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    Capacity –  8kg





    Energy Efficiency –  B





    Woolmark Approved






    Colour:  White
    Material:  Housing – Plastic,  Drum – Galvanised
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  60 x 60 x 85
    Weight (kg):  34.2
    Construction Type:  Freestanding
    Capacity (kg):  8
    Technology:  Condenser
    Loading Type:  Front
    Energy Efficiency:  B
    Condensation Class:  C
    Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  561
    Energy Consumption Full Load (kWh):  4.7
    Energy Consumption Half Load (kWh):  2.56
    Power Cord Length (cm):  150
    Voltage (V):  220-240
    Noise (dB(A)):  69
    Control:  Electronic Big Digit
    Start Delay (h):  1 – 24
    Unique Features:  Wi-Fi + Bluetooth,  Adjustable Feet,  Woolmark,  End of cycle indicator,  24h Start Delay


  • H-FREE 100
    H-FREE 100 is designed for an effortless cleaning experience with a large easy-empty bin and tools on board: XL capacity, functional cleaning.
    Simply lock the lever in place to activate continuous power mode and clean easily, with no need to hold your fingers on the trigger all the time.
    Feel free to charge your H-FREE 100 wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the 22V removable battery pack. The LED light will change from red to white when charging is complete.
    If any hair gets tangled in the floor nozzle, you’ll be able to remove it quickly and easily, with no need to use a screwdriver or other tools to access the brush.
    H-FREE 100 is equipped with 2 tools ready to use. The integrated dusting brush cleans delicate surfaces and removes debris from your worktops. The practical crevice tool, conveniently stored on board, cleans tight corners, skirting boards or edges.
    A coloured LED light on the battery pack allows you to keep your vacuum’s battery status monitored at all times.
    The large 0.9L bin is useful to avoid direct contact with dust and allergens, as you don’t need to stop and empty it as frequently as you would with other cordless vacuums.
    The LED nozzle lights embedded in the front of the floorhead illuminate dark corners or under furniture, for improved cleaning visibility, so that no dust gets missed.
    Open the bin with just one click to empty your H-FREE 100 with no effort and no contact with dust, thanks to our One Touch System.
    Accessories: Motorized brush, Nozzle led lights, Crevice tool, Dusting brush
    Voltage (V): 22
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Run time (min): Up to 40 min
    Initial charge (hours): 12
    Charging status indicator: Yes
    Led – Battery status indicator: Yes
    Separation system: Single Cyclone Technology
    Filtration system: Cloth filter
    Bin capacity (I): 0.9
    Power control: 1 level and turbo
    Turbo power boost: Yes
    Width of the product (mm): 260
    Product height (mm): 1120
    Product depth (mm): 234
    Product net weight – cleaner only [kg]: 2.4

  • Hoover Telios Extra
    Extra Telios
    Telios extra offers customized solutions for all domestic situations thanks to the extreme maneuverability and the always applicable accessories.
    Extra Large Bag
    The extra large bag allows great autonomy in cleaning
    Parquet brush
    It is equipped with the Parquet brush, ideal for wooden surfaces. Thanks to its delicate bristles and felt wheels you can clean all delicate surfaces without the risk of scratches.
    Integrated Accessories
    The accessories on the product allow you to always have everything at hand.
    Perfect Silence
    Intense Silent Power System, developed by Hoover, guarantees maximum silence and comfort during cleaning. The perfect combination of optimized air flows, innovative materials and new accessories ensures a level of silence equal to 54 dBA.
    Type: Bagged
    Separation system: Epa Bag
    Full bag indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: Washable EPA
    Bag Capacity (l): 3.5
    Average annual consumption: 21
    Noise level: 64
    Power (W):550
    Cord length (m): 10
    Accessories: Carpet and floor brush, Parquet brush, Mini turbo nozzle (pet hair remover), crevice nozzle, padded brush

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  • Hoover Breeze Pets A+ADA
    Thanks to their high cleaning performance and large container volume, our Breeze vacuum cleaners without a bag won’t let you down. Breeze canisters are lightweight, compact and equipped with cyclone technology that ensures long-lasting performance with low filter maintenance.
    Large Dust Container Capacity
    The dust container capacity allows more dirt to be collected and reduces maintenance. Saved more time!
    Easy-Cyclone Technology
    The optimized airflow and the efficient dust separation ensure little maintenance work.
    Type: Bagless
    Dust separation system: Persistent single cyclone technology
    Filtration system: Washable EPA filter
    Dust container capacity (l): 2
    Annual energy consumption (kWh): 22
    Noise Level: 78
    Power (W): 550
    Cord Length (m): 8
    Accessories: 2 in 1 crevice nozzle & furniture brush
    Parquet: Yes

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  • Hoover Sensory Evo A+AAA
    Whether you have parquet floors or carpets at home, this modern vacuum cleaner will surely supply you with what you need.
    The Hoover Sensory Evo vacuum cleaner in its metallic blue colour, is particularly interesting for its low energy consumption and efficient EPA filter, which is easy to wash under running water. You will definitely appreciate the easy handling of the vacuum cleaner due to its compact dimensions and low weight.
    The 360° swivelling hose and its 9.1-metre working radius provides perfect comfort during vacuuming. With the telescopic tube, you can set your desired length in a matter of seconds. All dirt and dust is stored in a 3.2-litre bag. With its Perfect silence system, the vacuum cleaner is incredibly quiet. Its noise level reaches a maximum of only 72dB.
    Type: Bagged
    Dust separation system: Epa bag
    Power regulation: Adjustable
    Bag full indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: Washable epa
    Bag capacity (l): 3.2
    Annual energy consumption:22
    Noise level: 72
    Power (W): 650
    Cord length (m): 9.1
    Accessories: 2 in 1 crevice tool & furniture nozzle

  • Hoover Telios More AAA


    Telios More
    Telios Plus, saves you time and space. It comes with accessories embedded in the vacuum to always have them at hand.


    Integrated Acessories 
    Thanks to the on-board accessory system, you can easily access the long nozzle, the dust brush and the furniture nozzle. Save space, time and prevent loss of accessories.


    360 ° Rotating Hose
    The rotation of the 360° hose ensures exceptional maneuverability.


    3 Top Eco Performance System
    The Performance 3 TOP Eco guarantees optimum suction on hard floors combined with energy savings (up to 50% *) and optimum air filtration. * Performance equivalent to 2400W, based on internal dust suction tests according to EN 60312, compared to model TTE2420 011.


    Type: Bagged
    Dimensions (H x W x D in cm): 24.2 x 44.3 x 30.3
    Capacity of bag (l): 3.5
    Type of bag: Epa bag
    Annual energy consumption: 27
    Noise Level: 69
    Power (W): 700
    Accessories: Brush for carpets and hard floor, carpet nozzle, floor nozzle, mini turbo nozzle, pet hair remover


  • Hoover H FREE 500
    H-Free 500
    H-FREE 500 is the most compact and lightest rechargeable broom in the Hoover range, with performance equal to a vacuum cleaner with cord. It adapts to any room: 69cm in height to store it comfortably wherever you want. It is also connected, for a complete cleaning of your home and the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.
    Easy to Clean Brush
    The H-FREE 500 agitator is quickly and easily removed, no tools are needed. In this way it will be very easy to remove the remaining entangled dirt and keep the H-FREE 500 in the best conditions.
    Complete Care of Every Surface
    H-FREE 500 is equipped with 2 stirrers that take care of every type of surface. The ”intense Floor” roller ensures excellent results on hard surfaces and carpets, while the ”Deep Care” roller is the ideal solution to gently clean hard and delicate surfaces, such as parquet and wooden floors.
    Endless Mode of Use
    H-FREE 500 is equipped with a 2in1 brush and padded brush and an integrated joint for the joints, easy to insert on the main body and on the pipe to clean the shelves and the high areas. The 2in1 acccessory is perfect for hard surfaces and upholstery, while the slit accessory is immediately ready for quick cleaning.
    Always Connected
    Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, H-FREE 500 offers the possibility to access additional features. By downloading the Hoover Wizard app, you can check the status of the vacuum cleaner at any time (for example, you can see usage statistics and battery level). Check filter maintenance by setting a notification that alerts you when it’s time to change it or enables other features, such as Parental Control to prevent children from inadvertently turning on the H-FREE 500. Take advantage of all its various features, such as which calculates how many calories you burn during cleaning activities.
    Parking in Vertical Position
    You can store and leave the H-FREE 500 wherever you want, because it stands alone in the parking position.
    Great Visibility
    The front LEDs on the brush of the H-FREE 500 illuminate the dark corners or the space under the furniture for better cleaning visibility, so not even a grain of dust will escape.
    Autonomy That Lasts Long
    The H-FREE 500 lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of autonomy in automatic mode and 35 minutes in silent mode, using the motorized brush.
    Refill Everywhere
    Thanks to the removable battery, you can recharge the H-FREE 500 anywhere in the house. No need to leave the vacuum cleaner near the outlet.
    Performance Like a Dust-Cleaner With Wire
    The H-Lab brushless motor guarantees constant power with incredible suction results for dust, debris, hair and animal hair. The combination of engine power, airflow and new brush ensures excellent cleaning results with the advantages and comfort of a cordless vacuum cleaner.
    Compact and Wireless
    Just 69cm high to be able to comfortably store it in small spaces in the kitchen or in any other room in the house. The extraordinary compactness of the H-FREE 500 model has been designed to adapt to any room and offer a practical and intelligent cleaning experience, for a perfectly tidy and clean home.
    Quick LED Control
    A clear LED light system allows you to always keep the power level and battery status of your H-FREE under control.
    Type: Bagless
    Voltage (V): 22
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Duration (min): up to 40
    Bin capacity (L): 0.6
    Charging time (hrs): 6
    Accessories: Motorized brush, brush with LED lights, Mini turbo-brush, crevice tool, 2 in 1 crevice nozzle and brush

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    Capacity (kg) – 7





    Energy Rating – A+++





    Connectivity – WiFi + Bluetooth





    Electronic Control – 2D





    Organize your everyday life in the best possible way. This washing machine is so smart, it stops the wash exactly when you want it.


    The One-Touch connectivity system with NFC technology helps you get the most out of your machine with the best wash results and energy efficiency. Just download the Hoover Wizard app and hold your smartphone to the device and find all the washing information, perfectly tailored to your needs. You can also get information on the device’s life and give practical advice on the maintenance of the machine in order to use them as long as possible.


    The Hoover Wizard app provides a complete collection of tips and tricks on how to wash perfectly and achieve the best results for your laundry. Learn to improve your washing habits by looking at your recently used features. Highlight “One Touch” to get a simple and complete overview of the time and type of washing cycles, the efficiency of the selected programs, and all the activities of the washing machine.




    Colour:  White / Chromed
    Material:  Drum – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  45 x 60 x 85
    Weight (kg):  61
    Construction Type:  Free-Standing
    Capacity (kg):  7
    Technology:  AC
    Loading Type:  Front
    Energy Efficiency:  A+++
    Washing Class:  A
    Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  175
    Energy Consumption kWh:  0.875
    Water Consumption (L/annum):  9600
    Voltage (V):  220 – 240
    Noise Level Spinning (dB(A)):  79
    Noise Level Washing (dB(A)):  58
    Maximum Spin Speed (R.P.M):  1200
    Power Cord Length (cm):  150
    Drum Capacity (L):  58
    Control:  Electronic 2D
    Programmes:  16
    Unique Features:  WiFi + Bluetooth,  24h Start Delay,  Steam Function,  Delay Start,  3 Rapid Wash Programmes (14 mins,  30 mins,  44 mins)


    Hoover logo NEW

  • Care + Protect 3 IN 1: Limescale remover, Degreaser & Hygienic cleaner

    Removes Limescale build-up from hidden and difficult to reach internal parts of your machine.
    Eliminates unpleasant smells by washing away residual detergent and mold.
    Improves washing results
    Prolongs appliance life
    Reduces energy costs
    Universal for all washing machines


    By treating your machine on a monthly basis, you will ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency from your machine.

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  • Hoover Telios Extra A++AAA

    Telios Extra is an ultra quiet, high performance, premium bagged cylinder with variable power control and accessories on board for all round cleaning.

    Extremly silent thanks to the Intense Silent Powe System: only 62 dBA!

    Large dustbag capacity for greater autonomy and less frequent replacing.

    Supplied with an additional nozzle to care for your wooden, parquet or laminate floors. Soft natural bristles and felt wheels enable you to clean your delicate surfaces without the risk of scratching.

    3 tools stored on board so they are easily accessible when you need them, including crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture nozzle. Save space and take care of all your cleaning tasks.

    Type: Bag
    Separation System: EPA bag
    Accessories Included: 3 accessories (crevice tool, dusting brush, furniture nozzle)
    Bag Capacity (liter): 3.5
    Noise Level: 62
    Power (W): 450

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  • Hoover Brave Black 2A

    The 360 ​​° rotation of the hose guarantees exceptional maneuverability giving full freedom of movement.

    The practical 2-in-1 accessory can be positioned on the tube, for maximum ease of use.

    The washable Epa filter ensures excellent air filtration.

    Color: Luxor Black
    Full bag indicator: Yes
    Filtration system: EPA washable
    Bag capacity (liter): 2.3
    Energy consumption: 28
    Noise Level (dBA): 79
    Power (W): 700
    Carrying handle: Yes
    Accessories: Carpet and floor brush, parquet brush, 2in1 crevice nozzle
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 27.6 x 39.6 x 24.3
    Weight (kg): 3.7

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  • Hoover Power Capsule A+ AA 5L Bag
    Power Capsule is a high-performance cleaner that combines XL bag capacity and compact dimensions. It is specially designed for maximum ease of use.
    With the rotary selector you can easily adjust the optimum suction power for comfortable cleaning on different types of surfaces. There is also a quick cable winding function and a full dust bag indication.
    For maximum comfort during cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 360 ° swivel joint and a practical handle. The compact size and low weight make the appliance easy to carry and store.
    The practical 2-in-1 tool is integrated into the device: always available and easy to reach.
    All Floors Premium floor nozzle achieves excellent results on both hard floors (class A) and carpets (class B).
    The Mini turbo nozzle ensures thorough removal of animal hair from upholstery and textile surfaces. The nozzle can also be used for cleaning staircases and other hard-to-reach places.
    Practical dust brush ensures gentle cleaning of libraries, frames, window sills, keyboards or other sensitive surfaces.
    Also included is a slot nozzle, ideal for cleaning corners and hard to reach places.
    Colour:   Luxor Black
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:   24.4 x 43.1 x 29.9
    Weight (Cleaner):   4.45kg
    Vacuum Type:   Bagged
    Filtration System:   Washable EPA
    Separation System:   EPA Bag
    Bag Capacity:   5L
    Power:   550W
    Energy Consumption:   21 kWh/Annum
    Efficiency Rating:   A
    Noise Level:   72dB
    Power Control:   Variable
    Working Radius:   9m
    Nozzles:   All Floor Nozzle,   Parquet Nozzle,   Mini Pet Turbo Nozzle
    Unique Accessories:   2 in 1 Tool (Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush)
    Unique Features:   Standard Carry Handle,   1 Castor Wheel,   Metal Telescopic Tube,   Integrated Tool Storage,   Bag Check Indicator
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