Philips Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner

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Philips Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner
Highest possible performance, minimum sound
With only 66dB, Philips Performer Silent stands out as our quietest vacuum cleaner ever. You simply keep your home clean and fresh with the allergy filter that sucks up and retains as much as 99.9% of fine dust and allergens and with a full range of 12 meters you can clean longer without having to pull out the cord.
TriActive Pro – our best performing nozzle for proper deep cleaning
The new TriActive Pro nozzle is Philips' best performing nozzle – for deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors. The nozzle is close to the floor and reaches deep into the carpets, so that it captures even the finest dust.
The parquet nozzle protects your floor from scratches
The soft bristles of the parquet nozzle gently clean and protect your hard floors from scratches.
Vacuuming silently at any time, without disturbing anyone
The vacuum cleaner is designed to have a low noise level and with only 66 dB you can vacuum at any time without disturbing anyone else in the home. The product has optimized air ducts, buffers and a quiet engine, so you get a quiet vacuum cleaner certified by Quiet Mark.
Reach longer with a range of twelve meters
With a range of 12 meters from contact to nozzle, you can clean longer without having to unplug the cord.
Large capacity of four liters means fewer bag changes 
The dust container has room for a full four liters before the bag has to be replaced.
Soft brush integrated in the handle
The handle has a built-in soft dust brush that is always ready to be used for furniture and flat surfaces.
ECARF-certified allergy filter – captures 99.9% of all dust
Our clean air filer system captures 99.9% of all fine dust – including pollen, pet hair and dust mites – for allergy sufferers and others who require a higher level of hygiene. Certified allergy-friendly according to ECARF.
Simple s-bags last up to 50% longer
S-bags last up to 50% longer and the vacuum cleaner retains its full suction power until it is full. A bag fits all models and they also have a closure mechanism, so you can easily close and toss the bag when it's full.
99.9% dust extraction for good cleaning performance
You can vacuum up 99.9% of the fine dust thanks to powerful suction power and high performance nozzles.
750 W motor for strong suction power
Our highly efficient engine generates powerful suction power and consumes less energy for a thorough cleaning every time.
Wattage (W): 750
Sound level (dB): 66
Carrying handle: Above and front
Cord length (meter): 9
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