Braun TS535TPA Iron Texstyle 5 150G/MIN

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Braun TS535TPA Iron Texstyle 5 150G/MIN
The ergonomically designed TexStyle 5 with open handle is 20% lighter for greater comfort and freedom of movement to make ironing an effortless pleasure, especially when you have loads to iron.
Unique Eloxal soleplate- Braun’s best gliding soleplate: the unique Eloxal coating provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before.
TextileProtector- With Braun’s unique TextileProtector, even delicate fabrics can be ironed at temperature settings with all the steam functions your iron offers. At the same time, it protects delicate fabrics from heat damage and shiny patches so that most fabrics can be ironed without an intermediate cloth. The TextileProtector simply clicks onto the soleplate immediately lowering its temperature to a safe yet effective level, for optimal results on all kind of fabrics.
Precision tip- The triangular shaped steam zone of the precision tip easily removes toughest wrinkles in hard to reach areas. The steam can be raised to as high as 150 g/min which is also ideal for removing creases in curtains and hanging garments when used in the vertical position.
Power (W): 2000
Color: White/Grey
Water Capacity (ml): 300

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