SodaStream Spirit Black

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Sodastream Spirit Black


Bring back black with the Spirit Sparkling Water Maker. The Spirit adds a designer touch to any kitchen.
Create an exciting range of sparkling drinks from the comfort your own home with SodaStream.


The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker comes with one 60L CO2 cylinder and one carbonating bottle. Giving you everything you need to make sparkling drinks instantly.


SodaStream is the new way to enjoy delicious bubbles without the bottles. No more lugging or storing heavy bottles! And fewer empty bottles or cans to discard or recycle. Better for you, better for the environment


Now you can simply turn tap water into fresh, fizzy sparkling water, soda and cocktails in seconds. Just fizz, mix and enjoy!


Great-tasting flavors to choose from. And you’ve just made the world a better place.


Includes: 1 Litre reusable bottle + Sodastream cylinder
Bottle Type: Plastic
Size of Carbonator: 60 L
Snap Lock Mechanism: Yes
Colour: Black


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