Hoover Care+Protect Limescale Remover & Cleaner


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Care for Your Washing Machine & Dishwasher The Care+Protect 3-in-1 Action Limescale Remover - Degreaser - Hygienic Cleaner, for use in all brands of washing machines, washer-dryers and dishwashers. This professional formula removes harmful limescale build-up and 3 in1 deeply cleans residual deposits from internal components, preventing mould and bad odours.

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Technical Specifications

Brand Hoover
Compatibility All Washing Machine & Dishwashers
Unique Features - Eliminates Limescale Build-Up
- Removes Bad Odours and Dirt Build-Up
- Eliminates Residual Detergent
- Improves Appliance Performance and Energy Efficiency
Includes Pack of 12 Sachets - 1 year supply (Each Sachet 50gr - use one sachet a month)