Philips Pasta & Noodle Maker Viva Collection

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Philips Pasta & Noodle Maker Viva Collection

Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker is a fully automatic solution that enable you to prepare fresh pasta and noodle from scratch without spending a lot time and skills. With compact size, it can be easily fit into your kitchen and storage.

Just put the ingredients in the machine and it’ll do the rest

Kneads dough automatically and forms different types of pasta
The Philips Viva pasta and noodle machine not only allows fast and automatic mixing, kneading and shaping. It also guarantees perfect consistency and optimum taste of pasta and noodles.

Removable parts for easy assembly and cleaning
The removable parts of the Philips Viva pasta machine are easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

4 classic pastas, including spaghetti, penne and fettuccine
To create your favorite pasta shapes, simply attach the desired shape attachment to the pasta maker. The machine comes with 4 standard shapes for spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and lasagna. The special mold attachments enable a double molding process for consistently smooth noodles.

Free recipe book with inspiring ideas
The machine comes with a recipe book compiled by cooking experts. This will give you inspiration for fresh homemade and delicious pasta and pasta.

Compact size – perfect for your kitchen
Thanks to the seamless and compact design, you can keep the machine permanently on the worktop or in the cupboard without wasting much space.

Integrated drawer for mold attachments and power cables
With the smart built-in storage for mold attachments and power cords your kitchen will always stay neat.

Unique stir bar to mix the dough
The unique dough hook with its hooks at different angles ensures that flour and liquid from all corners of the kneading chamber are evenly mixed.

The extended dough hook ensures a smooth, airy dough
The extended dough hook ensures an optimal kneading process and thus a perfect, airy dough.

Prepare 450 g of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes
Making fresh pasta yourself is even easier. With Philips’ fully automatic pasta and noodle machine, you can enjoy fresh pasta and pasta even more frequently. Since the new pasta machine does it all for you, you yourself have virtually no work with it.

Add your favorite ingredients to your own taste
By using another type of flour, z. Whole wheat flour, durum wheat flour or spelled flour, you can make your favorite pasta healthier. You can also add extra flavor over various vegetable juices, such as. B. carrot, beetroot and spinach juice.

Included: Cleaning, measuring cup and recipe book
Cable length (meter): 1
Frequency (Hz): 50
Power (W): 150
Tension (V): 220 to 240
Color: White
Color of the control panel: smoke gray
Number of moldings: 4
Product features: Dishwasher safe, security lock
Product weight (kg): 4.7
Product dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 35 x 13.5 x 28.7

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