Braun TS 765EA Iron Texstyle 7 170G/Min

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Say goodbye to resilient wrinkles: The TexStyle 7 iron boosts 60% more steam* and intense power into tough ironing jobs to perform better and effectively remove stubborn wrinkles quickly and easily.


Braun‘s best gliding soleplate. Even backwards: Braun‘s best gliding soleplate. The unique coating EloxalPlus provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before. 2x harder than stainless steel.
Auto-off: The auto-off function automatically turns off the steam iron after 8 minutes in the vertical position or after 30 seconds in the horizontal position. This feature not only ensures safety, but also saves energy for you. Whether you are just taking a break or rushing out the door, you never have to worry again about hot irons home alone – trust in the Braun auto-off function to take care of everything for you.
Ergonomic open handle for more comfort: Experience greater comfort while ironing due to the ergonomically designed open handle: for more freedom of movement. The soft grip handle ensures a secure and steady grip while ironing.
Precision tip: The triangular shaped steam zone of the precision tip easily removes toughest wrinkles in hard to reach areas. The steam can be raised to as high as 210 g/min which is also ideal for removing creases in curtains and hanging garments when used in the vertical position.

Power (W): 2400

Colour: White, Grey and Blue

Water Capacity (ml): 400



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