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    The Athen Evo ATV324LD / 1 011 is a Hoover wireless stick vacuum cleaner. It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and has great freedom of movement because it is wireless. The battery lasts up to 120 minutes and after four hours the battery is fully charged again. The dust container of the vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 1 liter and is easy, quick and hygienic to empty. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has a washable filter.


    Baggles: Yes

    Initial charge (hours): 24

    Operating time: 120min

    Charging time (hours): 4

    Battery voltage: 32.4V

    Capacity: 1 L

    Filter: Hepa

    Tools included: Motorized brush and nozzle LED lights



  • Cleaner Hoover TE70 TE300011 Telios Plus power 700Watt, bag capacity 3.5 lt.


    Bagged or bagless: Bagged

    Motor power(w): 700

    Energy class: A

    Accessories: Carpet Optimax nozzle,  Telescopic tube, carpet and floor nozzle, Crevice Tool,Dusting Brush and Furniture Nozzle

    Filtration: Washable EPA Exhaust Filter



  • Washing machine Hoover DWOT611AHC3 / 1-S 11kg, 1600 rpm, energy class A +++ – 40% with all-in-one washing technology that can wash all colors and fabrics together in just 59 ‘. It has ONEfi technology to connect your device to your smartphone via WiFi and NFC Smart Touch.


    The new generation of Hoover, DWOT611AHC3 / 1-S All-In-One technology can wash all colors and fabrics together with just 59 ‘at full capacity with A +++ maximum yield – 40% for ultimate economy. It also incorporates OneFi Extra technology through smartphone, extends programs and “listens” to what you want to wash to suggest the right program. The steam action after washing and spinning dilates the fabrics of fabrics, reducing the wrinkling and deep cleaning of the fabrics. Built-in has all the programs that will need a household from basics, up to for babies or even fast 14-30 or 44 minutes. The digital display provides access to all wash settings, speeds, temperature and / or additional water supply for complete detergent removal.


    Wash Programmes: 12

    Wash Capacity: 11kg

    Delay Timer: Up to 24h

    Spin Speed (rpm): 1600

    Energy Efficiency: A+++ – 40%

    Function: ALL IN ONE: ALL kind of collor and fabric with maximum loading 14 – 30 – 44 RAPID: Fast Washing, separate washing program for dark close, WI-FI Connection: ONE TOUCH and Steam Update Function: ACTIVE STEAM

    Annual energy consumption: 130 kWh

    Dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 85 x 60 x 54




  • Hoover Front-Load Washer DXOA69AHC7-37 Dynamic Next One Touch NFC 9 Kg and 1,600 rpm.
    One Touch:

    NFC technology that allows adding features and managing the washing machine through the Smartphone, such as Intelligent Check Up, download of new washing cycles, voice assistant and intelligent delayed start.

    All In One 59 ‘:

    Mix fabrics and colors in the same cast, at full load and with the best performance in only 59 ‘.


    Wash Programmes: 15

    Wash Capacity: 9kg

    Delay Timer: Up to 24H

    Spin Speed (rpm): 1600

    Energy Efficiency: A+++ -40%

    Annual energy consumption: 131 kWh

    Dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 85 x 60 x 52


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  • Hoover BI Dishwasher 13 Places A++

    No. of Place Settings: 13

    No. of Programmes: 5

    Energy Efficiency Class: A++

    Water consumption annual: 10l
    Start delay time max (h): 3-6-9h
    Salt light indicator: Yes
    Adjustable upper basket: Yes

    Annual Energy Consumption kW: 262

    Dimensions ( H x W x D  mm): 820 x 598 x 550



  • Freejet 2 in 1 is a light and handy rechargeable broom and a practical vacuum cleaner. The convenience of a wireless broom to clean your entire home in complete freedom. Fast and practical to use, perfect to clean even large surfaces with minimum effort. Easy to peel off and extremely useful for cleaning small surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.


    Baggles: Yes

    First Charging: 24h

    Operating time: 25min

    Charging time (hours): 16

    Battery voltage: 14.4V

    Capacity: 0.7L

    Filter: Hepa filtration

    Tools included: 1x Combination Floor and carpets and hand held vacuum


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  • Velocity Evo delivers our best ever performance, with A+ energy, A class dust pickup and A rated low emissions. Ultra-maneuverable, Velocity Evo boasts an on/off brush bar, turbo boost mode, powerful pets turbo brush, 4.5m stretch hose and Intellicare technology to help protect your carpets.


    Multi Cyclonic
    Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners require less filter maintenance as they are very effective at separating dust and dirt from the air. The term ‘No Loss of Suction’ is often linked to multi-cyclonic vacuums which basically means that performance doesn’t get affected as the dust bin fills.


    Intellicare Technology
    Intellicare technology helps to protect your carpets by decreasing the power and the speed of the brush bar when you stop moving. When the cleaner is moved or the hose is used, it automatically reverts back to full power.


    Pets vacuum cleaners come with a specialist turbo brush which is specially designed to effective loosen and lift stubborn pet hair from carpets and furniture.


    This product comes with an H13 HEPA filtration system. HEPA will trap very small particles that other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air of your home, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.


    Colour: Black/Turquoise

    Energy rating: A+

    Dust Collection: Bagless

    Bin Capacity (litres): 1.5L

    Power cord(m): 7

    Rotating Brush Bar: Yes

    Motor Power(w): 350

    Attachments: Pet Turbo Brush Tool, 2 in 1 Upholstery Tool/Dusting Brush, Extra Long Crevice Tool and Telescopic Extension Tool.

    Weight(kg): 6.7

    Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 114 x 31 x 39 cm cm




  • The Hoover Dynamic DXOA49LW3 washing machine is a hard-working, family-sized washing machine with a spin speed of 1400rpm and a good capacity of 9kg.


    This washing machine is very energy efficient and it’s been awarded an A+++ rating. It has superb performance as well with an “A” rating in wash performance and an “A” in spin. It has intelligent sensor technology, which weighs your laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle, then adjusts the cycle time, water and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load.


    It’s also a great addition to any smart, wired-up household as it comes with smart One Touch technology, which means you can control, monitor and manage the appliance via your mobile device through the Hoover Wizard app.


    It has 15 programmes for all types of washing, and if you are really in a hurry you can get a favourite item of clothing washed in just 14 minutes with the quick wash function. Other programmes include an easy iron feature, an extra rinse feature, a hand wash programme, and a wool programme.


    Wash Programmes: 15

    Wash Capacity: 9kg

    Delay Timer: Up to 24h

    Spin Speed (rpm): 1400

    Energy Efficiency: A+++

    Annual energy consumption: 218 kWh

    Dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 85 x 60 x 54


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  • Pre-filled Hoover Washing Machine in Energy Class A +++. The washing machine holds 7kg of laundry and includes 16 washing programs, such as a quick program or steam washing. The washing machine has NFC-free contact and electronic lock.


    Wash Programmes: 17

    Wash Capacity: 7kg

    Delay Timer: Up to 24h

    Quick program (min) : 44 and 59

    Spin Speed (rpm): 1300

    Energy Efficiency: A+++

    Energy consumption per cycle (W): 0.875

    Dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 85 x 60 x 40


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  • Get the best efficiency for your washing thanks to its innovative All in One technology: you can make in less than one hour the perfect wash possible, mixing fabrics and colours with full load. Moreover find out the most clever way to get the best for your laundry thanks to the One Touch, the connection system with NFC technology.


    The Dynamic Next from Hoover represents a real change in the washing machines world. The perfect marriage between style and technology letting you get the perfect wash possible according to your needs.


    You can choose among different combination of Controls (Full Touch or knob) and Display (Digital, Touch or LCD Touch), to select your ideal model. The full touch-screen display is fine-tuned to be quicker and more intuitive to use


    One Touch, the connection system with NFC technology keeps the state of your appliance under control for maximum efficiency and best results every day. Simply by downloading the Hoover Wizard App and placing your smartphone on the appliance, you can expand your washing horizons and find the most suitable type of washing for your needs.


    Test a real powerful efficiency. Dynamic Extreme and Dynimic Next lets you wash at full load, different fabrics and colors together, in quick washes and at low temperature. Delivering saving in all front, thanks to the All in One Technology.


    Wash Programmes: 17

    Wash Capacity: 10kg

    Delay Timer: Up to 24h

    Spin Speed (rpm): 1600

    Energy Efficiency: A+++

    Annual energy consumption: 1.195 kWh

    Dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 85 x 60 x 54



  • The Hoover Dynamic Next DX H9A2DCE NFC 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer uses NFC technology so you can use your Android smartphone to interact with your dryer. Using the Hoover Wizard app, you can control, monitor, and manage the tumble dryer with ease.

    Condenser drying: Condenser tumble dryers don't require an external wall vent to get rid of steam, so you have the freedom to place it anywhere. The water is instead collected in a container, which can be easily emptied out thanks to AquaVision technology.With sensor drying you can set the level of dryness you need from three options. Once the desired dryness has been achieved, the dryer will switch off so you don't over-dry your clothes or waste any energy.

    Heat pump technology: Heat pump driers are highly energy efficient – heating the air utilising ‘refrigerant' instead of electricity, which consumes much less power and ensures no energy is wasted.

    Practical features: For added convenience, you can delay the start of the drying cycle for up to 24 hours to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs.

    No. Of Programmes: 15
    Special Programmes: Delicates, Mix and dry, Rapid 40 min, Relax, Wool
    Loading Method: Front Loading
    Dryer Type: Condenser
    Capacity: 9 kg
    Energy Efficiency: A++
    Annual electricity consumption stated: 259 kWh
    Product Dimensions ( H x W x D ): 850 x 59.5 x 620 mm

  • Featuring Heat Pump technology, this Tumble Dryer provides extremely high energy efficiency as well as excellent drying performance. Watch our video above to find out more!


    With an a++ energy rating, this model heats the air utilising ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity, which means that it consumes significantly less power than conventional condenser tumble dryers and ensures no energy is wasted.


    Aquavision is a unique, patented water reservoir built into the tumble dryer’s door. Ergonomically designed, aquavision makes it easy to see when the water needs emptying and has a convenient handle making it easy to remove for emptying and carrying.


    Featuring clever sensor dry technology which allows you to set the level of dryness you require and the dryer then switches off automatically when this level of dryness has been reached. Choose from store dry, hang dry and iron dry!



    No. Of Programmes: 13

    Special Programmes: Sensor dry, Half load, Cool tumble, Woollens cycle, Cottons cycle, Sports cycle, Dryness levels, Synthetics cycle, Anti-crease option, Cupboard dry cycle, Delicates cycle, Shirts cycle, Freshen up cycle, Reverse tumble option, Easy iron cycle.

    Loading Method: Front Loading

    Dryer Type: Condenser

    Capacity: 10 kg

    Energy Efficiency: A++

    Annual electricity consumption stated: 282 kWh

    Product Dimensions ( H x W x D ): 850 x 59.5 x 610 mm