Whirlpool Anti Limescale Cartridges x10



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Prevent the formation of limescale deposits for easier ironing. The Whirlpool Anti Limescale Cartridges dries up vapour to improve its amount and quality. Pour the contents of one ampoule into one litre of tap water and use the solution for ironing. If the steam is too dry, set a lower ironing temperature. For irons with a separate steam station, we recommend rinsing the steam station with clean water every two months.

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Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Brand Whirlpool
Type Anti-Limescale Cartridges
Compatibility - Steam Irons - Steam Stations - Steam Generators
Unique Features - Prevents Limescale Formation - Improves Vapour Amount & Quality
Includes 10 x Anti-Limescale Cartridges