Magimix Offer Vitamin Kit 3200

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Magimix 17637 Juice attachment and smoothie maker is ideal for most hard and soft fruits and vegetables, take out the internal paddle and this can be used for normal juices like apple juice or carrot juice also the mesh basket is great for sieving soups, simply put your cooked vegetables into feed tube and the attachment sieves the soup or put in the paddle for a higher yield for smoothies, coulis & jams (the paddle pushes the pulp into the side mesh so this produces a thicker Jus from bananas and strawberries) includes heavy duty juice extractor basket, large capacity cylindrical basket for optimum juice extraction, includes funnel for strawberries and other soft fruit,the Magimix smoothie maker kit is also great for making jams, jellies, sorbet and soups.


Compatible with Magimix Food processor models 3200, 3200xl, 3150.



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