Magimix Offer Vitamin Kit 4200/5200

Price: €74.90

The Magimix Smoothie Mix Kit 17652 works with your Magimix food processor and includes a juice extractor and coulis maker attachments, giving you the best extraction from most types of food and vegetables. The juice extractor basket will work with most hard and soft fruit and vegetables, with the large cylinder allowing for maximum juice extraction. The coulis maker is ideal for extracting smoothies, thick and creamy jus and purees from soft fruit or cooked vegetables.


Features –

  • Easy to use; coupled with the funnel, the SmoothieMix kit fits easily onto the food processor to prepare 100% homemade juices.
  • Easy to clean; new basket with removable rim
  • Large capacity heavy duty stainless steel basket
  • Highly efficient for maximum juice extraction; extracts more Vitamin C, with proven results
  • Mesh basket good for sieving soups



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