Severin Barbecue Electric Table Grill – S/Steel Grill Rack

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Severin Barbecue Electric Table Grill


Simple, electric grilling inside and outside the house on the PG 8560 table grill.
With this grill, whatever the season, you can quickly prepare tasty dishes at any time! Thanks to the continuous heating spiral, the table grill ensures even heat distribution, and the grill bowl filled with water reduces the production of smoke and baking smell, which means that the device can be used both inside and outside the home.


For use both inside and outside the home.


Enjoy grilling both inside and outside the home – use the grill for optimal preparation of tasty food. In addition to the grill plate, quick heating and a high operating temperature are other advantages of this practical grill.


Thermostat-controlled heating element
To prepare juicy grilled food, you need to set the perfect temperature. A thermostat-controlled heating element, a temperature controller and a continuous heating spiral are used for this.


Easy to assemble
Our grill is quick and easy to unfold and fold, which ensures not only quick use, but also easy cleaning.


– Turn on and grill: quick operation thanks to the short warm-up time; grilling possible both inside and outside the house
– No risk of burns – safe to the touch housing “SafeTouch” eliminates the risk of burns from hot surfaces
– The grill grate made of high-quality stainless steel ensures perfect grilling
– Easy to clean thanks to the possibility of disassembly into small parts
– Minimum smoke production thanks to the water in the grill pan
– Stainless steel grill grate
– Dimensions of the grilling surface: 44.5 cm x 26 cm (area approx. 1150 cm²)


Colour:  Stainless Steel – Black
Dimensions cm: 38 x 52 x 17
Material:  Plastic
Power (W):  2200



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