Magimix Spiral Kit For CS4200 & CS5200

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Magimix Spiral Expert Now using your Magimix Food Processor* you can now Spiralize a whole range of fruit and Vegetables aside from the classic carrots and courgettes : cucumbers, beetroots,parsnips, squashes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, daikon radishes (mooli), apples and Pears. The Spiral Expert transforms your fruit and Vegetables into delicious healthy spaghetti, Tagliatelle or Fusilli. Perfect for a healthier lifestyle with three sizes to choose from.


3 Metal Cones: With a choice of three spiralizing cones – all with sharp stainless steel blades – you can create a trio of vegetable ‘pasta’ with ease. The finest blade creates spaghetti-thin strips; medium makes a narrow tagliatelli-style ribbon; and the coarse cutter makes a broad ribbon twist that Magimix call fusilli.


Easy to Use: Fit the Spiral Expert support shaft onto the spindle of your processor, then choose the grade of cutter you’d like and press the spikes of the special Pusher onto your pre-prepared fruit or veg and push it through the cutting blades to make any amount of edible spirals while your Magimix Food Processor does all the hard work for you. The XL feed takes everything up to 6cm in diameter so there’s less trimming to do than with other varieties of spiralizer and there’s no need for elbow grease, a wrestler’s grip or laborious winding of handles. Please note: for heavier veg like potato or carrot, place each one into the feed tube first, centred on the cutting cone, and then press the spiked pusher onto it.


Accessories Included:Spaghetti Cone, Tagliatelle Cone, Fusilli Cone, Pusher, Support Shaft, Lid XL, User Manual with recipe ideas.


Fits: The Spiral Expert accessory fits the 4200XL, 5200XL, 5200XL Premium and Patissier models of Magimix Food Processor.



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