Philips Power Go Vacuum Cleaner

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Philips Power Go Vacuum Cleaner
The Philips PowerGo vacuum cleaner provides the ultimate cleaning with the energy label AAA. The anticllergic  filters retains over 99.9% of fine dust, for purity and health care in your home.
High efficiency with energy efficiency class 3AAA
Designed to achieve total efficiency along with class A energy efficiency, as well as class A for floor cleaning efficiency and A for dust re-emission.
The antiallergic filter retains 99.9% of the particles and possesses the ECARF certificate
Our clean air filter system captures 99.9% of fine dust – including pollen, animal hair and mites – for people suffering from allergies and all those who require a higher level of hygiene. An antiallergic certificate is issued by ECARF.
Simple s-bag bags up to 50% are longer lasting
S-bag bags last up to 50% longer and ensure full suction power of the vacuum cleaner until it is fully recharged. One bag fits on all models, and the closing mechanism ensures their proper throwing.
A large capacity of 3 l implies less frequent replacement of the bag
The large capacity dust chamber can hold a full 3 liters before replacing the bag.
Thanks to a large range of 9 meters, you can reach distant surfaces without unplugging the vacuum cleaner
With a range of up to 9 meters from the socket to the extension, you will be able to suck longer without unplugging.
Always available accessories
Additional accessories, such as a practical slim fit, are built into the vacuum cleaner and are always at your fingertips.
Telescopic tube for comfortable cleaning
The 2-piece metal telescopic tube quickly adjusts to all heights, for a comfortable clean.
Color: Heavenly blue
Evaluation of energy efficiency: A
Repeated dust emission class: A
Carpet cleaning efficiency class: D
The class of cleaning the hard floors: A
Annual energy consumption (kW / h): 27.9
Input power (W): 750
Sound power level (dB): 77
Dust bag type: s-bag Classic Long Performance
Dust Capacity (liter): 3
Exhaust filter: Anti-allergic filter
Engine Filter: Sponge filter with 1 layer
Working range (meter): 9
Handle for carrying: Top and front
Cable length (meter): 6
Type of pipe: Metal two-piece telescopic tube
Roll type: Plastic
Pipe coupler: conical
Power control: No
Accessories included: Continued for narrow surfaces
Add-on storage: Integrated
Standard suction hose: Multipurpose suction suction
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 403 x 26.3 x 22
Product weight (kg): 4.3
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