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  • Meaco Pedestal Air Circulator Fan


    The perfectly quiet way to keep your bedroom cool this summer


    Identical technology to award-winning MeacoFan 1056
    Cooling in temperatures up to 40°C
    Ultra-quiet for comfortable cooling
    Unique 3-mode: Normal, Natural and Sleep
    Multi-direction air flow cools the whole room
    Height-adjustable pedestal
    Timer function allows you to cool for as long as you need
    Eco function automatically changes fan speed as temperature changes
    Easy-to-use remote control with magnetic attachment
    100% recyclable packaging!


    A new spin on a best-seller

    The multi-award winning MeacoFan 1056 has been a huge success with reviewers and customers alike and, following lots of requests from customers for 2020, we are delighted to launch the MeacoFan 1056P adjustable pedestal fan.


    This fan takes all the features and benefits of our award-winning desk-top fan and puts them into a sturdy and attractive pedestal that can be moved from room to room and cool the air without taking up table space. Just like the original 1056, the pedestal fan is super-quiet, circulating the air within your room efficiently and effectively.


    The fan head quietly moves side to side, and up and down, bouncing the air off the walls and ceiling to create a pleasant breeze within the room rather than just blowing the air directly at you. This means that the whole of your room is cooled, rather than just one or two areas, making your home or office a comfortable space to live or work. Also perfect for home gyms, conservatories and annexe office spaces, our new pedestal fan is a great option for areas that regularly become too warm.


    The thing that all our customers comment on is the near-silent operation of our fans. This means you can use them anywhere – watching a movie, having guests for dinner, during meetings, on a date night – whatever you’re doing, you can do it comfortably without the noise of a fan getting in the way.


    Putting you in control


    Our pedestal fan has four modes of operation:


    Normal – constant airflow at a speed setting of between 1 and 12.
    Natural – the airflow moves between weak and strong, to replicate a natural breeze. Speed options are between 1 and 12.
    Sleep – the fan speed will decrease by one level every 30 minutes until it reaches level 1.
    ECO – the fan speed will change according to the changing temperature in the room.


    And, with our magnetic remote control which attaches easily to the fan, you can change the operation at the touch of a button.


    An ECO mode allows the fan to automatically change speed depending on the room temperature, ensuring that you’re not using up valuable energy when you don’t need to, and our timer function silently turns the fan off, so you can cool your bedroom and sleep in peace. We’ve also added a night light, which is ideal for children’s rooms or for those that prefer a low light in the bedroom.


    Weight: 4.7kgs
    Maximum Air Flow: 1653m³/hour
    Maximum Air Velocity (c): 4m/sec
    Maximum Fan Flow Rate (F): 27.56m³/min
    Oscillation Swing Angles: 60° vertically, 80° horizontally
    Fan Sound Power Level (LWA): 20 to 60dB(A)
    Temperature Operating Conditions: +5°C to +40°C
    Humidity Operating Conditions: Non-condensing
    Fan Motor Type: Low Energy DC
    Power Supply: 220 – 240V / 50Hz
    Fan Power Input (P): 23 W
    Power Consumption: 6 to 24 W
    Service Value (SV): 1.2(m³/min)/watts
    Fan Speeds: 12
    Modes: Eco, Sleep, Normal and Natural
    On Timer: Yes – between 1 and 12 hours
    Off Timer: Yes – between 1 and 12 hours
    Optional Night Light: Yes
    Magnetic Remote Control: Yes
    Powered By: Mains lead
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 82-95.5 x 32 x 33,9 cm



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  • Campingaz 4 Series Select S BBQ


    Prepare a feast for your family and friends with the 4 Series Select S gas barbecue . The meeting of 4 powerful and performing stainless steel burners with our Blue Flame technology ensures a very reduced number of flames and keeps your foods hydrated and succulent.


    Thanks to the large enamelled cast iron cooking surface, this barbecue is perfect for your outdoor dining. The powerful side burner can be used to cook great side dishes, thus preparing a large banquet with ease.


    The Campingaz ® Culinary Modular system gives even more cooking versatility to the most passionate grillers. Cleaning is quick and effortless thanks to the Campingaz InstaClean ® Aqua System.


    – Electronic ignition provides useful lighting, including batteries
    – Powerful side burner for preparing sauces or cooking other side dishes
    – Trolley with front spice rack, capable of holding a 6 kg cylinder
    – Sturdy grass wheels offer strength and reliable mobility on all surfaces
    – 2 food warmers, which can easily be removed individually, offer greater cooking versatility


    Much less flare-ups!
    The Campingaz ® Blue Flame burner system offers accelerated pre-heating, excellent heat distribution and a much lower number of sudden flames.


    The burner protection is integrated into the functional cast iron grids. This prevents boiling grease and liquids from dripping and causing dangerous flames. In addition, the water present thanks to the InstaClean ® Aqua system provides further prevention of the formation of flames.


    Prolonged cooking versatility thanks to Campingaz® Culinary Modular System
    Expand your outdoor cooking possibilities with Campingaz ® interchangeable solutions!


    Simply remove the inner ring of the Culinary Modular’s cast iron grill, or remove / flip the adjacent grill and insert one of the various Campingaz ® Culinary Modular accessories (products sold separately).

    The Culinary Modular by Campingaz® offers your spirit as a gourmet cook whatever you desire.


    Effortless cleaning thanks to InstaClean® Aqua Basic technology
    We love grilling – but cleaning is always painful. Good news: the new Campingaz InstaClean ® Aqua technology harnesses the power of water to make cleaning a breeze . No need to scrub!


    The water is inserted in the front grease trays, so as to prevent the residues of grease and food from overheating. When it’s time to clean, you can remove the grease particles from the grill and simply wash them off. Excess water in the tub can easily be removed by removing a cap.


    Save space at the push of a button!
    The Campingaz ® Push2Fold side shelves are based on a robust and durable mechanism.

    Just a simple touch on the button positioned under the shelf to easily fold it down, instantly gaining a more compact size.

    To reposition the shelf, simply lift it up until the system fits well.


    Cooking surface (cm²): 3312
    Cooking surface dimensions (cm): 46 x 72
    Burners: Blue Flame stainless steel burner system
    No. of burners: 4
    Power (kW): 13.6 + 2.3
    Gas consumption (g / h): 330 + 167
    Cleaning system: InstaClean ® Aqua Basic with front insertion grease trays
    Cooking surface material: enameled cast iron
    Cooking surface configuration: Grill + plate
    Culinary Modular System: yes
    Articulated grill (cm): 17 x 35
    Rotisserie preparation: yes
    Cooking height (cm): 92
    Ignition: Electronic
    Thermometer: Yes
    Folding side shelves: Foldable left shelf
    Side burner: Yes
    Cover material: Painted steel + Painted aluminium
    Trolley material: Painted steel
    Cart configuration: Front panel, open on the sides and on the back
    Number and type of wheels: 2 Swivel wheels
    Space and cylinder compatibility: 6 kg
    Weight (kg): 66
    Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm (open): 148 x 157 x 70
    Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm (closed): 119 x 135 x 64


    Campingaz logo

  • Severin Barbecue Electric Table Grill


    Simple, electric grilling inside and outside the house on the PG 8560 table grill.
    With this grill, whatever the season, you can quickly prepare tasty dishes at any time! Thanks to the continuous heating spiral, the table grill ensures even heat distribution, and the grill bowl filled with water reduces the production of smoke and baking smell, which means that the device can be used both inside and outside the home.


    For use both inside and outside the home.


    Enjoy grilling both inside and outside the home – use the grill for optimal preparation of tasty food. In addition to the grill plate, quick heating and a high operating temperature are other advantages of this practical grill.


    Thermostat-controlled heating element
    To prepare juicy grilled food, you need to set the perfect temperature. A thermostat-controlled heating element, a temperature controller and a continuous heating spiral are used for this.


    Easy to assemble
    Our grill is quick and easy to unfold and fold, which ensures not only quick use, but also easy cleaning.


    – Turn on and grill: quick operation thanks to the short warm-up time; grilling possible both inside and outside the house
    – No risk of burns – safe to the touch housing “SafeTouch” eliminates the risk of burns from hot surfaces
    – The grill grate made of high-quality stainless steel ensures perfect grilling
    – Easy to clean thanks to the possibility of disassembly into small parts
    – Minimum smoke production thanks to the water in the grill pan
    – Stainless steel grill grate
    – Dimensions of the grilling surface: 44.5 cm x 26 cm (area approx. 1150 cm²)


    Colour:  Stainless Steel – Black
    Dimensions cm: 38 x 52 x 17
    Material:  Plastic
    Power (W):  2200



  • Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time


    With Popcorn XL Party Time every day is “Happy Days”


    The new Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time will accompany your evenings with family or friends, with lots of crispy and tasty popcorn ready to be crunched one after another. Thanks to the special hot air cooking method, Pop Corn XL Party Time transforms, in less than 2 minutes, 60 grams of corn , into fragrant and light popcorn.


    You won’t need to add anything else, neither oil nor fat, to obtain a light but tasty snack, all natural and fat free. Thanks to the removable bowl you can bring your hot, crunchy and freshly made popcorn directly to the table or on the sofa!


    Popcorn is always a good idea
    With the Ariete Pop Corn XL Party Time you prepare popcorn for the whole family in a few moments and make children and adults happy. Thanks to hot air cooking, you don’t need to add anything else: just operate the machine and wait a few minutes to enjoy hot and crunchy popcorn.


    Munch on popcorn straight from the bowl
    Insert corn in Pop Corn XL Party Time and hear the unmistakable popcorn crackle! Once ready, the popcorn will fall into the glass and you can remove the lid and munch them in front of the TV directly from the bowl. Sofa, film and popcorn, what better end to the day?


    Power: 1100W
    Capacity: 60g of corn in 2 minutes
    Weight: 1.22 Kg
    Features: Fat-free hot air cooking, Doser
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 21 x 21 32 cm



  • Philips Daily Collection Compact Food Processor 700W White


    Powerful 700W motor for effortless processing
    Our powerful motor can easily handle a variety of ingredients from bread dough to hard vegetables, cheese and chocolate. It also slices and shreds with ease.


    Fast preparation with a large feeding tube for minimal pre-cut
    Fast preparation with a large feeding tube for minimal pre-cut.


    Quick and easy assembly of all parts
    Quick and easy assembly of all parts.


    All accessories are dishwasher safe
    All accessory parts can be put on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning.


    Convenient all-in-one appliance: knead, whisk, shred, slice
    With more than 16 functions, there is no limit to what you can make: meals, bread, sauces and more. Use the high quality and multi-functional accessories to chop, puree and mince ingredients with the S-blade, or slice and shred with the 2-in-1 disc. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whip, whisk, knead and more.


    Color-coded speed and accessories guide for easy matching
    For perfect results every time, just match the accessory color to the same speed color. Use speed 1 to whip cream, beat eggs, make pastries, and bread doughs. Speed 2 is ideal to chop onions, mincemeat, make smoothies, and more.


    Smaller footprint and in bowl storage for all accessories
    The compact Daily Food Processor takes up less countertop space, yet is fully equipped with all of the kitchen essentials that you can easily store inside of the bowl.


    2 –in-1 double-sided stainless steel discs: shred & slice
    Ergonomic, double-sided disc makes it easy to slice with one side and shred with the other side!


    Make up to 5 portions at the same time with 1.5L bowl capacity
    The generous 2.1L bowl (1.5 L working capacity) lets you blend up to 5 portions of soup in one go.




    Colour:  White
    Material:  Body – ABS,  Pulp Container/Pusher – SAN,  2-in-1 Disc – Metal,  Kneading Tool & Emulsifying Disk – Plastic,  Blade – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  24.4 x 24.4 x 37.7
    Weight (kg):   
    Capacity (L):  Bowl – 2.1
    Working Capacity:  Liquid – 1.5L,  Flour – 500g
    Power (W):  700
    Voltage (V):  220-240
    Frequency:  50–60 Hz
    Speeds:  2 + Pulse
    Unique Features:  Cord Storage,  Dishwasher Safe,  Integrated Cable Storage,  Non-Slip Feet
    Unique Accessories:   Blade Unit S-Blade,  Emulsifying Tool,  Kneading Tool,  Reversible Disc


  • Sodastream Spirit Black


    Bring back black with the Spirit Sparkling Water Maker. The Spirit adds a designer touch to any kitchen.
    Create an exciting range of sparkling drinks from the comfort your own home with SodaStream.


    The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker comes with one 60L CO2 cylinder and one carbonating bottle. Giving you everything you need to make sparkling drinks instantly.


    SodaStream is the new way to enjoy delicious bubbles without the bottles. No more lugging or storing heavy bottles! And fewer empty bottles or cans to discard or recycle. Better for you, better for the environment


    Now you can simply turn tap water into fresh, fizzy sparkling water, soda and cocktails in seconds. Just fizz, mix and enjoy!


    Great-tasting flavors to choose from. And you’ve just made the world a better place.


    Includes: 1 Litre reusable bottle + Sodastream cylinder
    Bottle Type: Plastic
    Size of Carbonator: 60 L
    Snap Lock Mechanism: Yes
    Colour: Black


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  • Philips Male Body Groomer Series 5000
    The Series 5000 is designed to power through hair, without compromise on skin comfort. Whether on the chest or hard-to reach ares like the back. You can use the skin friendly shaver or trim by clinking on the 3, 5 or 7mm length combs.
    Confidently trim or shave all body zones
    Designed to be safe and comfortable for underarms, chest & abs, back & shoulders, groin area and legs. The skin friendly shaver catches and cuts hairs of different lengths, without the need for multiple tools or skin contact with sharp edges.
    Rounded tips and hypoallergenic foil for skin comfort
    The shaver head features patented rounded tips and a hypo-allergenic foil to protect your skin while shaving. The bi-directional trimmers cut longer hairs, which are shaved by the foil for a closer result.
    Includes 3 combs for a natural trim (3,5,7 mm)
    3 combs included for different body hair lengths. Attach the combs onto the shaving system, to trim hair to fixed length settings of 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm. You can use the shaving system without the combs, for a closer result. For thicker hair, pre-trimming with the fixed combs is recommended.
    Extra long handle makes it easier to reach your back
    Conveniently remove back hair. This attachment has been specially designed for convenient back grooming.
    60 minutes cordless use after an 1-hour charge
    High-power Li-ion battery for full body use, with 60 minutes of cordless use after an 1-hour charge. The battery light indicates power status, when the battery is low or full.
    Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower
    Provides a comfortable and close result in or out of the shower. The body groomer is fully water-resistant, so you can simply rinse it clean when you’ve finished. For longer hair, trimming performance may be better on dry hair.
    Ergonomic grip for maximum control
    The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower.
    Cutter width (mm): 32
    Shaving element: Foil with two pre-trimmers
    Skin comfort: Skin comfort system, Comfort in sensitive areas
    Battery type: Lithium-ion
    Run time (mins): 60
    Charging: 1 hour full charge
    Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling
    Number of length settings: 3 fixed length settings
    Comb: 3 body combs (3, 5, 7 mm)
    Back handle attachment: Yes
    Wet & Dry: Fully washable, Showerproof and easy cleaning
    Secured length settings: Yes
    Operation: Cordless use
    Maintenance free: No oil needed
    Philips logo


    Innovative hot-air technology for varied results for health-conscious deep-frying, cooking, pan-frying and baking without the addition of oil.







    Energy-saving, quick & odourless rapid heating-up and preparation time due to innovative hot-air technology







    6 automatic programs guarantee perfect results at the push of a button for chips, meat, chicken thighs, shrimps, vegetables and baking





    Much of what tastes absolutely delicious is unfortunately guaranteed to pile on the pounds. However, there is another way! The new allies in the battle against guilty consciences are full of hot air: air fryers are the new stars of the culinary heavens, promising both healthy indulgence and delicious taste.


    Crunchy chips, crispy fried fish and perfectly breaded chicken tenders without the need to add oil! Air fryers are one of the best-loved kitchen appliances in many households.


    –  Ceramic coated inserts: extremely scratch-resistant, best anti-stick effect, especially heat-resistant, easy cleaning
    –  Big 3.2-litre basket insert – the perfect treat for the whole family
    –  LCD touch display for fast and simple operation


    Colour:  Black / Silver
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  40 x 29 x 34
    Capacity (L):  3.2
    Power (W):  1500
    Technology:  Hot-Air Technology
    Safety Features:  Thermal Cut-Out,  Automatic Switch off (When basket removed)
    Unique Functions:  60-Mins Timer,  Separate Temperature and Time setting,  Adjustable Thermostate (80°C – 200°C)
    Unique Features:  Power Indicator Light,  Ready-to-use Indicator Light,  Low odour development,  LCD Touch Display



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