Philips Power Pro Active Vacuum Cleaner

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Philips Power Pro Active Vacuum Cleaner
Quick and easy emptying 
The new Philips Power Pro Active bagless vacuum cleaner delivers top cleaning performance, thanks to PowerCyclone technology and TriActive nozzle, engineering to maximize dust pick-up. The dust container is easy to empty, with no dust cloud.
Remarkable cleaning results
High performance with A energy ratings
PowerCyclone 4 technology separates dust and air in one go
The TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go
Clean air filter system
Ultra-Hygiene filter captures more than 99% of fine dust
Effortless cleaning 
Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying
ActiveLock couplings to easily adjust to each cleaning task
Reach all corners thanks to the extra long ergonomic grip
Soft brush integrated into handle, always ready to use
Variable power setting
Class A Energy rating
Engineered to achieve full performance with an A rating for energy efficiency.
Power Cyclone 4 Technology
PowerCyclone 4 technology maximizes airflow and performance by separating dirt from air in one go. It delivers remarkable cleaning results through highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet. 2) The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber to separate the dust from the air.
TriActive nozzle

The TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go: 1) It gently opens the carpet with itsspecially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep down. 2) It sucks up big bits with its larger opening at the front. 3) It picks up the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls with its left and right side air channels.

Ultra-Hygiene filter
Developed to capture the finest dust before the air is blown out, to meet the needs of people demanding a higher level of hygiene.
Easy to empty dust container
The dust container is carefully designed to dispose collected dirt without creating a dust cloud. It is one-hand operated and thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, you can easily control the emptying of the dust container.
ActiveLock couplings
The ActiveLock couplings allow you to easily connect and disconnect the different nozzles and accessories from the telescopic tube while cleaning.
Extra long ergonomic grip
This ergonomically shaped grip is convenient in use. Its extra long design gives you farther reach, so you can easily clean hard to reach places.
Soft brush at your fingertips 
A dusting brush attachment is built right into the handle so it’s always ready to use for furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.
Energy efficiency rating: A
Input power (W): 750
Sound level (dB): 78
Dust capacity (l): 1.7
Accessories included: Crevice tool, Integrated brush
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 47.3 x 30.4 x 30.1
Weight (kg): 6

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