Severin 2 in 1 Cordless Handheld & Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Severin 2 in 1 Cordless Handheld & Upright Vacuum Cleaner


High-speed electric brush with LED lighting for hard floors and carpets, ideal for removing animal hair, deep-seated dirt, fine dust and allergens.


60 Minutes of vacuuming without interrupting the charging process, extremely long battery runtimes thanks to the 25.2V Li-ion battery with long-life Samsung cells.


Innovative filter system perfect for allergy sufferers Complex E12 filtration meets the simplest emptying and cleaning of the dust container.


The 400 W digital motor provides extremely high suction power at 100,000 rpm. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has an “Eco, Middle and Power mode”.


Battery runtimes of up to 60 minutes, long-life Samsung cells with 2,500 mAh allow cleaning without annoying charging interruptions.


Hygiene E12 exhaust air filter for high filtration and clean exhaust air. Perfect for allergy sufferers.


Effortless cleaning of the removable dust container and the brush roller ensure practical and pleasant cleaning.


Charging station with wall bracket for easy battery charging within 3 hours with charge control display.


Practical 3-in-1 accessory ideal for cleaning upholstery, furniture with sensitive surfaces and hard-to-reach joints.


With an additional upholstery nozzle, it is perfectly suitable for various types of upholstery and for cleaning car seats.


Includes long crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach places in the home.


Power: 400 W
Suction power: 120 W / 23 kPa
Electric brush: 100,000 rpm
Noise level: 75 dB
Voltage: 25.2V
Charging capacity: 2,500 mAh Samsung cells
Charging time: 3h
Dust container: 0.4L
Colour: White-red
Special features: Aluminum suction tube with click connection (75cm)
Handle: Ergonomic Comfort
Automatic shutdown: Yes
Weight of the product: 1.6 kg



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