Whirlpool Washer Dryer 8/6Kg

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6TH SENSE Technology
Ideal fabric care. This Whirlpool Dryer’s unique 6th SENSE technology provides multiple flows of warm air that delicately dry your laundry, with absolute care.


45 Minute Program
Enjoy better results, faster. The 45 Minute program washes and dries 1 kg of laundry in just 45 minutes, providing the excellent results you deserve, in less time.


SteamCare effectively refreshes, softens and de-wrinkles your garments with the natural cleaning power of steam.


FreshCare+ uses a series of precise and variable drum movements alternated with steam jets at regular intervals to circulate the air in the drum, creating the perfect level of humidity to keep your garments fresh. FreshCare+ can be selected when setting the washing parameters or during the wash cycle, allowing you to stop it when you’re ready to unload.


Drying Options
Versatile drying options. Customize the drying cycles of your Washer Dryer with the a set of versatile drying options.


Dry Only
Allows users to get their wet laundry dry, even if they washed it by hand, without having to run the wash cycle. If you only need to dry clothes, thus this option can be used in combination with all types of programmes, skipping the wash cycle.


Outstanding speed. This Whirlpool Washer Dryer features a 1400 rounds per minute spin speed.


8Kg Wash Capacity
All the space you need. With its 8kg wash capacity, this Whirlpool washer provides all the space you need for your laundry.


6Kg Dry Capacity
All the space you need. With its outstanding 6kg drum capacity, this Whirlpool Dryer provides all the space you need for your laundry


Maximum capacity in kg in a wash cycle: 8
Maximum capacity in kg in a Wash/Dry cycle: 6
Main colour of product: White
Color of Door: White
Weight (kg): 66
Type of Display: Digit
Connection rating (W): 1850
Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 120
Adjustable feet: Yes – all
Eco 40-60: Yes
Energy Efficiency Class Wash/Dry cycle: D
Start delay options: Continuous
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm: 85 x 59.5 x 54


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