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  • Whirlpool Combi, 60CM, 176CM HIGH, A+ 6TH, White


    Technology that quickly recovers the ideal temperature.
    The 6TH SENSE technology continuously detects the temperature fluctuations caused by external factors (opening the door) and quickly restores the ideal temperature for optimum storage of food both in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Avoid freezing fire with food stored in the freezer. With the energy class A +, this Whirlpool device offers both ideal results and efficient energy consumption.


    All the space you want: The large content of this Whirlpool fridge / freezer combination offers all the space you need to store your food.


    Fast cooling: The temperature inside your refrigerator drops immediately, when new food is stored. Built-in sensors automatically adjust cooling temperature, ensuring low energy consumption and prolonged freshness.


    LED lighting Perfect illumination: Energy-efficient LEDs spread light evenly throughout the refrigerator cavity, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.


    Electronic control system Pitch-perfect performance: This Whirlpool Fridge Freezer features an Electronic control system that ensures correct parameter settings at all times, providing the ideal performance and temperature control.


    Energy Efficiency Class: A+

    Number of Shelves in Fridge: 4

    Number of Drawers in Freezer: 3

    No Frost: Yes

    Color: White

    Control Type: Electronic

    6th Sense: Yes

    Fast cooling function: Yes

    Star Rating: 4

    Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 176 x 59.5 x 66.3






  • Whirlpool Combi, 60CM,200CM High, NF, 6TH,A+++ BLK


    This Whirlpool freestanding Fridge Freezer features: Frost free technology, that effectively prevents ice build-up in your freezer, by reducing humidity levels. A fan that provides a smooth and even flow of air in your appliance’s cavity, for enhanced ventilation. A tall appliance to fit your family needs. 6th sense  sensors, that automatically lower the temperature inside your appliance when new food is stored, reducing energy consumption. Glass shelves, providing both robustness and elegance.


    Preserving perfection: This Whirlpool Fridge-Freezer innovative Supreme No Frost design offers unprecedented food preservation technology and features, providing the ideal frost-free climate for your food.



    Up to 30% energy savings: 6TH SENSE technology monitors the temperature inside your freezer, and automatically boosts freezing only when required.Cost-effective and eco-friendly.
    Fast freezing: The Fast Freeze function sets the freezer temperature to 10 degrees colder than the lowest setting, to freeze food quickly and retain its nutritional values.



    Ultra rapid temperature recovery: The innovative Energy Saving technology provides ultra rapid temperature recovery ensuring low energy consumption and prolonged freshness.



    Energy Efficiency Class: A+++

    Number of Shelves in Fridge: 3

    Number of Drawers in Freezer: 2

    Defrost process fridge section: Automatic

    Defrost process freezer section: Automatic

    Color: Black

    Control Type: Electronic

    6th Sense: Yes

    Fast Freeze Function: Yes

    Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 188.8 x 59.5 x 68.8




  • Whirlpool Combi, 60CM, 189CM High, NF, 6TH, Inox


    Technology that quickly restores the right temperature.

    6th sense technology controls the conditions in which food is stored in on a regular basis and detects temperature changes caused by external reasons (eg opening the door). It quickly restores the right temperature in both chambers of the device, which guarantees the best storage conditions for your food. In addition, this innovative technology prevents freezing from frost on products stored in the freezer.



    Easy access to food.
    The shelf extends up to 12 cm, which allows easy access even to products placed at the back.


    Quick access to the most frequently used products.
    This is a special tray that slides out to help you access the most commonly used products stored in the freezer.


    Super-fast temperature recovery.
    Innovative Energy Saving technology ensures super-fast temperature recovery, guaranteeing low energy consumption and long-term freshness.


    Energy Efficiency Class: A++

    Number of Shelves in Fridge: 3

    Number of Drawers in Freezer: 2

    Defrosting method Freezer: No frost

    Defrosting method Refrigerator: No frost

    Color: Inox

    Control Type: Electronic

    Capacity in Fridge and Freezer (Liter): 338

    6th Sense: Yes

    Fast Freeze Function: Yes

    Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 189 x 59.6 x  67.7






  • Whirlpool Dryer 9KG Heat Pump A++

    This Whirlpool freestanding Tumble Dryer features: heat pump technology that effectively re-heats the air in the appliance, significantly reducing energy consumption. Outstanding 9kg drum capacity, so you will never run out of space.
    Keep your garments fresh up to 6 hours after the cycle is over. Innovative FreshCare+ system takes care of your garments inside the dryer thanks to intelligent delicate temperature control and delicate tumbling action that keep garments fresh and prevent bad odours. FreshCare+ treatment leaves truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the end of the cycle.
    A++ Energy Class
    Improved energy efficiency. With its A++ energy rating, this Whirlpool Dryer will allow you to enjoy both ideal results and very low energy consumption.
    Easy Cleaning
    Easily remove and clean the filter in only three simple steps
    Woolmark Blue
    The beauty of wool is always preserved with Whirlpool's woolmark blue proectection.
    SenseInverter MOTOR
    A highly energy efficient motor working at variable speed, allowing more advanced performances and thus special care for fibers.
    Large Items Programs
    Extra spacious-your laundry gets all the space it needs. And with the Big Items program even the bulkiest loads will be perfectly dry
    Gentle Drying
    Gentle treatment of the laundry with a lower drying temperature
    9KG Capacity
    All the space you need.
    With an outstanding 9kg drum capacity, this Whirlpool Dryer provides all the space you need for your laundry.
    Super Silent Motor
    Enjoy the silence.
    This Whirlpool Dryer is designed to provide ideal results, while functioning at very low noise levels, so you can enjoy some extra peace and quiet.
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Color: White
    Load Capacity: 9
    Drying Type: Heat Pump
    Display Type: Heat Pump
    Delay Timer: Yes
    Filter Full Indicator: Yes
    Number of Programmes: 15
    Drying Programmes: 15
    Energy Efficiency: A++
    Energy Consumption per Cycle (Wash&Dry) (KWh): 2.07 (Full Load)
    Noise Level (db): 64
    Child Lock: Yes
    Size (H x W x D) cm: 84.9 x 59.5 x 64.9


  • Whirlpool BI Dishwasher  10PS 9L  A++ 45CM


    This Whirlpool integrated Dishwasher features: slimline size combined with an outstanding number of place settings, so you can enjoy all the space you need, both inside and outside your dishwasher. Silver color. Timer Delay option,that allows you to set the wash cycle to start at any time during the day or night. Versatile Multi zone technology,allowing you to select the number of baskets to use, so you can enjoy clean dishes without having to wait to fill your appliance. Upper or lower single basket washing cycle option, so you can enjoy clean dishes without having to wait to fill your appliance.


    Start Delay
    Tailored for you. The Start Delay option allows you to set the Dishwasher to begin its cycle whenever most convenient for you, saving you both time and energy.


    Single rack washing option
    Outstanding water efficiency. The single rack option allows you to wash a small number of dishes without having to wait to fill your Dishwasher. Enjoy perfect results and low water consumption.


    Flexible washing options
    Ideal space management. Add, remove or adapt the space inside your Dishwasher as you like, thanks to the modular racks and foldable tines.


    10 Place Settings
    All the space you need. This Whirlpool Dishwasher provides 10 versatile place settings, so you can enjoy all the space you need, always.



    Silent performance. Your Whirlpool Dishwasher is designed to provide ideal washing results, while
    ensuring the lowest possible noise output.


    9 lt Water consumption

    Eco-friendly efficiency. Innovative technology ensuresyour Whirlpool Dishwasher will provide ideal results with just 9 litres of water per cycle.


    A++ energy efficiency

    High energy efficiency. With its A++ Energy Rating, this Whirlpool Dishwasher provides ideal results, while saving energy and resources.


    Upper rack removability
    Removable upper rack. Your Dishwasher’s removable upper rack allows you to create extra space when needed, as well as fit unusually-shaped items, effortlessly.




    No. of Place Settings: 10

    Type: Build in

    6th Sense technology: YES

    Noise level (dB(A): 47

    Energy consumption annual (kWh): 212

    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 82 x 44.8 x 55.5

    Water Consumption Per Cycle (Liters): 9





  • Whirlpool Induction Hob 77cm, W Line


    The W Collection SMF 778 C/NE/IXL induction hob with 6TH SENSE technology helps you achieve gourmet cooking results. Connect to the 6TH SENSE Live app to discover new recipes and let the intuitive technology do the rest. Featuring FlexiFull technology, pots and pans can be freely moved around the surface of your hob thanks to the auto-detection. Ensuring your hob always retains its original appeal, this model comes with iXelium treatment that protects your hob from scratches and corrosion, ensuring a perfect, long-lasting shine. Simply clean with water and a soft cloth. Operated via the easy-to-use Touch Control panel, the Whirlpool SMP 778 C/NE/IXL hob ushers a new era of hassle-free cooking into your home, letting you create more in less time, with beautiful, tasty results.


    6th Sense Live APP: To explore new recipes with enlightening tutorials, schedule meals, and discover endless ways to enjoy an intuitive cooking experience on Whirlpool induction hobs.
    Flexifull: Cook anywhere on the completely flexible surface with pans of all shapes and sizes.
    Smart Sense: Providing step-by-step guidance to gourmet dishes, sensors dynamically set the ideal temperature and time for perfect results.
    Smart Sense: 6TH SENSE intelligent sensors detect the pot’s temperature, adjusting it according to the programme selected, for perfectly cooked dishes.
    Chef Control: Divides the hob into three or four cooking zones, and activates them simultaneously at a pre-set power level. Pans can be moved from one area to another without interacting with the user interface, so dishes can continue cooking at different temperatures for added flexibility.
    My Smart Display: By simply selecting one of the many Cooking Combinations, MySmartDisplay provides step-by-step assistance in real time. With a choice of food categories and cooking methods on its intuitive, uncluttered interface, MySmartDisplay offers a smart way to achieve the best outcome everytime.


    Hob Typology: Induction

    No. of Plates: 8

    Controls: Electronic

    6th Sense: Yes

    Booster Function: Yes

    Flexicook: Yes
    Timer: Programmable

    Melting: Yes

    Simmering: Yes

    Max Electric Power Connection Rate (W): 8000

    Product Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 56 x 77 x 51






  • The Whirlpool induction ceramic glass hob – SMF 9010 C/NE/IXL in part of Whirlpool’s new W Collection.


    Features include:

    – FlexiFull technology so you can cook anywhere on the surface of the hob
    – 6th Sense technology detects the pans temperature and adjusts the settings accordingly
    – Smart Sense gives step by step guidance and adjusts temperatures and timings to create a perfect dish
    – Assisted display gives up to 65 assisted cooking combinations

    Cooking functions include an innovative grill, which monitors the cooking temperature to cook for dishes to perfection. The fry function includes a heat detector to monitor the cooking temperature. A melting function and a dedicated feature for heating Moka style coffee are also included. An iXelium coating gives long lasting shine and protects against corrosion and scratches.



    Colour: Black
    Total connected load (kW): 11
    Dimensions (mm): 51 x 860 x 510
    Control type: Touch control
    Control position: Front
    Number of hob zones: 10
    Hob fuel type: Electric
    Electric hob type: Induction
    Timer control: Yes
    Intensive/boost: Yes





  • Whirlpool 4 Doors 90cm A+


    Add a fantastic centerpiece to your kitchen with this American fridge freezer from Whirlpool. You’ll have plenty of space to stock up on groceries, thanks to its 591 litre capacity, which can hold up to 32 bags of food shopping.
    The intelligent FlexiFreeze compartment lets you adjust the settings to suit your needs, so you can switch between a traditional deep freeze and creating the perfect environment for food you plan to eat sooner. With 6th Sense FreshLock technology, the freezer will detect any temperature fluctuations and automatically correct them to maintain freshness.
    It also has 6th Sense FreezeLock technology, which prevents excess moisture forming in the freezer to keep ingredients in the best condition.


    Energy Efficiency Class: A+

    Number of Shelves in Fridge: 2

    Number of Drawers in Freezer: 4

    No Frost: Yes

    Color: Inox

    Control Type: Electronic

    Capacity in Fridge and Freezer (Liter): 591

    Material of Shelves: Glass

    6th Sense: Yes

    Fast Freeze Function: Yes

    Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 187.5 x 90.9 x 67.7




    €1,790.00 €1,699.07
  • Whirlpool Freezer, 187cm, 6TH A++, Black


    This Whirlpool freezer has an intuitive electronic user interface that gives you the simplest and most convenient operation ever invented. Alarms / warnings No electricity? No problem.


    Thanks to the power failure alarm, the temperature inside the refrigerator is constantly monitored. When the temperature reaches -8C red flashing light comes on. Energy saving Rapid temperature recovery ensures maximum energy saving and food protection. A ++ energy class.


    Thanks to the A ++ energy class, the Whirlpool freezer allows you to enjoy both perfect results and less energy consumption. Installation in the building. The appropriate design and innovative design allows the installation of a free standing kitchen appliance. Open the door of your device easily and pull the drawers out completely, without limiting yourself to other devices or walls. Number of drawers. 5 Perfect space management.


    The Whirlpool freezer has five convenient drawers, where you can store packages, boxes and bags of frozen products, keeping order. Indoor lighting. Excellent lighting, providing excellent visibility of the interior – to always find what you’re looking for easily. Transparent drawers Transparent drawers allow you to see what’s inside without having to open them.


    The 6th Sense Technology controls the temperature in the freezer and when necessary it automatically increases the level of freezing. Saving and protecting the environment. ShockFreeze. Freeze easily.


    Number of Drawers: 5

    Energy Efficiency Class : A++

    6th Sense: Yes

    Color: Black

    Controls: Electronic

    Capacity (Liter): 260

    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 187.5 x 59.5 x 63 cm







  • Whirlpool Cabinet, 187cm,6TH, A++,  Black


    A fridge, which fits into the kitchen as the kitchen. This cabinet does not take a single cent extra installation space but can accommodate up to 60 cm wide opening, together with a pair of upright freezer 120 cm state. Temperature control is going deftly, the closet is an electronic control panel with touch screen.


    6TH SENSE Fresh Control takes care, as well as the optimal storage temperature of the refrigerated compartment humidity levels, precisely the qualities which determine the shelf life of food. This means less food wastage, thereby saving food costs!


    Energy Efficiency Class: A++

    Number of Shelves in Fridge: 6

    No Frost: No

    Color: Black

    Control Type: Electronic

    Capacity in Fridge (Liter): 363

    Material of Shelves: Glass

    6th Sense: Yes

    Fast Cooling Switch: Yes

    Interior Ventilator Fridge Section: Yes

    Star Rating: Automatic

    Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 187.5 x 59.6 x 63






  • Whirlpool Gas Hob On Metal, 60CM, 4  Basic


    Prepare perfectly crispy dishes, bring the water to a boil faster, enjoy perfect sauces, thanks to the extraordinary power of 3500W.


    Simple and intuitive control, easily accessible. The controls are positioned on the front of your hob, guaranteeing an easy and simple user experience.


    Color: Inox

    Grid materials-finishing’s: Iron

    Of gas burners: 4 Burners

    Controls: Mechanical

    Integrated knob ignition: Yes

    Product dimensions (H x W x D)cm: 3 x 56 x 48

    Cut out dimensions (W x D)cm: 56 x 48






  • Whirlpool BI Oven Manual 56L MF5


    Features of this Whirlpool built-in oven: advanced electric technology for cooking while saving energy. Halogen lamp enables low energy consumption performance.


    Pre-Programmed Recipe: Yes

    Fan Cooking: Yes

    Multi-function Oven: Yes

    Cool Touch Front Door: Yes

    Number of Functions: 5

    Energy Efficiency: A+
    Shelves, Tray and Grids: 1 Trays, 1 Grid

    Internal Lighting System: Yes

    Pro Technology: Yes

    Capacity (Liter): 56

    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 59.5 x 59.5 x 56.4