Severin Sous-Vide-Cooker

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Severin Sous-Vide-Cooker


The vacuum steaming technique of the sous-vide steamer by SEVERIN really highlights the flavors and aromas of meat, fish and vegetables. The low temperature and the steam allow beneficial vitamins, nutrients and other ingredients to be preserved in this gentle, fat-free cooking method. With conventional preparation methods, aromas seem to dissipate, but here they remain and are concentrated. Critical here is the constant, low, highly accurate temperature, which can be set precisely for the respective food between 40 and 99 Celsius with the electronic temperature control on the SEVERIN SV 2447 appliance. With a maximum deviation of 1 Celsius and a power rating of 8000 watts, every dish is a guaranteed success. Simply place the raw ingredients together with their sauces and/or spices into a vacuum bag, remove the air with a vacuum appliance and cook them with the sous-vide steamer SV 2447.


The sous-vide steamer is equipped with a 24 hour timer, which ensures perfect time management and an organized workflow. In this way, you can prepare your meal long before you serve it. Simply select the desired starting time for the cooking process and let the appliance cook the meal, while you see to your guests or prepare the salad and dessert.


Capacity (Liter): 6
Output (W): 800
Color: Brushed stainless steel housing
Temperature: Precise temperature control between 40-99 °C with max. 1°C deviation for precise “low-temperature” cooking
Cooking method: Preserves vitamins and essential nutrients
Timer (hours): 24
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm: 44 x 29 x 23




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