very simple and convenient way with the One Touch function.
10 coffee specialties
With the selection keys, you can choose between four classic specialties: espresso, coffee cream, cappuccino and latte macchiato, at the touch of a button. The recipe book function allows you to create 6 additional coffee specialties: Ristretto, Lungo, Americano, Espresso Macchiato, Caffè Latte, Milk Coffee.
My Bean Select®
For the first time ever, My Bean Select® lets you choose any type of coffee beans for every new cup of coffee. In addition to the standard grain tank (capacity of 125g), you have the opportunity to try different types of coffee beans, cup after cup. Simply use the convenient measuring spoon that is integrated into the bean hopper to pour the desired type of coffee beans into the coffee trap, then press the button to enjoy your coffee.
Compact and modern design
Caffeo® Passione® sets new standards for compactness. The cubic form is visually impressive and so compact that you can find it an ideal place in any place.
Italian preparation process
This process ensures that the ingredients are added in the correct order, according to the original Italian recipe, thus offering an authentic coffee flavor. For a latte macchiato for example, espresso is added after milk and milk froth. For a cappuccino, it’s the opposite.
Best Aroma System Plus
The flavors develop perfectly thanks to the following different systems: The function “From grain to cup” means that only the exact quantity of grains is ground and then directly treated. \ “Auto Empty Grinding \” * – the mill runs until the tank is empty, ensuring that each cup of coffee is prepared with fresh beans and the flavor is not affected by coffee residue ground. The special Aromasafe® Double Grain Tank lid seal guarantees fresh coffee, cup after cup. The dark shade of the grain tank also helps preserve the flavor of the coffee beans. * Note: Despite automatic dosing and complete emptying of the mill, a minimal mix of grain types may occur after a change.
Fashion 2 cups
With this mode you can simultaneously prepare two cups of many coffee specialties, with and without milk.
TFT color display
Maximum user comfort: The high-resolution TFT color display makes operation easy. Step by step explanations guide the consumer simply through the menu.
All-in-one spout with LED lighting
With the all-in-one spout equipped with two nozzles, one for coffee and the other for milk, milk froth and hot water, finish cups here and there. The pleasant LED lighting presents your favorite coffee in its best light. Adjustable in height up to 135mm, it is ideal even for large cups of Latte macchiato.
Removable extraction chamber
The extraction chamber is practical and easy to remove and clean. This makes it easy to clean the inside of the machine.
Removable milk preparation system
Removable system with an external milk container resistant to dishwasher and suitable for any type of refrigerator.
Easy steam cleaning
All the elements through which the milk circulates are cleaned quickly and hygienically with hot water and steam.
MISSION eco & care
We have designed a label to help consumers choose a device that guarantees tasting pleasure and ethics. This label is based on a system of values ​​that we have developed ourselves.
Color: Metallic
LED cup lighting: Yes
More recipes: Ristretto, Lungo, Latte, Americano, Americano, Ristretto
Energy saving mode: Yes
Pump pressure (bar): 15
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 40.5 x 25.3 x 38
Milk tank: 1L, transparent
Volume of the water tank (l): 1.2

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