Free standing dishwashers

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    Start Delay – Tailored for you. The Start Delay option allows you to set the Dishwasher to begin its cycle whenever most convenient for you, saving you both time and energy.



    Third rack – All the space you need. Your Whirlpool Dishwasher provides a third rack: the ideal solution for additional loading capacity, so you’ll never run out of space.



    Single rack washing option – Outstanding water efficiency. The single rack option allows you to wash a small number of dishes without having to wait to fill your Dishwasher. Enjoy perfect results and low water consumption.



    NaturalDry – The automatic door opening at the end of the program ensures better and more natural drying. This system guarantees higher energy efficiency and better drying results.



    14 Place Settings – All the space you need. This Whirlpool Dishwasher provides 14 versatile place settings, so you can enjoy all the space you need, always.



    Silent – Silent performance. Your Whirlpool Dishwasher is designed to provide ideal washing results while ensuring the lowest possible noise output.



    6th Sense – No prewash required. technology provides perfect washing results with no pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing by hand, while effectively reducing water consumption and costs.



    Flexible Washing Option – Ideal space management. Add, remove, or adapt the space inside your dishwasher as you like, thanks to the modular racks and foldable tines.




    Colour:  White
    Material:  Housing – Plastic,  Interior – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  59 x 60 x 85
    Weight (kg):  47
    Construction Type:  Free-standing
    Control:  Electronic
    Power (W):  1900
    Current (A):  13
    Voltage (V):  220-240
    Noise (dB(A) re 1 pW):  46
    Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  266
    Water Consumption (L per cycle):  9.5
    Power Cord Length (cm):  130
    Inlet Hose Length (cm):  155
    Outlet Hose Length (cm):  150
    Water Intake Max Temp:  65°C
    Programs:  8
    Start Delay Time (h):  24
    Place Settings:  14
    Unique Functions:  Eco,  Express,  Prewash,  Intensive 65°,  Glass,  Daily,  Auto-Clean
    Unique Features:  Digital Countdown Indicator,  Salt light indicator,  Rinse aid light indicator,  6th Sense Sensor,  FlexiSpace,  Multizone,  Natural Dry
    Unique Accessories:  Cutlery Basket,  Adjustable Upper Basket,  Third Rack