Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner
The PowerCyclone 7 retains a strong suction power longer
The aerodynamic design of the PowerCyclone 7 minimizes air resistance and provides excellent cleaning performance through three highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters the PowerCyclone quickly thanks to the straight and smooth air intake. 2) The curved air duct quickly conveys the air in the cyclone chamber upwards. 3) At the end of the duct, the air is effectively removed from the dust by the side wings.
TriActive + nozzle allows strong performance on all floors
The TriActive + nozzle performs three cleaning steps in one operation: 1) The carpet is gently roughened with the specially designed underside to absorb low-lying dust. 2) Large parts are received through a larger opening at the front. 3) Dust and dirt are swept up alongside furniture and walls with their two side brushes.
Power control for adjusting the suction power
Power control function for regulating the suction power for different cleaning tasks, eg. B. in parquet, wood floors and home textiles.
Specially developed dust container for emptying with one hand
The dust container has been specially designed so that it can be easily removed and emptied with one hand, whereby the dust cloud formation is largely avoided.
Compact design with front and top handles for comfortable carrying
Handles on top and front for easy carrying. Compact design for convenient storage.
Soft brush integrated in handle, always ready for use
Directly on the handle is a brush head for dust collection – so it is always handy and can be used on furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.
Rotating mini turbo suction brush for easy hair and lint removal
The mini turbo suction brush quickly removes animal hair, lint and dust from sofas, pillows and other materials. This brush is ideal for pet owners.
The Allergy H13 filter system captures more than 99.9% particulate matter
The fully sealed filtration system captures 99.9% of all fine particles – including pollens, pet dander and house dust mites – for allergy sufferers and those who place a high value on hygiene. The filter capacity corresponds to HEPA 13 *.
99.9% dust absorption * for a high cleaning performance
Due to the high suction power and the high-performance nozzles, 99.9% of all dust particles are detected.
750 W motor for powerful suction power
Our high-efficiency motor produces powerful suction and low energy consumption, so you get a thorough cleaning every time.
Soft stoppers and rubber wheels to protect furniture
Soft stoppers and rubber wheels protect furniture and prevent scratches on the floor. Thus, the device is very easy to handle.
Input power: 650W
Noise: 71 to 76 dB
Max power: 750W
Handle: top and front
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