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  • The Power 5 Cylinder is a lightweight and powerful vacuum cleaner with tools to clean your whole home.


    Combination floor head The combination floor head easily switches between carpets and hard floors so you can achieve a total home clean.


    Large capacity The large capacity ensures you don’t have to frequently empty the bin so you can clean for longer without interruption.
    Additional tools The Power 5 Cylinder vacuum cleaner has a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool so you can clean blinds, skirting boards and upholsteries.
    Weight: 4.07kg

    Suction Power: Single Cyclonic

    Variable Power: No

    Capacity: 2.5 L

    Turbo Tool: No

    Cord: 5m

    Hose: 1.5m

    Suitable for hard floors: Yes

    Tools included: Combination Floor Head, Telescopic Ext. Tube, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Hard floor tool

    Energy Efficiency Overall Rating: A


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  • Powerful steam means powerful results with the Vax Power Shot 300 Digital steam iron. With a powerful 50g/min steam rate and a 300g/min shot of steam it tackles creases with ease. The digital display means you never have to worry about what temperature to iron your fabrics as the 11 pre-set modes do the job for you!


    Powerful Steam Take the power of Vax steam to your ironing with the Power Shot 300 steam iron. Powerful variable steam tackles creases quickly.


    Steam Boost The Steam Boost trigger gives an extra-powerful shot of steam to blast stubborn creases.


    Steam Flow Ceramic Soleplate With Vax Steam Flow technology, the ceramic soleplate gives optimum steam distribution across the soleplate for ultimate glide.


    Quick Heat Up Heating up in just 30 seconds, the Power Shot 300 is perfect for quick and effortless ironing reducing the time it takes to finish your load.


    Lasting Performance The combination of anti-calc and self-cleaning function means that your steam iron lasts.


    Digital Display The Power Shot 300 steam iron has a digital display with 11 pre-set fabric modes. This allows simple switching between modes to find the perfect temperature for your fabric.


    Power (W): 2700

    Auto shut off: Yes

    Colour: White – Blue

    Water Capacity (ml): 350


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    €59.90 €29.95
  • The Vax Air Stretch Total Home U85-AS-Te Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner provides a total home cleaning kit for all your vacuuming tasks, lightening the load of this chore.


    The Vax U85-AS-Te’s TurboTool is great at really getting to stubborn dirt and pet hair, with very little effort on your part – ideal if you have friends over last minute, and you want to house looking ship-shape.


    For constant, continual powerful pick up and no loss of suction, look for a vacuum cleaner like this one, which features multi-cyclonic technology. This way, your vacuum cleaner will last and last, working just as effectively as when it was new.


    The Vax Total Home model does what it says on the tin – it features a 13 metre cord and 3.6 metre hose so you can reach up the stairs and around awkward pieces of furniture.


    Weight: 5.1kg

    Suction Power: 820w

    Capacity: 1.5L

    Cord: 6m

    Filter: Hepa filter

    Suitable for hard floors: Yes

    Tools included: Combination Floor Head, 1x Crevice tool, 1x Dusting brush, 1x Upholstery tool, 1x Telescopic extension tube

    Energy Efficiency Overall Rating: A


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    €249.00 €124.50
  • The Vax S7 Total Home Master is a 2-in-1 multifunctional steam cleaner with an integrated handheld for above the floor cleaning. The 10 piece tool kit allows for versatile cleaning to tackle the most stubborn dirt and grime on a wide range of household surfaces for a total home clean.


    The S7 Total Home steam cleaner has a versatile tool kit to enable you to clean above the floor. You can clean grout, windows, upholstery, tiles and much more at your own convenience and with ease. The handheld simply detaches from the body with the click of two buttons at the handle and the base of the machine for a total home clean.


    You don’t have to wait around in order to steam clean as its ready to use in 25 seconds. It’s quick and easy and can last up to 15 minutes with continuous use for quick cleaning.


    Weight: 2.74kg

    Power: 1600W

    Heat-up Time: 30sec

    Water tank Capacity: 0.4L

    Steaming Time: 12min

    On board tools: Yes

    Cord: 8m

    Other tools included: Hose, scraper tool, grout brush, detailer nozzle, concentration nozzle, squeegee tool, small plastic brush, metal brush, measuring cup, carpet glider, 1 x microfibre cleaning pads, window cloth, shoulder strap, cooling base.


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    €109.00 €54.50
  • Blast away dirt and grime with the high performance Vax PowerWash 3- 2500W for extra heavy duty tasks. Tools and accessories included to clean patios, decking, cars, masonry and an extra-long 10m hose. Universal detergent to cut through built-up embedded dirt. Patios, decking and masonry will look as good as new with the PowerWash 3 Complete.

    Also includes; jet nozzle and turbo nozzle for variable power and a detergent nozzle for use with vax’s range of cleaning solutions.


    Weight: 6.9kg

    Suction Power: 2500w

    Bar Pressure: 120 max

    Power Source: Corded-electric

    Flow Rate: 510 liters per hour

    Cord: 5m

    Hose: 10m

    Tools included: Standard lance, Extension lance, Car wash brush, Wash brush for long life operation, Quick connector, Patio cleaner, Detergent, Low pressure detergent gun, Suction tube.


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    €249.00 €124.50
  • Blast away dirt and grime with the performance of Vax PowerWash 1. Tools and accessories included to clean patios, decking, cars, bikes BBQ’s and universal detergent to cut through built-up embedded dirt. Great general use pressure washer to make your outdoors look like new.

    6 tools included the high powered water jet cuts through built-up emmbedded dirt making it easy to clean decking, patios, driveways bbq’s and bikes.


    Weight: 5.5kg

    Suction Power: 2000w

    Bar Pressure: 100 max

    Power Source: Corded-electric

    Flow Rate: 430 liters per hour

    Cord: 5m

    Hose: 6m

    Tools included: Standard lance, Extension lance,Dirtblaster lance – provides a concentrated blast of power to remove dirt, Car wash brush, Wash brush for long life operation, Quick connector, Patio cleaner, Detergent, Low pressure detergent gun, Suction tube.


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    €199.00 €99.50
  • Using pressurised water – the powerful washer is especially effective for washing away heavy duty dirt and grime from garden patios and outdoor areas. Easy to use and providing quick results – the Vax pressure washer comes with a range of nozzles designed to clean different surfaces. Simply squeeze the trigger handle on the hose and watch the dirt satisfyingly wash away. You can even switch from a jet to a turbo nozzle when trying to remove the toughest dirt.


    Weight: 4.8kg

    Suction Power: 1700w

    Bar Pressure: 130 max

    Power Source: Corded-electric

    Flow Rate: 370 (l/hr)

    Cord: 5m

    Hose: 5m

    Tools included: Standard lance, Quick connector,Low pressure detergent gun,On board tank and Removable detergent tank.


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    €129.00 €64.50
  • The Steam Clean Multi is a lightweight multifunctional steam cleaner and handheld that has a 9 piece tool and accessory kit for cleaning sealed hard floors and a range of surfaces.


    The Steam Clean Multi converts into a handheld that’s ideal for steaming surfaces, tiles, taps, ovens, windows, mirrors and more. The 9 piece multi purpose tool and accessory kit is ideal for almost every cleaning job around the home.


    The Steam Clean Multi steam cleaner has variable steam control, so you can adjust the level of steam depending on what floor or surface you’re cleaning. This will ensure you get the ideal results on each individual floor type and surface around your home.


    Weight: 2.1kg

    Power: 1300W

    Heat-up Time: 30sec

    Water tank Capacity: 330ml

    Steaming Time: 15min

    On board tools: No

    Cord: 5m

    Other tools included: Microfibre pad, Carpet glider Measuring cup, Concentration nozzle, Small round brush, Vertical brush, Squeegee, Utility head, Utility head pad.


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    €79.00 €39.50