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  • Morphy Richards Slow Cooker 6.5L


    This 6.5L Ceramic Slow Cooker is oval shaped, ideal for joints of meat as well as casseroles, curries and chillies.


    The 6.5L capacity is ideal for families, entertaining or batch cooking as it can serve up to 10 starters or 6 main dishes.


    The toughened glass lid means you can view the cooking process without letting heat escape, and the removable ceramic pot is an ideal serving dish. When you are done, simply pop the ceramic cooking pot in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


    The 3 different cooking temperatures mean that your meal is ready when you need it. The easy to use dial has 3 settings Low (6-12 hours), Medium (4-10 hours) or High (3-8 hours).


    Oval Shape
    Ideal for joints of meat as well as casseroles, curries and chillies


    Capacity 6.5 Litres
    Serves 10 starters or 6 main portions comfortably, ideal for families


    Removable Ceramic Pot
    The ceramic pot is removable is easy to clean – either manually or in the dishwasher. It can also be used to serve directly from the slow cooker, further minimising the washing up required after mealtimes.


    Brushed Stainless Steel
    Cooking vessel can be put directly onto the table


    3 Settings: Low, Medium & High
    Three heat settings mean that you can control the length of time your dish will take to cook. For 6-12 hour cooking, choose the ‘Low’ setting; for 4-10 hour cooking choose ‘Medium’, and for 3-8 hours select ‘High’. Additionally, the instruction book includes a range of recipes to start you off, which can be tailored to your taste.


    Toughened Glass Lid
    To view cooking without letting heat escape


    Capacity: 6.5L
    Settings: 3
    Functions: Low, Medium, High
    Separate Cooking Pot: Yes – Ceramic
    Dishwasher Safe: Cooking Pot
    Power: 163W
    Cool Touch Handles: Yes
    Recipes Included: In Instructions
    Lid: Clear


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  • Kenwood Chef XL Kitchen Machine + Liquidiser


    Enjoy the process of cooking even more with the Kenwood Chef XL.


    The Chef XL

    Bring great tasting food to the table with this reliable kitchen machine. Designed to make light work of food preparation, this product will help you to create an array of dishes with ease.


    Dedicated Bowl Tools

    Whether you’re using the K-Beater to make tasty biscuits, whipping up the thickest cream with the whisk or using the dough hook to knead dough for homemade pizza, the accompanying bowl tools enable you to make delicious food with confidence.


    A World of Possibilities

    There are over 20 attachments available, so whether you want to create homemade salsa, blend healthy smoothies and soups, mince your own meat, or cut pasta shapes, the Kenwood Chef XL will assist you in producing a variety of culinary delights.


    Capacity: Bowl – 6.7L,  Cake – 4.55kg,  Dough – 2.56kg,  Egg Whites – 16,  Flour for Pastry – 910g
    Material:  Body – Die-Cast Metal,  Bowl – Stainless Steel,  Bowl Tool – Non-Stick Coated Aluminium
    Colour:  Silver
    Wattage (W):  1200
    Weight (kg):  7.658
    Speed:  Variable + Pulse
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 34.5 x 38.5 x 28
    Outlets:  Slow Speed,  High Speed,  Bowl Outlet
    Unique Attachments:  Spatula,  Bowl,  Whisk,  K-Beater,  Dough Hook, Liquidiser
    Unique Features:  Electronic Speed Control,  Total Mixing Action, Dishwasher Safe Parts, Splashguard



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  • Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor White


    Create tasty meals with this compact, easy-to-use food processor.


    Save Time and Effort
    Featuring a handy 2.1 litre processing bowl and a wide variety of attachments, the Multipro Compact makes chopping, grating and grinding quick and simple. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller quantities.


    Everyday Provision
    Multipro Compact is a great all-rounder that offers performance, versatility and style. The 800W motor and variable speed dial with pulse will give you total control, ensuring you achieve your desired results every time.


    A World of Possibilities
    This food processor comes with a wide variety of attachments to help you create an array of dishes. The attachments enable you to chop onions and meat for tasty casseroles and slice and grate vegetables for salads.


    Colour:  White
    Weight (kg):  2.3
    Material:  Plastic
    Wattage (W):  800
    Speed:  2 Speeds + Pulse
    Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes
    Safety Features:  Non-Slip Feet
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  36.5 x 19 x 20
    Capacity:  Bowl – 2.1L,  Working Bowl Dry – 1.2kg,  Working Bowl Liquid – 1.2L
    Unique Attachments:  Stainless Steel Knife Blade,  Spatula, Reversible Thick Slice/Coarse Grate (4mm) Disc



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  • Hoover H-Go 300 Hydro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


    H-GO 300 HYDRO robot is the perfect ally for a cleaner home. Advanced Gyroscopic Navigation Technology allows a more regular and accurate path, improving efficiency and cleaning coverage. By combining Vacuuming and Mopping it cleans thoroughly, for spotless floors. H-GO 300 HYDRO is also autonomous, as you can schedule it to clean at a convenient time. The robot moves effortlessly around obstacles and furniture, adapting its path to suit your home. Its lithium battery grants up to 120 minutes of continuous vacuuming to ensure effective and complete cleaning.


    Use the remote control to schedule a cleaning session for when you’re not home. Let your H-GO 300 HYDRO do all the hard work while you’re out, so that you can relax when you get home.


    By vacuuming and mopping in one-go, H-GO 300 HYDRO easily manages dust and dirt to ensure spotless floors including wood, tiles, laminate and stone.


    H-GO 300 HYDRO’s Brushless Motor provides excellent suction and incredible pick up on fine dust and larger debris. Functioning with permanent magnets that reduce friction and vibrations and increase speed, it guarantees powerful suction, great efficiency and a longer lifespan.


    Start or pause your H-GO 300 HYDRO by using the buttons on the robot itself or through the remote control with LCD display that allows you access to all the functions.


    H-GO 300 HYDRO is equipped with a full set of sensors to automatically recognize stairs or steps and avoid accidentally falling over the edge.


    Through its intelligent sensors, the H-GO 300 HYDRO detects obstacles and furniture, so that it can reduce speed and change direction in order to avoid bumps and collisions.


    Colour: Hi-Gloss Black
    Run time (Min): 120
    Anti fall down sensor: Yes
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Charging method: Charger base and plug in
    Filtration system: Washable EPA
    Info Voice technology: Yes
    Programme settings: Yes
    Recharging time: 4-5
    Scheduling function: Weekly
    Automatic return to the base: Yes
    No touch sensor: Yes
    Real soft bumpers: Yes
    Rubberized wheels: Yes
    Additional filters: Yes
    Side brushes: 2
    Product depth (mm): 320
    Product height (mm): 80
    Weight (kg) – cleaner only: 2.4
    Width of the product (mm): 320
    Bin capacity (l): 0.35


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    259.00 229.01
  • Hoover H-Dry 500 Essential Dryer Condenser 10kg


    H-DRY 500
    H-DRY 500 is the most reliable and efficient dryer, able to perfectly and effectively dry any type of garment, taking care of the fibers thanks to the new Auto Care program.


    H-DRY 500 is a unique machine that offers a complete set of 9 care cycles, allowing you to keep all your favorite clothes in perfect condition longer and without any effort.


    Forget about laundry labels! The exclusive Scan to Care function, available on the hOn app, allows you to create your own virtual wardrobe. Just take a picture of your garment, the app will collect and store all the instructions for drying, suggesting the program and the specific treatment to take care of it.


    All Hoover dryers come with four drying options: Iron Dry: Leaves clothes with a small amount of moisture left in them to make ironing easier. Dry clothes hanger – Clothes ready to hang Dry cupboard – Clothes ready to put away Dry drying – Clothes completely dry


    H-DRY 500 offers the Active Dry function, specifically designed with the aim of satisfying the need to freshen clothes. It naturally removes bad odors, germs, spores and bacteria and gently takes care of your clothes, guaranteeing excellent results in a short time. In 20 minutes your clothes will be ready. It is the ideal program for sanitizing personal and baby clothes, ensuring the best hygiene and care for your family.


    A unique system patented by Hoover that collects water in the porthole. It fits perfectly into the product design and allows you to always see the water level. It has a comfortable handle that allows you to remove and carry it easily. An innovative and compact shape that prevents water leaks and ensures ease of emptying. This makes it easy to reuse demineralized water for daily household chores.


    Improve your drying performance with the new hOn app and access a world of exclusive extra content: remotely check the status of your dryer and receive an end-of-cycle notification so you don’t forget to collect your laundry; get more than 40 additional cycles to take care of specific clothing or fabrics; receive updates and reminders on the scheduled maintenance of the dryer to preserve its reliability; get real-time consumption data during drying cycles and monitor your usage habits to improve efficiency.


    The Auto Care program frees you from problems; it is able to automatically adapt the drying action to the quantity and type of load for the best results without worries.


    The H-DRY 500 dryers are made with an obsession for quality and perfection in all details. This is why all H-DRY 500 models are equipped with the SINGLE TOP, which makes the dryer really beautiful and very robust, and the PUSH / PULL SOLUTION for the door, which simplifies the consumer’s life, helping him in cleaning the filter.


    Color: White
    Type dryer: Condenser
    Load capacity (kg): 10
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
    Basket material: Stainless steel
    Voltage (V): 220-240
    Delayed start: Yes (up to 24h)
    Annual energy consumption: 670 kWh / year
    Sound level: 68 dB (A)
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 850 mm x 596 mm x 585 mm


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    499.00 449.00
  • Severin Microwave Black 20L 700W

    For a quick snack microwaves offer delicious results. Microwaves use considerably less energy and time to prepare small portions than conventional electric cookers or ovens.

    – Attractive frosted design with chromed elements.
    – 5 different power settings including Defrost.
    – Time and Weight defrost.
    – 35-minute timer with an acoustic signal.
    – Rotary control knobs with chrome elements.

    Colour:  Frosted Black / Chrome
    Material:  Heat resistant housing
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  25.4 x 43.5 x 35.5
    Interior Height (cm):  16.5
    Weight (kg):  10.2
    Capacity (L):  20
    Usable Capacity (L):  8
    Microwave Power (W):  700
    Microwave Turntable Size (⌀ cm):  25.4
    Programmes:  Microwave
    Control Type:  Manual
    Unique Features:  Interior Coated


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    Innovative hot-air technology for varied results for health-conscious deep-frying, cooking, pan-frying and baking without the addition of oil.







    Energy-saving, quick & odourless rapid heating-up and preparation time due to innovative hot-air technology







    6 automatic programs guarantee perfect results at the push of a button for chips, meat, chicken thighs, shrimps, vegetables and baking





    Much of what tastes absolutely delicious is unfortunately guaranteed to pile on the pounds. However, there is another way! The new allies in the battle against guilty consciences are full of hot air: air fryers are the new stars of the culinary heavens, promising both healthy indulgence and delicious taste.


    Crunchy chips, crispy fried fish and perfectly breaded chicken tenders without the need to add oil! Air fryers are one of the best-loved kitchen appliances in many households.


    –  Ceramic coated inserts: extremely scratch-resistant, best anti-stick effect, especially heat-resistant, easy cleaning
    –  Big 3.2-litre basket insert – the perfect treat for the whole family
    –  LCD touch display for fast and simple operation


    Colour:  Black / Silver
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  40 x 29 x 34
    Capacity (L):  3.2
    Power (W):  1500
    Technology:  Hot-Air Technology
    Safety Features:  Thermal Cut-Out,  Automatic Switch off (When basket removed)
    Unique Functions:  60-Mins Timer,  Separate Temperature and Time setting,  Adjustable Thermostate (80°C – 200°C)
    Unique Features:  Power Indicator Light,  Ready-to-use Indicator Light,  Low odour development,  LCD Touch Display



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    119.00 89.00
  • Gtech Multi Power Floor


    The Gtech Multi Power Floor is a lightweight vacuum cleaner specially designed to clean both your carpet and hard floor, with a powered brush bar and the high airflow needed to make short work of cleaning tasks. The Power Floor Head makes cleaning pet hair from carpets a breeze, as well as taking the hassle away from cleaning the stairs.


    Long run-time– The Power Floor’s power comes from a professional-grade 22V Lithium-ion battery. One 4-hour charge delivers up to 20 minutes of cordless vacuum cleaning; a 1-hour charge will deliver a burst of additional run-time. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.


    Versatile– The Gtech Power Floor quickly and easily transforms from a floor vacuum to a handheld cleaner. This allows you to clean your stairs, upholstery, curtains, car or caravan quickly and effectively.


    AirLOC technology– Gtech’s unique and patented AirLOC system* means the new Power Floor is not just great at picking up dust and fine debris but is designed to pick up larger objects too.


    Lightweight– The Gtech Power Floor is designed to be powerful and lightweight too, weighing in at just 2.3kg when fully assembled.


    Battery type: Lithium-ion
    Run-time: 20 minutes
    Charge time: 4 Hours
    Weight: 2.3kg
    Power: 22V
    Variety of tools: Yes
    Deep Cleaning tool: Upholstery
    Soft Dusting Brush: Delicate




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    269.00 199.01