Severin James Therm Multi Kitchen Robot

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Severin James Therm Multi Kitchen Robot

Who has always been in search of a food processor, which can more or mix ingredients mix than just dough that will be delighted by James.He's like a real small kitchen, which is a help to all and the everything is quick and easy. Whether a delicious meal or a refined menu, the “all in one” Wonder Machine has 11 functions that leave nothing to be desired.


Healthy steam cooking with James
Another feature of James is his four-part steaming bowl (with adapter, steam bowl, steam grid, lid) and its practical stir bar. In no time can the attachment to the mixing bowl set to prepare nutritious food together vegetables, meat or fish over 3 floors. The steam sensitive vitamins are largely retained, as is the typical characteristic taste of the food.Convenient: For example, while fish or meat is cooked gently on the steam grid, the vegetables, the potatoes can be cooked at the same time in the steam bowl and mixing bowl are cooked


James fits in every kitchen

Other comfort features of James are a large, easy to read LCD display, a 60-minute timer and the compact (44 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 31 cm deep with steaming bowl, otherwise 33.5 cm x 27.5 cm x 29 cm)



Capacity approx (Liters): 1.5
Output (W): max. 1050, motor: 500
Functions: Cooking, steaming, grinding, stirring, beating, kneading, mixing, blending, shredding, heating and emulsifying(means to combine two ingredients together which do not ordinarily mix easily. The ingredients are usually oil or a fat like olive oil or egg yolks, and another liquid like water or broth)
4 temperature levels: For cooking and steaming 200 rpm 37 °C, 70 °C, 100 °C, 0 rpm = 120 °C
5 power settings (rpm): Incl. turbo function 400, 1.000, 3.000, 6.000, turbo: 7.000
Manual time setting: For exact programming of the cooking/steaming time
Electronic temperature control: For precise heating
Blender Jug: Removable high-grade stainless-steel
Blade: Stainless steel
Attachments: 2 butterfly-type plastic stirring attachment, 2 transparent lids, 4-part steaming top and practical stirring rod (butterfly-type plastic stirring attachment, stirring rod and steaming set are dishwasher safe)
Display: LED
Signal: Acoustic
Timer (mins): 60
Safety lock system: Yes
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Easy to clean: Yes

Dimensions incl. steaming top approx (W x D x H) cm: 44 x 40 x 31
Dimensions without steaming top approx (W x D x H) cm: 33.5 x 29 x 27.5




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