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 Featured Products

  • Meaco Desktop Air Circulator
    The quiet, efficient home fan – MeacoFan 650 Air Circulator.
    This compact home fan is the perfect choice for quietly and efficiently cooling your home.
    Based on the award-winning MeacoFan 1056, the 650 has a smooth gloss finish and is Quiet Mark approved for low-noise cooling.
    –  Quiet, energy-efficient cooling fan
    –  Left-to-right oscillation
    –  Night-light option for bedroom use
    –  Runs off mains power or via USB
    –  ECO mode auto-cooling option
    –  Quiet Mark 2020
    –  “A brilliant desktop fan”  – Trusted Reviews

    Designed for you
    The MeacoFan 650 is the result of listening to you, the customer.
    A slightly smaller version of the MeacoFan 1056, the 650 has the same quiet operation and uses the same DC technology to keep the cool air flowing around your room.
    This fan is ideal for homes, offices, and anywhere that a low-noise cooling fan can help you to keep you and your family at a comfortable temperature. Power it from the mains or from the USB connection, giving you access to perfect cooling wherever you are.

    A quiet fan for your bedroom
    One of the most annoying things for customers is a noisy fan. Whilst it might cool some of the room, it keeps you awake and disturbs your night – the last thing you need.
    The Meaco 650 has been designed with peace and quiet in mind. The fan’s operational silence has won Meaco awards and plaudits for design.
    “It’s hard to find fault with the new, compact version. If you want one of the quietest and most efficient ways to get air moving, the MeacoFan 650 is one of the best models you can buy.”  –  Trusted Reviews 2019
    Winning the Quiet Mark award for low noise products, the sound of the 650 operating is just 20dB, as soft as a whisper.

    Functional and beautiful
    The most important thing about the Meaco 650 is that it operates quietly, circulates air well and is energy efficient. In addition to this Meaco pay great attention to detail, to make their fans a thing of beauty.
    The MeacoFan 650 has a shiny gloss finish and also incorporates a night light so it can be used as a quiet fan in children’s bedrooms, or in any room where you want a soft glow. The carry handle makes it easy to move around – a fan that not only keeps you cool but looks it too.

    Meaco Technology
    Meaco uses DC technology to power the fans with the firm belief that this provides the best performance and longevity.
    DC technology delivers; Low Noise, Low Running Costs, Longer Lifespan.
    Meaco has added additional functionality to make using your fan effortless. This includes a remote control to operate the fan from anywhere around the room. It features a timer switch so that you can ask the fan to turn itself off during the night, making sure you safe energy and don’t wake up cold. There’s also a clever ECO mode, which sets the fan to regulate itself depending on the room temperature.

    Colour:  Smooth Gloss White
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  34.3 x 26 x 25.4
    Weight (kg):  1.6
    Power Supply (V / Hz):  220 – 240V / 50Hz
    Power Consumption (W):  3.5 – 12
    Fan Motor Type:  Low Energy DC
    Noise Level (db):  20 – 50
    Maximum Air Flow:  650m³/hour
    Temperature Operating Conditions:  +5°C to +40°C
    Humidity Operating Conditions:  Non-condensing
    Oscillation Swing Angles:  40° up,  5° down (manual),  37° left, 33° right (auto)


  • Male Wet & Dry Shaver Series 7000
    Close shave, even on sensitive skin
    The Philips Shaver Series 7000 is crafted for a close sensitive shave. Enhanced with personal guidance – co-developed with dermatologists – it helps men with the specific skin issues they face. Because every skin is different
    SkinGlide Rings  for a smoother glide
    Experience the smooth glide of Philips advanced microsphere technology. Inspired by gliding principles in aerodynamics, the shaver rings are coated with thousands of tiny, glass-like spheres for maximum skin comfort.
    GentlePrecision Blades cut close even on sensitive skin
    Get a close shave even on sensitive skin with hardened high-precision blades. The blade edges are engineered to cut hair precisely, minimizing tugging, pulling or repetitive passes, even on a 3-day stubble.
    BeardAdapt Sensor for an efficient shave even in dense areas
    Shave off even dense beard areas efficiently. The shaver senses your beard density and automatically adjusts the power as needed.
    Multi-direction flex heads follow curves with least pressure
    Gently follow the contours of your face and neck with shaver heads that flex easily along every curve. Less pressure is needed to shave closely, so the stress on your skin is minimized.
    Sensitive Shave Settings customized to your skin
    Shave with the recommended speed setting customized to your skin, or choose your own via the connected GroomTribe app. Options include normal, sensitive and extra sensitive.
    Aquatec gives you a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave
    Adapt your shave routine to your needs. With the Aquatec Wet & Dry, you can go for a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can shave with gel or foam even under the shower.
    SmartClick precision trimmer for mustache and sideburns
    Finish your look with the click-on precision trimmer. It’s ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns.
    50 minutes of cordless shaving when fully charged
    50 minutes cordless shave after one full battery charge.
    1-hour charging time
    Charge your shaver fully in just 1 hour with its powerful and energy efficient lithium-ion battery.
    5-minute quick charge gives enough power for 1 full shave
    In a hurry? Plug in your shaver for 5 minutes and get enough power for 1 full shave.
    Personal Shave Plan tackles your specific skin issues
    Get adaptive advice to tackle your specific skin issues, whether redness, razor burn or in-grown hairs. The plan is co-developed with dermatologists and gives advice on your shaving routine and technique via the connected GroomTribe app. Shave-by-shave, the app tracks your progress and adjusts the advice for the best skin results.
    Colour:  Ice Blue
    Battery Type:  Lithium-Ion
    Full Charge:  1hr
    Quick charge:  5 min / 1 Shave
    Run time:  50 min / 17 Shaves
    Automatic Voltage (V):  100-240
    Max Consumption (W):  5.4
    Stand-by Power (W):  0.15
    Shaving System:  GentlePrecision Blades
    Contour Following:  Multi-direction ContourDetect
    SkinComfort:  SkinGlide Rings,  Personal Shave Plan,  Sensitive Shave Settings
    App:  GroomTribe
    Smartphone compatibility:  Compatible with a wide range of iPhone and Android™ devices.  More info at philips.com/s7000-support.
    Bluetooth®:  Version 4.1 with 10m range
    Unique Features:  Fully Washable,  Cordless
    Unique Accessories:  SmartClick Precision trimmer,  Cleaning brush,  Travel pouch
    Philips logo

    239.00 208.98
  • Hoover H FREE 500
    H-Free 500
    H-FREE 500 is the most compact and lightest rechargeable broom in the Hoover range, with performance equal to a vacuum cleaner with cord. It adapts to any room: 69cm in height to store it comfortably wherever you want. It is also connected, for a complete cleaning of your home and the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.
    Easy to Clean Brush
    The H-FREE 500 agitator is quickly and easily removed, no tools are needed. In this way it will be very easy to remove the remaining entangled dirt and keep the H-FREE 500 in the best conditions.
    Complete Care of Every Surface
    H-FREE 500 is equipped with 2 stirrers that take care of every type of surface. The ”intense Floor” roller ensures excellent results on hard surfaces and carpets, while the ”Deep Care” roller is the ideal solution to gently clean hard and delicate surfaces, such as parquet and wooden floors.
    Endless Mode of Use
    H-FREE 500 is equipped with a 2in1 brush and padded brush and an integrated joint for the joints, easy to insert on the main body and on the pipe to clean the shelves and the high areas. The 2in1 acccessory is perfect for hard surfaces and upholstery, while the slit accessory is immediately ready for quick cleaning.
    Always Connected
    Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, H-FREE 500 offers the possibility to access additional features. By downloading the Hoover Wizard app, you can check the status of the vacuum cleaner at any time (for example, you can see usage statistics and battery level). Check filter maintenance by setting a notification that alerts you when it’s time to change it or enables other features, such as Parental Control to prevent children from inadvertently turning on the H-FREE 500. Take advantage of all its various features, such as which calculates how many calories you burn during cleaning activities.
    Parking in Vertical Position
    You can store and leave the H-FREE 500 wherever you want, because it stands alone in the parking position.
    Great Visibility
    The front LEDs on the brush of the H-FREE 500 illuminate the dark corners or the space under the furniture for better cleaning visibility, so not even a grain of dust will escape.
    Autonomy That Lasts Long
    The H-FREE 500 lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of autonomy in automatic mode and 35 minutes in silent mode, using the motorized brush.
    Refill Everywhere
    Thanks to the removable battery, you can recharge the H-FREE 500 anywhere in the house. No need to leave the vacuum cleaner near the outlet.
    Performance Like a Dust-Cleaner With Wire
    The H-Lab brushless motor guarantees constant power with incredible suction results for dust, debris, hair and animal hair. The combination of engine power, airflow and new brush ensures excellent cleaning results with the advantages and comfort of a cordless vacuum cleaner.
    Compact and Wireless
    Just 69cm high to be able to comfortably store it in small spaces in the kitchen or in any other room in the house. The extraordinary compactness of the H-FREE 500 model has been designed to adapt to any room and offer a practical and intelligent cleaning experience, for a perfectly tidy and clean home.
    Quick LED Control
    A clear LED light system allows you to always keep the power level and battery status of your H-FREE under control.
    Type: Bagless
    Voltage (V): 22
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Duration (min): up to 40
    Charging time (hrs): 6
    Accessories: Motorized brush, brush with LED lights, Mini turbo-brush, crevice tool, 2 in 1 crevice nozzle and brush

    299.00 269.01
  • BWT Longlife Magnesium Filter Cartridge
    Special offer: Buy 6 BWT Filters & get a FREE filter jug + another FREE filter
    BWT Longlife Magnesium Filters improve the quality of your tap water in a way that no other filter can do. The release of the vital mineral Magnesium makes it a class of its own. It is not only good for your body but also greatly improves the taste of water itself. Undesired substances like lead and chlorine are removed and the build-up of limescale is prevented.
    Unique Magnesium Technology
    We have developed a special filtration method that makes good water even better! The core of BWT’s unique, patented magnesium technology is the filter. It takes five filtration stages to enhance your tap water and turn it into pleasant-​tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water. In the process, we remove odourless and taste-​impairing substances and enrich the water with precious magnesium, thereby maintaining the mineral content in balance at an almost neutral pH value. Magnesium Mineralized Water gives an extra boost to your daily magnesium intake.
    Optimum taste & full aroma
    BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer table filter enhances your water with its globally unique technology. It works like this: fill the jug with water directly from the tap, leave it to flow through the filter and enjoy! Taste-​impairing substances, e.g. chlorine, are filtered from the water, the calcium content is reduced and extraneous particles are removed. The water is then enriched with magnesium, which results in filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water that not only tastes great on its own, but also brings out the full flavour of coffee and tea.
    For a healthy lifestyle
    Magnesium is a vital mineral that stimulates the cardiovascular system and mental capacity and is important for our muscle condition. Magnesium also boosts the immune system and plays a central part in our nervous system, thus helping to alleviate stress. And it is a well-​known fact that an absence of stress improves the quality of sleep.
    Enviromental awareness
    However, you’re not the only one who benefits from water from a Magnesium Mineralizer; you also help the environment, because you avoid the cost and inconvenience of buying and transporting expensive bottled water and can rely instead on a smart, environmentally-​friendly alternative to plastic.
    Protects Life of Household Appliances from scale, increasing their lifespan and efficiency.
    Qty: 1 Filter
    bwt logo

  • Severin Barbecue Grill


    With a SEVERIN electric BBQ you can enjoy fantastic grilled meals in your garden or on your balcony whatever the season. Because that summer feeling isn’t truly perfect until there is the seductive smell of sizzling sausages wafting through the garden.


    Color: Black- satin-finished stainless steel

    Non-Stick Plate: Grill plate in die-cast aluminum with non-stick coating

    Wattage (W): 2300

    Variable Temperature: Yes with thermostatic temperature regulator

    Approximate grid size: 40 cm x 28 cm (approx. 1,120 cm²)




  • Braun KF3100WH Coffee Maker 10 Cups, White
    This coffee maker has been designed to enhance the flavors. Thanks to its exclusive features and harmonious design, this coffee maker will make you experience precious moments of elegance and sensuality. Not to mention its smart options, which will prove very practical in everyday life.
    Colour: White
    Power (W): 1100
    Capacity: 10 Cups
    Product Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 20 x 20 x 36

    69.90 59.90
  • Severin Smoothie Mix & Go

    Often in our everyday lives, there are not enough opportunities and practical solutions for getting our daily required “serving of health”. SEVERIN has developed a clever mixer, the Smoothie Mix & Go, to help us reach our daily vitamin supply “to go”, so it’s easy, tasty, and saves time.

    Color:  Black/Stainless Steel
    Body Material:  Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (cm): 14.5 x 14.5 x 38
    Weight (Kg):  1.3kg
    Wattage (W):  300
    Capacity (L):  0.6
    Speed:  1 Speed + Pulse
    Bottles:  2 Detachable Dishwasher Safe Bottles made of Tritan (Bispherol-A free) incl. Covers
    Unique Features:  4 Leaf Removable Stainless Steel Blades,  Dishwasher Safe,  Safety Cut-Out,  Non-Slip Feet,  Cable Storage,


  • Campingaz Texas Revolution

    The redesign work on the BBQ Texas revolution makes it suitable for every need: perfect for those who want to grill in joy or confirm their capabilities. The new possibilities offered by the plan in cast iron, stainless steel burners, and cooking surface lava rock, offering complete control overcooking. The support folding surface allows us to easily manage tools and sauces.

    Colour:  Black / Grey
    Dimensions (L x D x H) cm:  122 x 53 x 112
    Power (kW):   8.2 + 2.3
    Cooking surface:  1800 cm²
    Cooking Surface Material:  Cast iron
    Ignition:  Piezo
    Number of Burners:  2
    Side Burner:  Yes
    Fuel type:  Gas
    Wheels:  2
    Side Tables:  1
    Folding Side Table:  1
    Campingaz InstaClean™ System:  No
    Other Features:  Thermometer,  Warming Rack

    Campingaz logo