Whirlpool Washing Machine Fresh Care A+++ 9KG 1200 RPM

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FreshCare+  –  Steam Jets which guarantee freshness for your garments for up to 6 hours. Keep laundry fresh, even hours after the cycle has finished. Innovative Delicate steam and tumbling action take care of your laundry inside the washing machine. The new FreshCare+ system gently massages the laundry with regular slow movements alternated with steam actions – letting air circulate inside the fibers to keep garments fresh and prevent bad odours. FreshCare+ treatment leaves truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the end of the cycle. *



Colors 15°C  –  Low temperatures, perfect protection. The Color 15° option provides all the care and protection you deserve while ensuring ideal washing results for all your colored clothing.



Child Lock  –  Safety first. This Whirlpool washing machine features a child lock system, to prevent toddlers and children from accidentally using this appliance.



6th Sense Technology  –  Discover perfect care. 6th Sense intelligent sensors adapt resources according to the size and type of load, offering savings of up to 50% on energy water and time. (Comparison between maximum load and 1kg load on the washer with 6th SENSE function and Cotton 60° program.)



Soft Move  –  Soft Move technology provides a drum motion during cycles, ensuring extra care for your delicate items.




Sense Inverter Motor  –  Silent performance. This Whirlpool Washing machine’s innovative SENSE inverter motor is designed to ensure long-lasting, silent performance. Enjoy both ideal results and some extra peace and quiet. **



Spinning Efficiency   –   1200 RPM, Outstanding speed. This Whirlpool Washing Machine features a 1200 rounds per minute spin speed.



Super Energy Efficiency A+++ -10%  –  Unparalleled energy efficiency. This Whirlpool washing machine features an outstanding A+++ energy rating, reducing energy consumption by 10%.



9kg Capacity  –  All the space you need. With its 9kg drum capacity, this Whirlpool washing machine provides all the space you need for your laundry.


* FreshCare+ treatment inhibits the proliferation of the main bad odour sources (inside the washing machine) up to 6 hours after the washing ends. Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and duvets.


** In comparison with a brush-type motor.



Colour:  White
Material:  Tub – Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  63 x 59.5 x 84.5
Weight (kg):  71
Construction Type:  Free-Standing
Technology:  Sense Inverter Motor
Loading Type:  Front
Energy Efficiency:  A+++
Washing Class:  A
Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  196
Water Consumption (L/annum):  11690
Power (W):  1850
Current (A):  10
Voltage (V):  220-240
Noise Washing (dB(A)):  52
Noise Spinning (dB(A)):  78
Maximum Spin Speed (R.P.M):  1200
Power Cord Length (cm):  120
Drum Capacity (L):  62
Washing Capacity (L):  9
Control:  Electronic Display
Safety Features:  Child Lock
Unique Functions:  SoftMove,  FreshCare+,  Daily 30°,  Daily 40°,  Daily mixed 40°C,  Rapid,  Chrono 30°C,  Eco Cotton,  Mixed Fabrics,  Special Big Items,  Jeans, Sport,  Colours 15°,  Baby,  Rapid,  Delicates,  Wool,  Cotton,  White,  Synthetics,  Rinse & Spin,  Drain & Spin,  Drain,  Prewash,  Cold Wash,  Skip Spin,  6th Sense Technology,  Clean+
Unique Features:  Program Progress Indicators,  Program Cancellation,  Start / Pause,  Variable Spin Speed,  Foam Control,  Balance Control,  Continuous Start Delay Option



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