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  • A classic that still has countless fans even now: the tried and tested filter coffee maker with stainless steel jug. Traditionally prepared filtered coffee.


    Colour: Brushed stainless steel-black

    Warm function: Yes

    Automatic shutdown: Yes

    Power (W): 1000

    Capacity: 8 Cups



  • Enjoy delicious coffee brewed from this powerful 1000W coffee maker with pivoting filter. So your morning will be the first highlight of the day. The device has a convenient drip closure for a safe can extraction – even during brewing. Be convinced by the easy handling of the high-quality coffee machine, its elegant design with stainless steel applications and an automatic shutdown function.


    Due to the double-sided visible water level indicator you always know when you need to refill the coffee machine. Hot coffee enjoyment is guaranteed long after brewing, thanks to the convenient hot plate. A dishwasher-suitable filter insert makes cleaning easy.


    Colour: Brushed stainless steel-black

    Power (W): 1000

    Capacity: up to 10 cups (1.25 liters)



  • Coffee maker with integral grinding unit (stainless-steel conical mechanism), for the ultimate coffee pleasure from freshly ground beans, space-saving high-grade slim-design: only 17 cm across, adjustable two-level aroma selection, for coffee just as you like it.


    Colour: Brushed stainless-steel / black

    Power: 820W

    Bean tank: approx. 100 g

    Capacity (Cups): 6



  • Coffee and Spice Grinder, approx. 150W, individual gravel level, safe operating.


    Coffee beans capacity: 50 g
    Power: 150 W
    Adjustable grinding settings: Yes
    Color: Silver
    Stainless steel blades: Yes
    Material: Stainless steel




    Food Save: up to 8 x longer fresh – especially with sensitive, short life food products – freezing without freezer burns. PerfectFit: for all vacuum bags and rolls up to 30 cm width


    Colour: Black

    Wattage: 100w

    Automatic Vacuum: Yes

    One Touch: fully automatic suction and bag-sealing process

    “Stop”-function: suction and sealing can be interrupted at any time

    Control lights:for suction and sealing, also for canister function

    Includes: 5 vacuum bags 20 x 30 cm




    With a SEVERIN electric BBQ you can enjoy fantastic grilled meals in your garden or on your balcony whatever the season. Because that summer feeling isn’t truly perfect until there is the seductive smell of sizzling sausages wafting through the garden.


    Colour: Black

    Non-Stick Plate: Chrome-plated grill rack

    Wattage: 2300w

    Variable Temperature: Yes




  • Healthy, gentle and fat-free” low temperature cooking: vitamins and nutrients are retained. Perfect gegartes meat, fish and vegetables: on the spot, no drying out.


    Colour: Stainless steel – black
    Output: approx. 1.000 W
    Ultra Quick: For fast heating up thanks to a powerful heating element
    Super Compact: Suitable for mosts cooking pots from 15,5 cm upwards
    Water Proof: For high security thanks to a water tight housing according to IPX7 standard
    Water Circulation: Technology for ideal temperature distribution and constance
    Display: LED display with intuitive touch control
    Perfect for: Cooked meat, fish and vegetable: to the point exactly, no drying out
    Temperature: Adjustable temperature range from 20 °C to 90 °C, 0.5 °C steps, Temperature accuracy +/- 0,1 °C
    Timer: Adjustable up to 99 hours
    Easy to clean: Yes
    Automatic water circulation: Yes
    Easy to operate: choose temperature and time, start
    Acoustic signal: When pre-set temperature has been reached and when the selected time has expired
    Time control: Starts when pre-set temperature has been reached
    Control light: Yes






  • Crunchy chips, crispy fried fish and perfectly breaded Wiener schnitzel: fryers are one of the best-loved kitchen appliances in many households. For versatile, healthy and rapid preparation without additional oil or fat quick, healthy & energy-saving


    Capacity basket insert: approx. 5.0 l
    Output: approx. 2.000 W
    Capacity: XXL frying basket with extra-large approx. 5 litre capacity (up to 1.5 kg french fries)

    Programmes: Intuitive touch operation, with 8 automatic programmes for best results
    for french fries, meat, chicken, shrimps, vegetables, fish, bacon and for baking, Memory function for all automatic programmes individual programmable temperature and time setting
    Material: Ceramic-coated frying basket and holder for high scratch resistance, high non-stick effect and easy cleaning
    Display: Big intuitive LED touch display for fast and simple operation
    Thermostat: Adjustable thermostat from 80 to 200°C
    Additional: separate temperature and time setting
    Timer: 60-minute timer with acoustic signal
    Safety: Automatic switch-off when basket is removed and Thermal safety cut-out
    Light: Power indicator light



  • Rechargeable vacuum cleaner high-performance, no bag. Two power levels. Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces and carpets. Especially for those with furry friends at home the high speed motorized rotating brush with its bristles specific, it helps and facilitates thorough cleaning. The blue bristles hold hair, pet hair, while the red bristles help the collection of fine particles. Handy and easy to use comes everywhere with ease, thanks to the swivel joint 180. The roller brush and easily removable for quick and easy cleaning. In the case of cleaning interventions of drawers or corners will be sufficient to detach a manual vacuum cleaner for use as a Vac. Set supplied accessories; extension adapter 36 cm. For cleaning in difficult positions with brush and movable joints. Once you finished using the broom is repositioned in its recharging station. An indicator light will indicate the charge level.


    Variable Power: Yes

    Capacity: 600 ml

    Battery Run Time: Autonomy up to 35 min. (Eco mode) 20 min. (High power mode)

    Suitable for hard floors: Yes

    Tools included: 36-cm extension adaptor for overhead-cleaning, multi-adapter suitable for different accessory attachments, 2 in 1 flextool ideal for difficult-to-reach places incl. crevice- and furniture tool



  • Is there anything cosier than a raclette evening with friends? Each person can fill the little retro pots with their favourite ingredient while delicious meat sizzles away on the upper grill level. A raclette grill brings you homely socialising and sheer enjoyment that is quick to prepare anywhere.


    Colour: Black

    Plate: Natural stone grill cooks gently, retaining heat for a long time and reversible non-stick grill plate for healthy grilling, with no need for extra fat, suitable for 4 small crêpes

    Mini-Pans: 8

    Wattage: 1400w

    Variable Temperature: Yes

    Measurements of the grill wire: approx. 46 x 23 cm



  • Full steam ahead against creased collars: an automatic steam iron ensures you are always perfectly turned out with crisp shirts, T-shirts without a crease and wrinkle-free trousers. The ironing settings provide extra flexibility: anything is possible, from dry to steam ironing for smooth, even results.


    Power (W): 2200

    Colour: Turquoise-white

    Water Capacity (ml): 400




    The traditional manufacturer Severin enriches the quite meager current range of travel iron by a new model. The BA 3234 can also be reduced to a convenient size, in terms of performance, in turn, seems to be very well equipped for a device of its kind thanks to a retractable handle.


    Power (W): 1000

    Colour: Silver-blue

    Water Capacity (ml): 50