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  • Philips Hair Dryer PRO 2200W AC Motor
    Fast drying, powerful AC motor
    Philips Pro hairdryer has a high performance AC motor developed for the professional market. It generates up to 130 km/h* of air speed for fast and effective results.
    2200W of fast, high performance drying power
    This 2200W Pro hairdryer creates a powerful airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed makes your drying and styling experience quicker and easier.
    ThermoProtect temperature setting
    The ThermoProtect temperature setting provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.
    2x more ions** for shiny, frizz-free hair
    Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair's shine and glossiness. The result is smooth, frizz-free hair with vibrant shine. Ionic care comes from an advanced ionizer which releases two times more ions** compared to a standard ionizer, enabling every strand of hair to be cared for from all angles.
    Cool Shot sets your style
    A must-have professional function, the Cool Shot button provides an intense burst of cold air. It is used after styling to finish and set the style.
    Six speed and heat settings for optimal control
    The speed and heat required can be easily adjusted to create the perfect style. Six different settings ensure optimal control for precise and tailored styling.
    Volume diffuser enhances volume, for curls and bouncy styles
    The volume diffuser spreads the flow of air across the hair, boosting volume and reducing frizz while drying. For best results, hold the diffuser close to the crown and root area. The diffuser’s fine textured pins will add volume, maximize thickness, bounce and help shape curls.
    9 mm concentrator for focused airflow, great for styling
    The 9 mm opening of the concentrator focuses the flow of air for precision styling on specific areas. The ideal attachement for brushing while drying and styling.
    Voltage (V): 220
    Frequency (Hz): 50-60
    Wattage (W): 2200
    Cord Length (m): 2
    Motor: AC
    Drying Speed (km/h): 130
    ThermoProtect setting: Yes
    Ionic Care: 2 x ions
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  • Philips Male Body Groomer Series 7000
    Total body shave & trim
    The series 7000 with it’s unique duel-sided design let’s you switch between shaving & trimming. The shaver adapts to the contours of your body for a smooth shave. The trimmer has 5 different lengths for trimming anywhere on your body.
    Confidently shave or trim all body zones with one tool
    Conveniently shave and trim below the neck. Easily switch between shaving and trimming, and adjust trim lengths without changing attachments. Designed as a safe and comfortable grooming solution for back, shoulders, chest, abs, underarms, arms, groin area and legs.
    Adapts to the contours of your body for a comfortable shave
    The added flexibility of our shaver head easily adapts to the contours of your body, giving you a smooth shave all over. Less pressure is needed to shave closely.
    Stainless steel blades & adjustable comb, trims hair 3-11mm
    The integrated trimmer and adjustable comb with 5 length settings is designed to offer more power to cut even the thickest hair. The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective. The blades have rounded tips for smooth contact with skin to prevent scratching. To maintain your desired hair length or get a natural look, adjust the comb to a length between 3-11mm. You can use the shaving system on the other side, for a closer result.
    Rounded tips and hypoallergenic foil for skin comfort
    The shaver head features patented rounded tips and a hypo-allergenic foil to protect your skin while shaving. The bi-directional trimmers cut longer hairs, which are shaved by the foil for a closer result.
    70 minutes cordless use after an 1-hour charge
    High-power rechargeable battery for full body use, with 70 minutes of cordless use after an 1-hour charge. The battery light indicates power status, when the battery is low or full.
    Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower
    Provides a comfortable and close result in or out of the shower. The body groomer is fully water-resistant, so you can simply rinse it clean when you’ve finished. For longer hair, trimming performance may be better on dry hair.
    Ergonomic grip for maximum control
    The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower.
    Shaving element: Foil with two pre-trimmers
    Skin comfort: Skin comfort system
    Secured length settings: Yes
    Operation: Cordless use
    Number of length settings: 5 adjustable length settings
    Battery type: Ni-MH
    Run time: 70 minutes
    Charging: 1 hour full charge
    Maintenance: Cleaning brush
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  • Philips Steam Iron Easy Speed 2000W

    Simple and efficient
    EasySpeed iron provides easy and efficient ironing: a large amount of steam smoothes hard folds, a non-stick sole provides excellent glide on any fabrics, and the Calc Clean descaling function increases the reliability of the device.

    220ml tank for long ironing 
    The increased volume tank allows you to iron longer without adding water.

    Efficient crease smoothing
    Effective smoothing of folds thanks to constant steam supply of 25 g/min.

    Integrated spray evenly moisturizes the fabric
    The spray forms a fine mist, uniformly moisturizing the fabric and facilitating smoothing of wrinkles.

    Power up to 2000W
    Power up to 2000W provides a constant high steam supply.

    Wide opening for easy filling with water

    Large sole for faster ironing

    Non-stick sole: excellent quick guide on any type of fabric
    The soleplate of this Philips iron has a special non-stick coating for excellent gliding on the fabric.

    Triple Precision nozzle for ironing the most difficult areas
    The tip of this Philips iron has three distinctive features: as pointed tip, a buttonhole and an original design. The Triple Precision nose allows you to smooth wrinkles in the most inaccessible places, for example, around buttons or between arrows.

    Color: Light blue
    Sole name: Non-stick
    Spray: Yes
    Water tank volume (ml): 220
    Continuous steam (g/min): 25
    Power (W): 2000
    Steam boost (g): 90

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  • Philips Hair Dryer Pro 2100W AC Motor
    Fast and powerful drying for professional results
    Philips Pro hairdryer has a professional AC motor that reaches up to 130km/h of air speed for fast and professional results. It also features the ThermoProtect setting for optimal temperature to protect from overheating.
    ThermoProtect temperature setting
    The ThermoProtect temperature setting provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.
    2100W of fast, high performance drying power
    This 2100W Pro hairdryer creates a powerful airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed makes your drying and styling experience quicker and easier.
    Fast drying, powerful AC motor
    Philips Pro hairdryer has a high performance AC motor developed for the professional market. It generates up to 130 km/h of air speed for fast and effective results.
    Six speed and heat settings for optimal control
    The speed and heat required can be easily adjusted to create the perfect style. Six different settings ensure optimal control for precise and tailored styling.
    Cool Shot sets your stlye
    A must-have professional function, the Cool Shot button provides an intense burst of cool air. It is used after styling to finish and set the style.
    Ionic care for smooth, frizz-free shiny hair
    Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair's shine and glossiness. The result in hair that is smooth, shiny and frizz-free.
    9mm concentrator for focused airflow, great for styling
    The 9 mm opening of the concentrator focuses the flow of air for precision styling on specific areas. The ideal attachment for brushing while drying and styling.
    ThermoProtect setting: Yes
    Ionic care: Yes
    Heat/Speed settings: 6
    Cool Shot: Yes
    Storage hook: Yes
    Nozzle (mm): 9
    Drying speed (km/h): 130
    Motor: AC
    Voltage (V): 220
    Frequency (Hz): 50-60
    Wattage (W): 2100
    Cord length (meter): 1.8
    Color/Finishing: Black & Lagoon green

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  • Philips male beard Trimmer Series 7000
    Less mess vacuum trimmer
    Trim your beard, moustache and sideburns while keeping tidy. The new Philips Vacuum Trimmer has an improved, high performance system with 50% stronger airflow. It captures cut hair effectively, giveing you a mess-free trim.
    Optimized airflow for a mess-free trim
    The new Philips Vacuum Trimmer comes with 50% stronger, improved airflow. The powerful vacuum captures up to 95% of cut hair, giving you a mess-free trim.
    Guides low-lying hairs towards the blades for an even trim
    Trim you stubble in one stroke with our innovative Lift & Trim PRO system. It lifts low-lying hairs and guides hem towards the sharp metal blades for a precise cut.
    Self-sharpening metal blades are precise even without oiling
    The stainless steel blades are double-sharpened, cutting even the thickest hair precisely. They sharpen themselves by lightly brushing against each other, so no replacement or oiling is needed throughout your trimmer's lifetime.
    20 lock-in length settings, 0.5-10mm with 0.5mm precision
    Select your preferred trim length by simply turning the zoom wheel on the handle until the length is now locked in for a perfectly even trim.
    Click-on precision trimmer for perfect edges and details
    Trim your moustache or define details and edges in hard to reach areas with the click-on precision trimmer.
    Up to 75 min runtime after a 1 hour charge, or plug it in
    Charge your beard trimmer for 1 hour to get up to 75 minutes of cordless use, or simply use it plugged into the wall. Otherwise the quick charge function gives you a full trim after just 5 minutes of charging.
    Quickly see the status of your trimmer's battery
    The battery indicator shows when your trimmer's battery is empty, charging, or full.
    Just empty the chamber and rinse the blades under water
    Once you are done rimming, simply remove the blades by pulling them up, rinse the blades and comb under the tap, empty the hair chamber and brush away any loose hairs with the added cleaning brush for long-lasting performance.
    Precision (size of steps): by 0.5mm
    Number of length settings: 20 integrated length settings
    Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
    Run time: Up to 75 minutes
    Cleaning: Rinse able blades and guards
    Range of length settings (mm): 0.5 up to 10
    Display: Battery level indicator
    5 min quick charge: Yes
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  • Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner
    The PowerCyclone 7 retains a strong suction power longer
    The aerodynamic design of the PowerCyclone 7 minimizes air resistance and provides excellent cleaning performance through three highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters the PowerCyclone quickly thanks to the straight and smooth air intake. 2) The curved air duct quickly conveys the air in the cyclone chamber upwards. 3) At the end of the duct, the air is effectively removed from the dust by the side wings.
    TriActive + nozzle allows strong performance on all floors
    The TriActive + nozzle performs three cleaning steps in one operation: 1) The carpet is gently roughened with the specially designed underside to absorb low-lying dust. 2) Large parts are received through a larger opening at the front. 3) Dust and dirt are swept up alongside furniture and walls with their two side brushes.
    Power control for adjusting the suction power
    Power control function for regulating the suction power for different cleaning tasks, eg. B. in parquet, wood floors and home textiles.
    Specially developed dust container for emptying with one hand
    The dust container has been specially designed so that it can be easily removed and emptied with one hand, whereby the dust cloud formation is largely avoided.
    Compact design with front and top handles for comfortable carrying
    Handles on top and front for easy carrying. Compact design for convenient storage.
    Soft brush integrated in handle, always ready for use
    Directly on the handle is a brush head for dust collection – so it is always handy and can be used on furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.
    Rotating mini turbo suction brush for easy hair and lint removal
    The mini turbo suction brush quickly removes animal hair, lint and dust from sofas, pillows and other materials. This brush is ideal for pet owners.
    The Allergy H13 filter system captures more than 99.9% particulate matter
    The fully sealed filtration system captures 99.9% of all fine particles – including pollens, pet dander and house dust mites – for allergy sufferers and those who place a high value on hygiene. The filter capacity corresponds to HEPA 13 *.
    99.9% dust absorption * for a high cleaning performance
    Due to the high suction power and the high-performance nozzles, 99.9% of all dust particles are detected.
    750 W motor for powerful suction power
    Our high-efficiency motor produces powerful suction and low energy consumption, so you get a thorough cleaning every time.
    Soft stoppers and rubber wheels to protect furniture
    Soft stoppers and rubber wheels protect furniture and prevent scratches on the floor. Thus, the device is very easy to handle.
    Input power: 650W
    Noise: 71 to 76 dB
    Max power: 750W
    Handle: top and front
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  • Philips Robot Smart Pro Easy
    2-step cleaning system to capture dust and dirt
    Side brushes and a vacuum remove dirt and dust from your floors. The exhaust filter traps fine dust and particles. It captures dirt and dust.
    24 hours advance scheduling
    Philips SmartPro Easy offers a 24 hour scheduling function, so you can program your next cleaning session 24 hours in advance.
    Cleaning modes to adapt to different areas
    Depending on the type of the room, the Robotic Vacuum cleaner will follow one or several cleaning modes: Z-type cleaning, spiral, bounce or wall-following cleaning patterns.
    5.8 cm ultra slim design to clean under low furniture
    Philips robot vacuum cleaner has a very compact and slim design that allows it to clean under very low spaces.
    600 Pa high power for strong suction
    Compact but strong – your Philips robot vacuum cleaner has 600 Pa of suction power, so it can clean efficiently with the power you need to get rid of dust and dirt, fast.
    Easy to empty dust bucket
    You can dispose dust from the dust bucket without touching the dirt.
    One button operation
    Just turn it ON and it will immediately start cleaning your floors. It is very easy to use.
    Smart Detection System 2 adapts cleaning to any environment
    Philips SmartPro Easy is equipped with the Smart Detection System 2, a combination of smart chips, up to 23 sensors and accelerometer, that makes the robot efficient to clean on its own. The Robot understands the environment and chooses an optimal cleaning strategy to clean your home as quickly as possible. The robot does not get jammed and returns to its docking station when necessary.
    Ultra Hygiene EPA12 filter
    Ultra Hygiene EPA12 filter captures 99.5% of fine dust particles while filtering the exhaust air. This keeps dust securely within the container, preventing secondary contamination.
    Powerful Li-Ion battery 105 min operating time
    The powerful Lithium-Ion battery has a longer lifetime and a shorter charging time than standard batteries. The new robot vacuum cleaner runs up to 105 min.
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Battery voltage (V): 14.8
    Charging time (hours): 4
    Runtime (mins): 105
    Sensors: 23 sensors
    Suction Power (Max Pa): 600
    Usability: 24-hour
    Scheduling: Yes
    Cleaning modes: 4
    Types of Floors: Carpet, Hardfloor
    Color: Dark Royal Blue
    Dust capacity (liter): 0.4
    Filter: EPA 12 filter
    Accessories included: AC power adaptor, Charging base, Side brushes, Exhaust filter, Remote control
    Dimensions of product (L x W x H) cm: 30 x 30 x 5.85
    Weight of product (kg): 2
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  • Philips Multi Groom Series 5000 9 IN 1 Face and Hair
    Craft your own personal look with this versatile trimmer, which includes 9 quality tools for styling your face and hair. Its Dual cut blades deliver maximum precision and the no-slip rubber grip improves comfort and control.
    Metal trimmer precisely trims beard and hair
    Use the metal trimmer with DualCut technology without a comb to get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard, neck and hair line.
    Trim and style your face and hair with 9 tools
    This all-in-one trimmer conveniently trims and styles your facial hair and clips your hair.
    Dual Cut technology for maximum precision with 2x more blades
    Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more blades. The steel blades lightly brush against one another -sharpening themselves as they work.
    Nose trimmer gently removes unwanted nose and ear hair
    Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, easily and comfortably.
    Detail metal trimmer defines edges of your beard or goatee
    Create fine lines, contours and details with precision, to define or change your style.
    Waterproof for easy cleaning under the tap
    Simply rinse the device and attachments after each use for long-lasting performance.
    No-slip rubber grip for improved comfort and control
    High-quality rubber handle for superior comfort and control while trimming.
    Run time
    Get up to 80 minutes of cordless use for every 16 hour charge.
    Storage pouch for easy organization and travel
    Use the convenient pouch for storage or travel. It holds and protects your trimmer and all its tools when you’re on the go.
    Battery type: Ni-MH
    Run time (mins): 80
    Charging (hours): 16
    Handle: No slip rubber grip
    Comb: 6 combs for trimming your face and hair
    Back handle attachment: No
    Maintenance free: No oil needed
    DualCut technology: Cut in two directions
    Maintenance: Cleaning brush
    Cleaning: 100% Waterproof
    Self-sharpening blades: Yes
    Automatic voltage (V): 100-240
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  • Philips MultiCooker 6L 1000W


    The complete Solution to all your culinary needs

    Thanks to the intelligent cooking system you can cook slowly, by pressure or choose multiple cooking thanks to this all-in-one device. It also has a 9 Protection system for cooking in complete safety.


    Non- stick and resistant internal container

    The durable aluminium alloy provides more effective heat conduction. The special golden whitford coating is scratch resistant and non-stick.


    The easy to program timer indicates the status of the cooking process. This device allows slow cooking at high and low temperatures up to 12 hours.
    Should there be an unusually high level of pressure inside the appliance, the steam will be released automatically thanks to the pressure regulating valve, guaranteeing safety.

    Menu for multiple cooking (Yogurt, stews, baking) with recommended cooking times. Pressure cooking with different direct menu buttons (Soup, Risotto, Rice, Steam, Meat / Poultry, Manual)


    Color: Silver

    Control panel color: Black

    Material of main body: Stainless steel

    Accessories: Dispenser,Spatula,Tray / basket for steam cooking

    Container capacity (Liters): 6

    Cable Length (meter): 1

    Power (W): 1000


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  • Philips Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner
    Highest possible performance, minimum sound
    With only 66dB, Philips Performer Silent stands out as our quietest vacuum cleaner ever. You simply keep your home clean and fresh with the allergy filter that sucks up and retains as much as 99.9% of fine dust and allergens and with a full range of 12 meters you can clean longer without having to pull out the cord.
    TriActive Pro – our best performing nozzle for proper deep cleaning
    The new TriActive Pro nozzle is Philips' best performing nozzle – for deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors. The nozzle is close to the floor and reaches deep into the carpets, so that it captures even the finest dust.
    The parquet nozzle protects your floor from scratches
    The soft bristles of the parquet nozzle gently clean and protect your hard floors from scratches.
    Vacuuming silently at any time, without disturbing anyone
    The vacuum cleaner is designed to have a low noise level and with only 66 dB you can vacuum at any time without disturbing anyone else in the home. The product has optimized air ducts, buffers and a quiet engine, so you get a quiet vacuum cleaner certified by Quiet Mark.
    Reach longer with a range of twelve meters
    With a range of 12 meters from contact to nozzle, you can clean longer without having to unplug the cord.
    Large capacity of four liters means fewer bag changes 
    The dust container has room for a full four liters before the bag has to be replaced.
    Soft brush integrated in the handle
    The handle has a built-in soft dust brush that is always ready to be used for furniture and flat surfaces.
    ECARF-certified allergy filter – captures 99.9% of all dust
    Our clean air filer system captures 99.9% of all fine dust – including pollen, pet hair and dust mites – for allergy sufferers and others who require a higher level of hygiene. Certified allergy-friendly according to ECARF.
    Simple s-bags last up to 50% longer
    S-bags last up to 50% longer and the vacuum cleaner retains its full suction power until it is full. A bag fits all models and they also have a closure mechanism, so you can easily close and toss the bag when it's full.
    99.9% dust extraction for good cleaning performance
    You can vacuum up 99.9% of the fine dust thanks to powerful suction power and high performance nozzles.
    750 W motor for strong suction power
    Our highly efficient engine generates powerful suction power and consumes less energy for a thorough cleaning every time.
    Wattage (W): 750
    Sound level (dB): 66
    Carrying handle: Above and front
    Cord length (meter): 9
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  • Philips Male Wet & Dry Shaver Series 9000


    The Shaver 9000 is our most advanced shaver yet. The unique contour detect technology offers exceptional coverage over every contour of your face, and the V-Track system guides hairs into the best cutting position for the closest results
    Blades perfectly guide hairs into position for a close shave
    Get the prefect close shave. The V-Track Precision Blades gently positions each hair in the best cutting position, even the flat laying and different length of hairs. Cuts 30% closer in less strokes leaving your skin in great condition.


    Heads flex in 8 different directions for a superb result
    Follow every contour of your face and neck with 8-directional ContourDetect heads. You’ll catch 20% more hairs with every pass. Resulting in an extremely close, smooth shave.


    Get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec
    Choose how you prefer to shave. With the Aquatec Wet & Dry seal, you can opt for a quick yet comfortable dry shave. Or you can shave wet – with gel or foam – even under the shower


    50 minutes cordless shaving after a one-hour charge
    Our advanced charging system gives you two convenient options: charge for one hour and you’ll get 50 minutes of running time, or do a quick charge for one full shave. All 9000 Series Shavers contain a powerful energy-efficient, long-lasting lithium-ion battery. They are designed to operate only in cordless mode, to ensure you’ll always be safe when shaving with water, even under the shower


    Intuitive icons make the functions easy to use
    The intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best performance out of your shaver: – 3-level battery and travel lock indicators – Cleaning Indicator – Battery Low Indicator – Replacement Head Indicator


    Click-on beard styler with 5 length settings

    Change your look with the SmartClick Beard Styler attachment. Choose from 5 length settings to create anything from a perfect stubble look to a short, neatly trimmed beard. Rounded tips and combs are designed to prevent skin irritation


    Shaving system: V-Track Precision Blade System, Super Lift & Cut Action

    Skin Comfort: AquaTec Wet & Dry
    Contour following: 8-direction ContourDetectHeads
    Display: 3 level battery indicator-Cleaning indicator-Battery low indicator-Replace shaving heads indicator-Travel lock indicator
    Wet & Dry: Wet and dry use
    Cleaning: Fully washable
    Smart Click: Beard styler
    Pouch: Travel pouch
    Run time: 50min/ 17 shaves
    Charging: 1 Hour full charge, Quick charge for 1 shave
    Battery Type:Lithium-ion
    Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
    Max power consumption: 9 W
    Stand-by power: 0.1  W
    Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling


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  • Philips Wet and Dry Epilator Legs
    The effective hair removal system leaves the skin smooth and hairless for weeks.
    2 speed settings to remove thinner and thicker hair for a customized epilation treatment.
    The rounded shape fits perfectly in the hand for a more comfortable hair removal. And it's also beautiful to look at.
    This epilator is equipped with a washable epilation head. The head can be removed and rinsed under running water for optimal hygiene.
    Cleaning brush: Yes
    Handle: Ergonomic
    Washable epilating head: Yes
    Hair removal system: Effective hair removal system
    Epilating discs: Delicate epilating discs
    Voltage (V): 15
    With wire: Yes
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