Whirlpool Washing Machine Fresh Care A+++ 8KG 1200 RPM

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Awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval – Alleviate 99.9% of major allergens, FreshCare+ is proven to alleviate 99.9% of major allergens including dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.




Freshcare + –  Steam Jets which guarantee freshness for your garments for up to 6 hours.  Keep laundry fresh, even hours after the cycle has finished.  Innovative Delicate steam and tumbling action take care of your laundry inside the washing machine.  The new FreshCare+ system gently massages the laundry with regular slow movements alternated with steam actions – letting air circulate inside the fibers to keep garments fresh and prevent bad odours. FreshCare+ treatment leaves truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the end of the cycle. *



Colours 15° –  Low temperatures, perfect protection. The Color 15° option provides all the care and protection you deserve while ensuring ideal washing results for all your colored clothing.



Child Lock –  Safety first. This Whirlpool washing machine features a child lock system, to prevent toddlers and children from accidentally using this appliance.



6th Sense Technology –  Discover perfect care. 6th Sense intelligent sensors adapt resources according to the size and type of load, offering savings of up to 50% on energy water and time. (Comparison between maximum load and 1kg load on the washer with 6th SENSE function and Cotton 60° program.)



Soft Move –  Tailored care for any fabric.  Thanks to the new SoftMove System, the drum performs an exclusive set of specific movements that have the ability to adapt to every fabric type. Different drum movements for each phase of the wash cycle, from the initial water intake to the final spinning, ensure impeccable results and perfect care of garments, no matter the colour or shape.

It’s possible to choose between 14 different programmes, all perfectly designed to meet daily or occasional washing needs.



Sense Inverter Motor –  Advanced Motor for a long-lasting quiet performance.  The washing machine is powered by SENSE Inverter, an advanced motor that will offer consumers the best performance. For complete peace of mind, it is important to count on the reliability of a long-lasting motor that defies all expectations. **



Clean+ –  Adapts cleaning efficacy according to any need.  The Clean+ option is a new technology that allows the machine’s cleaning power to be customized according to the soil level and consumer’s day-to-day laundry load. Thanks to the power of Clean+, it is now possible to use an in-wash additive to remove stains and get even better results. This technology acts on three different levels (Intensive, Daily, Fast), which sets the right washing action depending on the consumer’s cleaning needs. It always guarantees the desired result with minimum effort.



A+++ Energy Efficiency  –  For those who believe in a cleaner environment as well as a perfect wash, Whirlpool’s new front-loading washers are rated A+++ on the European energy class scale. Its capacity has been increased by up to 9 KG, allowing consumers to wash more garments at once.


* FreshCare+ treatment inhibits the proliferation of the main bad odour sources (inside the washing machine) up to 6 hours after the washing ends. Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and duvets.


** In comparison with a brush-type motor.



Colour:  White
Material:  Tub – Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  63 x 59.5 x 84.5
Weight (kg):  71
Construction Type:  Free-Standing
Technology:  Sense Inverter Motor
Loading Type:  Front
Energy Efficiency:  A+++
Washing Class:  A
Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  177
Water Consumption (L/annum):  11650
Power (W):  1850
Current (A):  10
Voltage (V):  220-240
Noise Washing (dB(A)):  52
Noise Spinning (dB(A)):  79
Maximum Spin Speed (R.P.M):  1200
Power Cord Length (cm):  120
Drum Capacity (L):  62
Washing Capacity (L):  8
Control:  Electronic Display
Safety Features:  Child Lock
Unique Functions:  SoftMove,  FreshCare+,  Daily 30°,  Daily 40°,  Clean+ Soil,  Daily mixed 40°C,  Rapid,  Chrono 30°C,  Eco Cotton,  Mixed Fabrics,  Special Big Items,  Jeans,  Sport,  Colours 15°,  Baby,  Rapid,  Delicates,  Wool,  Cotton,  White,  Synthetics,  Rinse & Spin,  Drain & Spin,  Drain,  Prewash,  Cold Wash,  Skip Spin,  6th Sense Technology,  Clean+
Unique Features:  Program Progress Indicators,  Program Cancellation,  Start / Pause,  Variable Spin Speed,  Foam Control,  Balance Control,  Continuous Start Delay Option



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