Magimix Offer Creative Kit

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Made from high quality stainless steel, this Magimix Creative Disc Kit (17280) is a great addition to your Magimix Food Processor.

Compatible with Magimix’s 3200, 3200XL, 4200, 4200XL, 5200, and 5200XL food processors, this set will allow you to put an extra twist on your culinary creations, with the professional finish you would expect from Magimix. The kit includes a julienne disc, an extra-wide julienne disc, and a fluted disc.

The julienne disc can be used for fine shredding of carrots, cucumbers, onions, and many others, while the wide julienne is ideal for strips of ham, cheese or thick shredding of fruit and vegetables. The fluted disc is ideal for slicing ripple-cut crisps, mixed vegetable salads and meat for Carpaccio. Enable your Magimix Food Processor to do a lot more and release your creativity with this Magimix Creative Kit.



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SKU: MXV17280.