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  • Enjoy a better cleaning result with the powerful Philips MiniVac Wet&Dry 4.8 V vacuum cleaner. Clean both liquid spills and dry in comfort with its wet-and-dry system. The aerodynamic nozzle design ensures a superior dust pick-up.


    Wet & Dry system and aerodynamic nozzle

    4.8V battery
    Bagless Cyclonic
    Crevice, brush tool, squeegee
    Wet & dry

    Slim charging base (for wall or table): You can store the Philips Mini Vac on a convenient charging base, mounted on a wall or placed on a table. This means the Mini Vac, with its powerful rechargeable battery, is always ready when you are.

    2-stage bagless cyclonic airflow for optimal filtration: The bagless cyclonic airflow keeps the dirt inside rotating to ensure optimal, high suction power and lasting cleaning performance. Its 2-stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape. The first filter blocks most dirt, while the second filter traps the finer dust particles.

    Looped handle ensure optimum grip: The Philips Mini Vac has a looped handle that ensures optimum grip. You can grab the Mini Vac in any way you like. The soft rubber coating feels gentle and gives the firm grip you need.

    Aerodynamic nozzle design for a better dust pick-up: The aerodynamic nozzle design of the Philips MiniVac is created to ensure an optimum dust pick-up of even the most fine dust particles. The ergonomic shape of the nozzle helps you to clean even the most hard-to-reach areas.

    One-step click-off nozzle for easy emptying: The Philips MiniVac vacuum cleaner is easy and quick to empty and hygienic to clean. The Philips MiniVac has a nozzle that easily clicks off in just one step, so you can empty the MiniVac without touching the dirt.

    Color: Purple

    Design features: Translucent dust chamber

    Dust capacity: 0.5  L

    Filter system: Wet and dry system

    Accessories included: Charging base

    Battery voltage: 4.8  V

    Charging time: 16-18  hour(s)
    Input power (max): 56  W

    Runtime: 9  minute(s)

    Suction power (max): 9  W

    Vacuum (max): 2.9  kPa

    Airflow (max): 530  l/s

    Sound power level: 76  dB

    Weight of product: 1.4  kg

    Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 460 x 160 x 160  mm




  • Philips handheld vacuum cleaner makes daily cleaning fast and easy. It comes with rechargeable batteries for maximum mobility and the by-packed accessories allow you to clean delicate surfaces and reach the most difficult corners.

    2-stage filtration system for optimal cleaning results: The two stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape again. The first filter blocks most of the dirt, while the second filter traps the finer dust particles.

    NiMh battery for daily power usage: Thanks to its rechargeable batteries you will be able to clean everywhere without being bound to a power outlet.

    Easy to empty dust container: The easy-release system of the dust container makes the disposal of dust and dirt hygienic, quick and easy.


    Ergonomic handle design for easy grip: The Philips handheld vacuum cleaner has a looped handle that ensures easy grip for maximum comfort during use.

    Crevice and brush tools allow you to clean everywhere: With the crevice and brush tools, you will be able to really clean everywhere. The soft brush attachment is gentle on delicate surfaces and the crevice tool lets you clean even those awkward, hard-to-reach places.

    Lightweight to ensure maximum comfort: Lightweight to ensure maximum comfort and minimum effort during your cleaning sessions.

    Dust bin chamber for multiple cleaning runs: The advanced dust bin is large enough for you to do multiple cleaning runs without needing to empty it in between.

    Battery voltage: 3.6  V

    Charging time: 16-18  hour(s)

    Runtime: 9-10 min

    Color: White

    Dust capacity: 0.5  L

    Filter system: 2-stage cyclonic action

    Accessories included: Brush and Crevit tool

    Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 444 x 133 x 109  mm

    Weight of product: 1 kg








  • For a quick snack microwaves offer delicious results. Microwaves use considerably less energy and time to prepare small portions than conventional electric cookers or ovens.


    Colour: frosted black / chrome

    Capacity (L): 20

    Microwave Turntable Size: 25.4cm

    Max Microwave Power (W): 700

    Microwave Programmes: 5 different power settings, time and weight defrost

    Control Type: Manual

    Dimensions:  (W) 43.5 x (D) 35.5 x (H) 25.4



  • Franke Planar Filotop PPX 211 RHD Inox


    Color: Inox

    Included Accessory: Basket strainer pop-up waste

    Product Dimensions: Length: 1000mm, Width: 512mm, Large bowl size: Length: 470mm, Width: 410mm, Depth: 200mm

    Product installation: Top mounted


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  • Franke Maris Incasso Filtop MRX 210-34


    Material: Stainless Steel

    Product Dimensions: Base 500, Dimensions:440 x 440m, Bowl:400 x 400 x 180 mm

    Product installation: Top mounted


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  • Franke Smart SRX 611 1B 1D LHD


    Material: Stainless steel

    Included Accessory: Overflow perimeter, Premium basket

    Product Dimensions: Dimensions: 860×500 mm, Recessed hole: 840×480 mm, Edge: Slim, Bath: 450x400x197.5 mm, Internal radius: 70 mm / bath bottom radius: 24 mm

    Product installation: Overmount


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  • Franke Tap Active Plus Pullout SPRSIDE HP WH MAT


    Base Diameter: 50 mm

    Type: Single level mixer

    Spout Rotation: 360°

    Material: Stainless Steel


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  • Franke Tap Lounge Semi-Pro Side HP Chrome


    Base Diameter: 50 mm

    Type: Semi-professional mixer

    Spray:  Adjustable single jet

    Spout Rotation: 360°

    Material: Stainless Steel


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    Franke Tap Artis Nozzle Top HP Chrome


    Base Diameter: 50 mm

    Type: Single level mixer

    Barrel rotation: 140 °

    Material: Inox


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  • Franke FX FXG 621 Black


    Color: Black

    Product Dimensions: Base: 90 cm, Sink dimensions: 1160 x 500 mm, Dimensions of each bowl: 430 x 435 x 20 mm, 280 x 435 x 200 mm, Cut-out: 1140 x 480 mm

    Product installation: Fragranite


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  • Franke Boston BFG 621 2B 1D Oyster


    Color: Oyster

    Product Dimensions: Base: 80 cm, Sink dimensions: 116 x 50 cm, Dimensions of each bowl: 33.7 x 42 x 20 cm, Cut-out: 114 x 48 cm

    Product installation: Fragranite


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  • Make your kitchen an awe-inspiring space by selecting Neptune Kitchen Sink, from the house of Franke. This beautifully designed sink with one and a half bowl gives a stylish look to the kitchen decor. The sturdy creation made from nickel-steel, in chrome finish, will retain its original appearance for a longer period. The highly functional fixture provides enormous convenience while working in the kitchen, as multiple jobs can be performed at the same time.


    Material: Stainless Steel

    Product Dimensions: Sizes Denotes: Length [Left to Right] x Width [Front to Back] x Depth [Top to Bottom], Overall Size is – Length 1004mm x Width 514mm, Size of small bowl is – Length 167mm x Width 306mm x Depth 152mm, Size of big bowl is – Length 360mm x Width 420mm x Depth 200mm.

    Product installation: Slim-Top profile [edge sits flat on the surface of the worktop]


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