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  • Hoover Dryer Condenser 8KG
    Condenser Tumble Dryer
    Condenser dryer machines separate water from the moist air inside the dryer into a container that needs to be emptied after drying. If you are not able to fit an external vent or not sited near a window then condenser dryers are more flexible.
    Sensor Dry
    All Hoover tumble dryers come with inbuilt sensors which will measure the moisture content of the load and will stop the cycle when the load is dry. Which prevents the machine wasting energy by continuing to dry clothes unnecessarily.
    Delayed Start
    Drying Machine Following your Habits. The Delayed Start option gives you the chance to choose the cycle time according to your habits and needs. The drying cycle can be delayed up to 23 hours. Thus, the drying process starts when you are away and when you return home you will find your laundry dry, soft and ready to iron.
    Wrinkle Prevention
    Care for your laundry before and after the drying cycle. The special drum movements that follow one before and after the cycle ensure that your laundry stays soft and dry, while minimizing crease formation and more efficient ironing performance.
    Hoover One Touch
    Your dryer can be customized as you wish, thanks to the NFC* technology available on your smartphone: the association between your new dryer and your smartphone lets you discover a world full of extra contents. For example, you can set clever cycles in order to get excellent results, or you can let the dryer gives you some advice on how to dry your laundry at best. * The interaction with the appliance is enabled only by Android smartphones equipped with compatible NFC technology.
    No. Of Programs: 15
    Special Programs: Delicate, Mix & Dry, Rapid 40 min, Relax, Wool
    Loading Method: Front Loading
    Dryer Type: Condenser
    Capacity (kg): 8
    Energy Efficiency: B
    Annual electricity consumption stated (kWh): 617
    Product Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 85 x 60 x 61

  • Hoover Telios Extra
    Extra Telios
    Telios extra offers customized solutions for all domestic situations thanks to the extreme maneuverability and the always applicable accessories.
    Extra Large Bag
    The extra large bag allows great autonomy in cleaning
    Parquet brush
    It is equipped with the Parquet brush, ideal for wooden surfaces. Thanks to its delicate bristles and felt wheels you can clean all delicate surfaces without the risk of scratches.
    Integrated Accessories
    The accessories on the product allow you to always have everything at hand.
    Perfect Silence
    Intense Silent Power System, developed by Hoover, guarantees maximum silence and comfort during cleaning. The perfect combination of optimized air flows, innovative materials and new accessories ensures a level of silence equal to 54 dBA.
    Type: Bagged
    Separation system: Epa Bag
    Full bag indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: Washable EPA
    Bag Capacity (l): 3.5
    Average annual consumption: 21
    Noise level: 64
    Power (W):550
    Cord length (m): 10
    Accessories: Carpet and floor brush, Parquet brush, Mini turbo nozzle (pet hair remover), crevice nozzle, padded brush

    219.90 169.92
  • Hoover Breeze Pets A+ADA
    Thanks to their high cleaning performance and large container volume, our Breeze vacuum cleaners without a bag won’t let you down. Breeze canisters are lightweight, compact and equipped with cyclone technology that ensures long-lasting performance with low filter maintenance.
    Large Dust Container Capacity
    The dust container capacity allows more dirt to be collected and reduces maintenance. Saved more time!
    Easy-Cyclone Technology
    The optimized airflow and the efficient dust separation ensure little maintenance work.
    Type: Bagless
    Dust separation system: Persistent single cyclone technology
    Filtration system: Washable EPA filter
    Dust container capacity (l): 2
    Annual energy consumption (kWh): 22
    Noise Level: 78
    Power (W): 550
    Cord Length (m): 8
    Accessories: 2 in 1 crevice nozzle & furniture brush
    Parquet: Yes

    139.00 119.01
  • Hoover Sensory Evo A+AAA
    Whether you have parquet floors or carpets at home, this modern vacuum cleaner will surely supply you with what you need. The Hoover SO30PAR 011 vacuum cleaner in its metallic blue colour, is particularly interesting for its low energy consumption and efficient EPA filter, which is easy to wash under running water. You will definitely appreciate the easy handling of the vacuum cleaner due to its compact dimensions and low weight. The 360° swivelling hose and its 9.1-metre working radius provides perfect comfort during vacuuming. With the telescopic tube, you can set your desired length in a matter of seconds. All dirt and dust is stored in a 3.2-litre bag. With its Perfect silence system, the vacuum cleaner is incredibly quiet. Its noise level reaches a maximum of only 72dB.
    Type: Bagged
    Dust separation system: Epa bag
    Power regulation: Adjustable
    Bag full indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: Washable epa
    Bag capacity (l): 3.2
    Annual energy consumption: 22
    Noise level: 72
    Power (W): 650
    Cord length (m): 9.1
    Accessories: 2 in 1 crevice tool & furniture nozzle

    159.90 129.90
  • Hoover Telios More AAA
    Telios More
    Telios Plus, saves you time and space. It comes with accessories embedded in the vacuum to always have them at hand.
    Integrated Acessories 
    Thanks to the on-board accessory system, you can easily access the long nozzle, the dust brush and the furniture nozzle. Save space, time and prevent loss of accessories.
    360 ° Rotating Hose
    The rotation of the 360° hose ensures exceptional maneuverability.
    Type: Bagged
    Capacity of bag (l): 3.5
    Type of bag: Epa bag
    Annual energy consumption: 27
    Noise Level: 69
    Power (W): 700
    Accessories: Brush for carpets and hard floor, carpet nozzle, floor nozzle, mini turbo nozzle, pet hair remover

  • Hoover Link Washing Machine 7KG 1200RPM
    Get the outstanding performance of your washing machine, thanks to a special test, the life of the device can be determined and give you practical advice on the maintenance of the machine in order to use them as long as possible.
    The One Touch connectivity system with NFC technology helps you get the most out of your machine with the best wash results and energy efficiency. Just download the Hoover Wizard app and hold your smartphone to the device and find all the washing information, perfectly tailored to your needs.
    Organize your everyday life in the best possible way. This washing machine is so smart, it stops the wash exactly when you want it.
    Learn to improve your habits by looking at your recently used features. Highlight “One Touch” to get a simple and complete overview of the time and type of washing cycles, the efficiency of the selected programs and all the activities of the washing machine.
    A complete collection of tips and tricks on how to wash perfectly and achieve the best results for your laundry.
    Wash Programmes: 16
    Wash Capacity (KG): 7
    Spin Speed (rpm): 1200
    Energy Efficiency: A+++
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 85 x 60 x 43
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  • Care + Protect 3 IN 1: Limescale remover, Degreaser & Hygienic cleaner

    Removes Limescale build-up from hidden and difficult to reach internal parts of your machine.
    Eliminates unpleasant smells by washing away residual detergent and mold.
    Improves washing results
    Prolongs appliance life
    Reduces energy costs
    Universal for all washing machines


    By treating your machine on a monthly basis, you will ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency from your machine.

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  • Link Top Loader 7KG 1200RPM, A+++
    The Dynamic Next from Hoover represents a real change in the washing machines world. The perfect marriage between style and technology letting you get the perfect wash possible according to your needs.
    The Active Steam program will relax any creases in your clothing, allowing you to easily iron dry clothing. The Steam Refresh program will release steam after the cycle to help relax the clothing and leave less creases.
    Test a real powerful efficiency. Dynamic Next One Touch lets you wash at full load, different fabrics and colors together, in quick washes and at low temperature. Delivering saving in all front, thanks to the All in One Technology.
    You can choose from different combinations of Controls (Full Touch or knob) and Displays (Digital, Touch or LCD Touch), to select your ideal model. The full touch-screen display is fine-tuned to be quicker and more intuitive to use.
    Capacity (kg): 7
    Drum volume (liters): 50
    Spin speed (rpm): 1200
    Voltage (V): 220-240
    Programs: 17
    Energy efficiency: A+++
    Noise level (dB(A): 61-77
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 86.5 x 40 x 60
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  • Hoover Brave Black 2A

    The 360 ​​° rotation of the hose guarantees exceptional maneuverability giving full freedom of movement.

    The practical 2-in-1 accessory can be positioned on the tube, for maximum ease of use.

    The washable Epa filter ensures excellent air filtration.

    Color: Luxor Black
    Full bag indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: EPA washable
    Bag capacity (liter): 2.3
    Energy consumption: 28
    Noise Level (dBA): 79
    Power (W): 700
    Carrying handle: Yes
    Accessories: Carpet and floor brush, parquet brush, 2in1 crevice nozzle
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 27.6 x 39.6 x 24.3
    Weight (kg): 3.7

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  • Hoover Telios Extra A++AAA
    Telios Extra is an ultra quiet, high performance, premium bagged cylinder with variable power control and accessories on board for all round cleaning.
    Extremly silent thanks to the Intense Silent Powe System: only 62 dBA!
    Large dustbag capacity for greater autonomy and less frequent replacing.
    Supplied with an additional nozzle to care for your wooden, parquet or laminate floors. Soft natural bristles and felt wheels enable you to clean your delicate surfaces without the risk of scratching.
    3 tools stored on board so they are easily accessible when you need them, including crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture nozzle. Save space and take care of all your cleaning tasks.
    Type: Bag
    Separation System: EPA bag
    Accessories Included: 3 accessories (crevice tool, dusting brush, furniture nozzle)
    Bag Capacity (liter): 3.5
    Noise Level: 62
    Power (W): 450
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    229.00 189.02
  • Hoover Power Capsule A+AA 5L Bag
    Bagged/Bagless: Bagged
    Dust separation system: EPA dust bag
    Color: Luxor black
    Filtration system: Washable EPA filter
    Dust bag volume (liter): 5
    Dust bag type: EPA filter bag
    Annual energy consumption (kWh): 21
    Sound level (dBA): 72
    Power (W): 550
    Handle: Yes
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  • Hoover Khross A+AAA
    KHROSS combines maximum versatility of use with cleaning performance always at the highest levels, thanks to the multi-cyclonic technology that allows a high separation of air from the dust. Extremely manoeuvrable and easy to store thanks to its ultra compact design.
    The Multi-Cyclonic technology allows a better separation of the dust, for top results and a lower frequency of filter maintenance.
    A practical 2in1 accessory is integrated on board: always available, easily accessible.
    Type: Bagless
    Accessories included: Yes
    Filtration System: EPA washable
    Container capacity (l): 1.8
    Average annual consumption: 22
    Noise level: 78
    Power (W): 550
    Carrying handle: Yes
    Range of action (m): 8
    Brush carpets and floors: Yes
    Mini turbo nozzle: Pet hair remover
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 42.4 x 29.2 x 32.3
    Weight (kg): 4.5