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  • Mac5 Active Iron Board 3 Functions



    –  Double spring of compensation for easy opening and closing. Security block against opening
    –  Foldable and conveyable thanks to the 2 wheels.
    –  Plane made of reinforced and punched aluminium.
    –  Legs with special painted finishing: non-scratches and shockproof
    –  Industrial textile cover at high endurance with 400gr filling
    –  Electrical socket to connect the steam station.



    Colour:  Black / Grey
    Material:  Plane – Reinforced / Punched Aluminium,  Legs – Metal
    Dimensions Opened (L x W X H) cm:  110 x 43 x 95
    Dimensions Closed (L x W X H) cm:  129 x 50 x 23
    Plane Dimensions (D x W) cm:  110 x 43
    Power (W / V ~ hz):  2550 / 230 V ~ 50hz
    Weight (kg):  16
    Adjustable Height cm:  75 – 95
    Adjustable Levels:  7
    Cable Length (m):  2.5
    Wheels:  2
    Unique Features:  Steam Station Rest,  Cable Storage,  Pedal Storage, Foldable, Built-In Electrical Socket




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  • Severin Oven 60L with XL Pizza Stone


    60-litre XXL cooking chamber for large portions with interior lighting and high-grade non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Extra-large pizza stone (diameter: 30,5 cm) and lower/upper-heat function for perfect and crispy pizza. Grill function with rotary spit and spit-drive for simple preparation of grilled chicken. Versatile cooking options, from fries to cakes thanks to upper/lower heat, circulating air function and the included grill rack and baking tray. Heat insulated housing and 2-hour timer with auto-stop function for all modes.


    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 58.5 x 51.5 x 37.5
    Weight (kg): 15.9
    Power (W): 2.2



  • Philips Essential Air Fryer XL


    Great tasting fries with up to 90% less fat!*
    Air is the new oil. Philips Airfryer is the only airfryer with superior Rapid Air technology to fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil and up to 90% less fat. Enjoy crispier results with Philips Rapid Air for 7x faster airflow.


    The original Airfryer with 7 times faster airflow*
    The Philips Airfryer combines a “starfish” bottom design with fast circulating superheated air, resulting in optimal heat distribution. This unique combination allows the airfryer to cook a variety of foods to a delicious, crispy result with little or no added oil.


    Fry with up to 90% less fat
    Air is the new oil! Philips Airfryer XL uses hot air to cook your favorite foods to a crispy perfection with upto 90% less fat.*


    Delicious crispier results
    Philips’ Rapid Air technology creates 7x faster airflow for deliciously crispy results**. Enjoy healthier and tasty snacks and meals that are crisped to perfection yet tender on the inside.


    XL size, 1.2kg cooking capacity
    The Philips Airfryer XL is designed with your family in mind. The 7L capacity basket handles a variety of meals. Cook up to 5 meal portions or 1.2kg of fries in one go for your family and friends.


    Versatile : Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat.
    The Philips Airfryer XL opens a world of possiblities – fry, bake, roast, grill and even reheat! Cook your food to perfection every time – no matter what you choose to make.


    1.5 times faster than oven*
    The Philips Airfryer is ready to use without any pre-heating so you don’t need to wait. Thanks to a combination of instant heat up and Rapid Air flow, your delicious meals will be ready 1.5 times faster than an oven* Compared to French fries and chicken drum sticks in a conventional oven


    Convenient “Save your favorite” cooking setting
    We all have our favorite dishes. Whether it’s a warm breakfast or a favorite family dinner, with the Philips Airfryer XL it’s easy to save your favorite meal at the perfect time and temperature for stress-free cooking.


    QuickClean and dishwasher safe for all removable parts
    The Philips Airfryer’s QuickClean basket is made with non-stick mesh for easy cleaning. All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe. Frying with air also means your home will be free from the odour of traditional deep-frying.


    Digital control for easy and precise time and temp control
    Use the digital interface of the Philips Airfryer XL to precisely and easily control the time and temperature and get perfectly cooked meals, every time.


    Features: Automatic shut-off,  Cool wall exterior, Cord storage, Dishwasher safe, On/off switch, Ready signal, Temperature control, Power-on light, Quickclean, LED display, Patented Rapid Air, Time control


    Cord length: 0.8 m
    Power: 1900 W
    Voltage: 230 V
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Material of main body: Plastic


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  • Braun CareStyle 5 IS 5145 Steam Station


    World’s first 3D BackGlide plate
    Patented curved plate. For 360 ° smoothness on all fabrics and in all directions, even backwards. It doesn’t stop on obstacles like buttons and zippers.


    FastClean System
    Developed to ensure an easier and faster descaling process: 4 times faster than the Braun IS3022 model. It also ensures a long life of the iron.


    ECO mode
    For delicate fabrics and up to 35% energy savings.


    Smart iCare mode for all types of fabric
    Smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature. Easier and faster ironing.


    Extremely light
    A light iron with great ergonomics. Experience a unique comfort while ironing thanks to the high quality finish in the handle.


    Safe on garments
    The iron can iron on fabrics or board smoothly for a long time, without burns.


    Powerful steam jet
    The powerful steam jet makes the ironing system an easier and more effective way to keep your garments wrinkle-free.


    Ergonomic design
    To ensure a pleasant ironing experience, the iron handle features a delicate touch and textured finish while the tank features a comfortable textured handle for improved ergonomics.


    High steam pressure and extra steam jet for optimum performance
    Higher pressure allows steam to penetrate the fabric, for extremely easy ironing.


    Removable 2 L tank
    Easy to refill, carry and store. Fewer interruptions to reload, which make ironing faster.


    50% less time
    According to internal laboratory testing, compared to Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron.


    Easy Lock System
    Easy Lock system to store the iron easily and safely.


    Colour: Black/metallic
    Lock system: Yes
    Steam shot: 400g/min
    Wattage: 2400W
    Double cord length: 1.73 m
    Ultimate FastClean system: Yes
    Cord storage: Yes



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  • Franke Tap Atlas Neo Nozzle Side HP Black



    Colour:  Black
    Cartridge:  2 Ceramic Discs
    Barrel Rotation:  180 °



    Franke_logo 1

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  • Magimix Juice Expert 3 Chrome Matte Black Juicer


    The Multifunctional Expert for all your juices.


    With the Juice Expert 3, cold extraction makes the most of raw or cooked fruits and vegetables to make juices, milk drinks, and creamy smoothies.


    To make smoothies, milk drinks or sauces from soft or cooked fruits and vegetables by cold extraction. Magimix patent


    Designed to get the best cold from firm fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots) and green vegetables. Magimix patent


    With 2 cones to quickly squeeze fresh citrus juices without seeds. Pulp System for juice with or without pulp.


    More than 40 recipes for homemade juices, smoothies and 100% natural sauces.


    To import whole or large cut fruits and vegetables. 90 x 75 mm




    Colour: Black
    Material: 0% BPA
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 21.4 x 18.3 x 41.5
    Weight: 7.5 kg
    Power: 400 W
    Professional engine: Ultra Silent
    Motor warranty: 30 years
    Guarantee: 3 years


    Manufactured in France


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  • Franke Boston BFG 611-78 1B 1D Black


    –  Waste with twist remote control option



    Colour:  Black
    Large Bowl Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  34 x 42 x 20
    Overall Dimensions (L x W) cm:  78 x 51
    Cabinet Size (cm):  45
    Recessed Hole:  See Template
    Orientation:  Left
    Product installation:  Overmount


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  • Concentrating on the basics – that's Solo. Minimalistic design, smallest dimensions and easy to operate. For supreme coffee indulgence from whole beans and a soft, velvety crema that melts on the tongue.


    MISSION eco & care: We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.


    Clean cut and compact: 20 cm wide, 32.5 cm high, 45.5 cm deep – the SOLO is one of the smallest automatic coffee makers in the world. And yet it provides enough room for high-grade Melitta technology.


    Individual coffee preparation: Indulgence without compromise: you choose your coffee strength and the temperature. Added to that, one single rotation is all it takes to adjust the amount of coffee to the preferred cup size.


    Special infusion process: For maximum pleasure SOLO is equipped with a preinfusion feature: the coffee is rinsed with water before the actual infusion process in order to release maximum flavour from the coffee during this preparatory phase. For optimum cleaning the entire infusion group can be removed easily.


    0 watt switch: Upon activating the 0 watt switch, the SOLO disconnects from the mains. And of course, your personal settings are kept. This on/off feature is also programmable and the appliance can be set to disconnect from the mains at the desired time automatically.


    Height-adjustable coffee spout: Adjust for one or two cups, mugs or latte macchiato glasses – the coffee spout can be adjusted to a height of 135 mm.



    Adjustable brewing temperature: 3 positions

    Adjustable flow regulator for coffee: 30-220 ml

    Height-adjustable coffee outlet: 135 mm

    Grinding fineness: 3 positions

    2-chamber bean container: N/A

    Capacity of bean container: 125 g

    Programmable coffee strength: 3 positions

    Milk froth system: N/A

    Display: LED symbol

    My coffee function: N/A

    Number of default coffee variations: 2

    Capacity of water container: 1.2 l

    Pump pressure( max ): 15 bar

    Length: 1 m

    Available colour: Black

    Wattage: 1400 w

    Voltage: 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Weight of device: 8 kg

    Dimensions ( H x W x D in mm ): 325 x 200 x 455



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  • Severin Wine Cooler 95L 84 X 48 X 47 CM


    Wine connoisseurs appreciate the importance of keeping their favourite bottle at the right temperature. A cooler keeps every bottle at precisely the pre-set temperature. And the whole family can enjoy the benefits because fruit juices and soft drinks are kept just as reliably chilled.


    Total Gross capacity (Liter): 95

    Capacity in 0.75 l bottles: 33

    Frost free system: Yes

    Type of control: Electronic

    Climate class: N (10-32 ° C)

    Energy class (kWh/year): A 136

    Color: Black

    Door type: Glass door with frame made of synthetic material

    Number of temperature zones: from 7°C to 18°C

    Number of shelves: 6

    Material of the shelves: chrome-plated

    Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm: 84 x 48 x 47




  • Mac 5 Active Iron Board 2 Functions


    Integrated active ironing board with boiler under pressure.



    – Professional steam hose holder
    – Switch ON-OFF/iron/ boiler and warning lights for steam ready and water end.
    – Switch for suctioning and blowing function
    – Foldable and conveyable thanks to the 2 wheels
    – Useful storage for feeding cable and iron
    – Legs with special painted finishing: non-scratches and shockproof
    – Industrial textile cover at high endurance with 400g filling



    Colour:  Black / Grey
    Material:  Plane – Reinforced / Punched Aluminium,  Legs – Metal,  Boiler – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions Opened (L x W X H) cm:  136 x 45 x 98
    Dimensions Closed (L x W X H) cm:  143 x 53 x 23
    Plane Dimensions (D x W) cm:  110 x 45
    Power (W / V ~ hz):  2200 / 230 ~ 50
    Boiler:  1.5cm Thick Stainless Steel,  External heating element
    Capacity (L):  1
    Steam Output:  Up to 2h
    Steam Power:  3.5 Bar
    Weight (kg):  16
    Adjustable Height cm:  75 – 98
    Adjustable Levels:  8
    Cable Length (m):  2.4
    Wheels:  2
    Unique Functions:  Steam Delivery Adjustment,  Continuous Steam,  Suction,  Blowing
    Unique Features:  Steam Station Rest,  Cable Storage,  Pedal Storage,  On / Off Switch,  Warning Light,  Foldable




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  • Franke Maris Sottotop MRG610-80 Black



    Colour:  Black
    Dimensions (L x W) cm:  80.2 x 52
    Large Bowl Dimensions (L x W) cm:  72.1 x 39



    Franke_logo 1

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  • Severin Table Top Fridge With Freezer 106L Black



    Attractive appearance in stylish retro design.

    High-quality design with chrome-plated metal door handle, glass shelves, bottle shelves and door covers.

    Modern LED lighting for pleasantly bright light and a perfect overview.

    Integrated temperature control on lamp.

    2 x High-adjustable safety glass shelves.

    3 x Door balconies.

    Door opening on the right-hand side.


    Capacity (liter): 108
    Energy consumption: 88 kWh/Year
    Energy efficiency class: A+++
    Measurements (H x W x D): 146 × 55 × 61.5 cm
    Energy consumption: 88 kWh/Jahr
    Noice generation: 41 dB
    Freezing capacity: 2 kg/ 24 hours
    Storage time in case of power failure: 11 h



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    Front Controls – Complete control over your cooking. Easily accessible and genuinely intuitive, the controls are conveniently positioned on the front panel of your hob, providing a frictionless cooking experience. Touch controls double as warning lights,  alerting the user about the status of the hot plates, whether hot after cooking or safe to the touch.




    Colour:  Black
    Material:  Surface – Glass
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  51 x 58 x 4.6
    Cavity Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  49 x 56 x 4.2
    Hob Size:  60cm
    Weight (kg):  8
    Hob Type:  Electric
    Construction Type:  Built-In
    Control:  Electronic
    Regulation:  Temperature Regulated
    Power (W):  6200
    Current (A):  27.8
    Voltage (V):  220-240
    Supply Cord Length (cm):  85
    Cooking Zones:  4 – 1 Radiant 1700 W, 1 Radiant 2100 W, 1 Radiant 1200 W, and 1 Radiant 1200 W
    Safety Features:  Child Lock,
    Unique Features:  Front Control Panel,  Power On Indicator,  4 Indicators,  Timer,  Main On/Off,  Frameless,  Residual Heat Indicator
    Unique Accessories:  Supply Cord




    High-Efficiency Burners – High efficiency. Our High-Efficiency Burners reduce energy consumption by 20%. Thanks to their innovative design and vertical flame, heat is delivered directly to the pots and pans, avoiding dispersion.



    Power Burner 3500W  –  3.5kW burner. Enjoy tastier results, faster. Seal your meat to perfection, boil water faster, or enjoy a perfect stir-fry dishes with the outstanding Power Burner 3.500W.



    Power Burner 4gas (PB) – Power cooking. This Whirlpool Hob features 4 Power burners to provide extra heat and speed up boiling, frying, and steaming while ensuring high energy efficiency.



    Speed to Boil – Enjoy faster boiling. Our innovative technology, by effectively harnessing the energy of the flames, ensures more heat is delivered directly to your pots and pans allowing you to enjoy ideal cooking results, sooner.



    Full width cast iron grids – The full-width cast-iron pan support maximises the cooking surface with an edge-to-edge design so pans can slide effortlessly from one burner to another without any lifting and is durable enough to withstand damage and prevent rusting or scratching. Cooktop grids are made of cast iron, a top-performing material resistant to high temperatures, durable in time that perfectly transmit heat. Restyled for added comfort and beauty, the distinctive design of the ergonomic knobs ensures easier use, greater control, and ease of cleaning on steel and glass models.



    Front Controls – Complete control over your cooking. Easily accessible and genuinely intuitive, the controls are conveniently positioned on the front panel of your hob, providing a frictionless cooking experience.




    Colour:  Black
    Material:  Surface – Glass
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  51 x 59 x 4.9
    Cavity Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  49 x 56 x 4.1
    Hob Size:  60cm
    Weight (kg):  12.5
    Construction Type:  Built-In
    Hob Type:  Gas
    Gas Connection (W):  8000 – Cylindric
    Current (A):  0.2
    Voltage (V):  230
    Control:  Mechanical
    Ignition Type:  Knob
    Regulation:  Temperature Regulated
    Supply Cord Length (cm):  85
    Burners:  4 – 1 Power burner 3500 W burner, 1 Semirapid 1750 W burner, 1 Semirapid 1750 W burner, and 1 Auxiliary 1000 W burner.
    Safety Features:  Electromagnetic Safety Device
    Unique Features:  2 GOG W Collection – Tris grids Cast Iron grids,  Front Control Panel,  Cast Iron Pan Supports,  Black Spin Brushed Knobs,  Matt Black Spreaders
    Unique Accessories:  Supply Cord




  • Magimix 5200XL Black


    Designed for large families and entertaining
    The Magimix 5200XL food processor is ideal for catering for lots of people, providing a helping hand it is an invaluable addition to any kitchen. With the largest capacity in the food processor range, the 5200XL can knead up to 2 loaves (1.2kg) in one go and grate up to 1.4kg of vegetables in the main bowl.


    Easy to use
    With just three buttons (stop/auto/pulse) the Magimix motor automatically adjusts power depending on what’s in the bowl, making all your food preparation effortless. Professional stainless steel Sabatier blades and discs ensuring you get the perfect cut. The 5200XL comes with its own recipe book and free Magimix app, along with everything you’ll need to slice, grate, chop, whisk, blend, knead, citrus press and store your accessories.


    Multifunctional 7 in 1 solution
    Slices, Grates, Chops, Whisks, Blends, Kneads & Presses. Perfect for 6+ people. Kneads 2x family sized loaves in the main bowl (1.2kg)


    Perfectly uniform slices of fruit and veg in a fraction of the time in either 2mm (E2) or 4mm (E4) width.


    Precisely grate fruit, vegetables or cheese in a matter of seconds in either 2mm (R2) or 4mm (R4) width.


    The egg whisk is ideal for whisking egg whites and creams for meringues, mousses and soufflés.


    The dough blade enables you to knead pasta, bread, brioche and pastry dough in a matter of seconds.


    Create the finest soups, smoothest smoothies and airiest pancake batters together the BlenderMix® and main Sabatier blade


    Effortlessly chop meat, vegetables or nuts and crush ice with the stainless steel Sabatier main blade.


    The mini bowl and mini blade chops and mixes with ease, enabling you to make a wide variety of fresh and home made sauces and dips.


    The citrus press allows you to make freshly squeezed citrus juice in seconds.


    Bowl Capacity: Main Bowl – 3.6 L, Midi Bowl – 2.6 L, Mini Bowl – 1.2 L
    Processing Capacity: Brioche dough – 1 kg, Bread dough – 1.2 kg, Shortcrust Pastry – 1.5 kg, Soup/Juice – 1.8 L, Meat – 1.4 kg, Carrots – 1.4 kg, Egg whites – 8
    Material: 0% BPA
    Power: 1100 W
    Weight: 11kg
    Motor guarantee: 30 years
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 44.5 x 21 x 26cm
    Accessories included: 3 ABS and BPA-free bowls: Main bowl (3.6L), Midi bowl (2.6L) and Mini bowl (1.2L), ABS and BPA-free lid with extra-large feed tube (W135mm x D73mm x H83mm), Accessory box, BlenderMix® ring, Citrus Press, Disc support, Dough blade, Egg whisk, Grating discs (2mm & 4mm), Recipe book, Slicing discs (2mm & 4mm), Spatula, Stainless steel Sabatier main blade, Stainless steel Sabatier mini blade, Triple pusher


    Magimix logo

  • Franke Maris MRG 621 2B 1D Black

    Linear black fragranite sink 2 bowls with 80 cm base drainer

    Finish: Black
    Width (cm): 446
    Depth (cm): 50
    Hole Width (cm): 114
    Hole Depth (cm): 48

    Franke_logo 1

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