Whirlpool Combi Refrigerator 195cm No Frost Inox

Price: 1,190.00

Whirlpool Combi, 70CM, 195CM High, NF, Inox


Without defrosting. NoFrost technology reduces humidity in the freezer and prevents ice picking.


Activ0 °
Ideal for fresh meat and fish. Activ0 ° technology provides ideal storage conditions for fresh meat and fish as it maintains a constant level of temperature, thereby preserving the taste, appearance and nutritional value of the products.


Temperature rise alarm
Designed for your peace of mind.
The alarm alerts you when the temperature in your fridge is rising, helping you prevent spoilage of food.


Fast freezing
The quick freezing function sets the freezer temperature to 10 degrees lower than the lowest setting to freeze food while maintaining its nutritional value.


Quick cooling
The temperature inside your fridge falls immediately when you put new products into it. Built-in sensors automatically adjust the cooling temperature for low power consumption and long lasting freshness.


Number of Shelves in Fridge: 3
Number of Drawers in Freezer: 3
No Frost: Yes
Color: Inox
Control Type: Electronic
Capacity in Fridge and Freezer (Liter): 450
Material of Shelves: Glass
6th Sense: Yes
Fast Freeze Function: Yes
Star Rating: 4
Noise Level (dB(A)): 40
Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 195.5 x 70 x 75.5



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