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 Featured Products

  • The multi-award winning CAFFEO® SOLO® is now equipped with a new Cappuccinatore which makes preparing frothed milk child’s play.


    Cappucinatore: Cappuccinatore for quick and easy milk froth of the best consistency. Also for hot milk & hot water. Manual quantity control using control dial (each person can choose just the right amount that they want and that fits in their cup).
    Puristic and compact: 20 cm wide, 32.5 cm high, 45.5 cm deep – SOLO® & Perfect Milk is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee makers in the world and yet it provides enough space for high class Melitta technology.
    Individual coffee preparation: indulgence without compromises: choose your brewing temperature and coffee strength. With only one single rotation you can adjust the amount of coffee to the prefered cup size (30 – 220 ml).
    Special brewing process: for maximum pleasure SOLO®& Perfect Milk is equipped with a pre-brewing function: the coffee is rinsed with water before the proper brewing process starts, to release maximum of flavour from the coffee during this phase.
    0-Watt switch: upon activating the 0-Watt switch, SOLO®& Perfect Milk disconnects from the mains. And of course, your personal settings are kept. This On / Off function is programmable, that the machine disconnects from the mains at the desired time automatically.
    Height-adjustable coffee spout: The coffee spout is adjustable up to a height of 135 mm for high latte-macchiato glasses or extra-wide cups and bowls.
    Double-cup mode: SOLO®& Perfect Milk prepares 2 cups of coffee at the same time just by the push of a button.



    Adjustable brewing temperature: 3 positions

    Adjustable flow regulator for coffee: 30-220 ml

    Height-adjustable coffee outlet: 135 mm

    Grinding fineness: 3 positions

    2-chamber bean container: N/A

    Capacity of bean container: 125 g

    Programmable coffee strength: 3 positions

    Milk froth system: Auto Cappuccinatore

    Display: LED symbol

    My coffee function: N/A

    Number of default coffee variations: 2

    Capacity of water container: 1.2 l

    Pump pressure( max ): 15 bar

    Length: 1 m

    Available colour: Silver

    Wattage: 1400 w

    Voltage: 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Weight of device: 8.1 kg

    Dimensions ( H x W x D in mm ): 325 x 200 x 455



  • The current version of the Meaco DD8L series represents 8 years of development of the desiccant dehumidifier and the very best domestic dehumidification technology available today. We have used our experience and just as importantly, listened to our customers, and redefined what was already a class leading dehumidifier.


    Up to 80% less energy consumption The Meaco DD8L series provides the best possible solution between energy saving and accurate dehumidification. When the target relative humidity is reached it runs its fan for 5 minutes to check that all is ok and then it turns itself off to save energy. Thirty minutes later it turns its fan back on and samples the air again for 5 more minutes. If the relative humidity has increased above it’s target it starts dehumidifying again, if the relative humidity is ok it goes back to sleep again for another 30 minutes. In a well sealed home/boat/caravan or garage this will mean that the fan will run for just 10 minutes an hour instead of 60, using just 1/6th of the power of other desiccant dehumidifiers.



    For homes up to: 4/5 bedrooms

    Dehumidifying capacity: 8 litres/day (at all temperatures)

    Humidistat: Yes, electronic

    Electronic: controls Yes

    Air Filter: Yes – standard dust filter

    Ioniser: No

    Fan Speeds: Three

    Air flow (nominal): 80/100/115 m3 /h

    Continuous drainage option: Yes

    Timer: Up to 8 hours

    Water container capacity: 2 litres

    Sound pressure level: 39/43/48dBA – every 6dBA is roughly a doubling of noise level

    Operating range: 1 – 37°C

    Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz

    Power consumption: 30/330/650 Watts

    Current (nominal): 1.6 A

    Compressor type: n/a Desicciant dehumidifier

    Refrigerant type / charge: n/a

    Automatic defrost: n/a

    Dimensions (w x d x h): 351 x 188 x 500mm

    Net weight: 6.4kg

    Gross weight: 7.4kg




  • The Hoover Condenser Dryer DMC D1013BX-S of the “Dynamic Mega” series allows you to dry up to 10 kg of laundry in just one drying cycle.


    Due to the infinity structure of the high-volume control drum, the laundry in the rotating drum is guided further upwards. Thus the laundry floats longer in the warm air stream, is more uniformly dried and less stressed. The rounded laundry detergents of the Infinity high-volume hand dryer ensure a gentle washing of the laundry, even with large amounts of laundry.


    Another special highlight is the Aquavision water tank, which is not located in a drawer, as in other models, but directly in the door. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the Aquavision water tank is very easy to remove, carry and empty.



    No. Of Programmes : 18

    Special Programmes: Start / Pause, Start delay, time selection, Acrylics / synthetics, Anti-wrinkle
    lights: the remaining time, Start delay, filter cleaning, filling, complete drying, drying to fix.

    Loading Method : Front Loading

    Dryer Type : Sensory

    Capacity : 10 kg

    Energy Efficiency : B

    Annual electricity consumption stated: 670 kWh

    Product Dimensions ( H x W x D ) : 850 x 610 x 59.5 mm


    hoover logo


    Achieve Maximum comfort and functionality with Whirlpool’s new compact microwaves. This large family of microwaves offer the possibility of browning foods like in the oven and other food in a an incredibly easy and direct manner. The perfect partner for every kitchen.


    Colour : White

    Capacity : 20 Ltr

    Microwave Turntable Size : 280mm

    Maximum Microwave Power : 700W

    Grill : Yes

    Grill Power : 800W

    Programmes : 6

    Control Type : Electronic

    Dimensions ( H x W x D ) : 285 x 456 x 359

    200px-Whirlpool Sensing 2clr on clear L1

  • Whirlpool’s new dryers don’t just dry your clothes rapidly. Thanks to their intelligent technology, they also ensure your fabrics are treated with the utmost care, leaving them beautifully soft while optimising energy efficiency at the same time.


    You are in great hands with Whirlpool’s Dryers, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

    The Intelligent technology with 6th Sense Air Care provides the best service by using sensors that set the most suitable temperature for drying clothes and then also automatically monitors it’s progress. It Uniforms air flow and asymmetric movement of the drum in addition providing excellent care for the finest materials.


    It is no longer true that the dryer takes up a lot of space, clothes get wrinkled and their operation is expensive. Whirlpool defies all of that.


    No. Of Programmes: 10

    Loading Method: Front Loading

    Dryer Type: Condenser

    Capacity: 8 Kg

    Energy Efficiency: B

    6th Sense: Yes

    Colour of Door: White

    Product Dimensions( H x W x D ): 845 x 596 x 659



    The intelligent 6TH SENSE technology is designed to preserve all colours as bright and beautiful as you bought them and to intuitively select the most appropriate program, temperature, energy and time.


    200px-Whirlpool Sensing 2clr on clear L1

  • Always stay connected to your Whirlpool® front load washer with 6th Sense Live™ technology. Use Smart Assistant features like the FanFresh® Option Assistant to activate specific options when you’re not at home. Smart Stats put product information in the palm of your hand, while Smart Energy features like the Energy Advisor tracks how much energy your appliance is using. You can even take pleasure in knowing everything is running smoothly at home with Smart Nudges and Alerts. The Smart Store’s Detergent Assistant keeps your appliance working great by letting you know when it’s time to replace this useful accessory.


    Capacity : 8 Kg

    Spin Speed : 1200 RPM

    Wash Load : 8 Kg

    Energy Efficiency : A+++

    6th Sense : Yes

    Product Dimensions ( H x W x D ) : 850 x 595 x 610



    6th Sense Technology Sensors detect the level of soiling  to adjust the cycle time and water intake for maximum performance with minimum resources.


    200px-Whirlpool Sensing 2clr on clear L

    €649.00 €539.06
  • Invented by Magimix and still manufactured in France,the multifunction food processor has become the single most important kitchen machine for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions.


    Performing the functions of up to 8 other kitchen machines, the Magimix Food Processor is the
    most versatile and invaluable addition to any kitchen. Ideal for slicing, grating, chopping, whisking, blending and baking.


    3 bowls allow you to effortlessly carry out several tasks in quick succession. All it takes is three buttons (stop/auto/pulse) to use all the different functions. The motor automatically adjusts the power depending on what’s in the mixing bowl. 100 Recipe Cookbook provides you with mouth-watering ideas for everything from Celebration Cakes to 3-Course Dinners. All accessories are dishwasher safe. Accessory box for compact and safe storage.


    Manufactured in France. Powerful and efficient, ultra-quiet induction motor. All parts and accessories are also made in France.


    Colour: White

    Main Bowl: 3.0 L

    Midi Bowl: 2.6 L

    Mini Bowl: 1.2 L

    Brioche Dough: 800 g

    Bread Dough: 1 kg

    Shortcrust Pastry: 1.2 kg

    Soup/Juice: 1.3 L

    Meat: 1 kg

    Egg Whites: 6

    Spatula: Yes

    Material: 0% BPA

    Power (W): 950

    Dimensions: H425 x L210 x D260 mm

    Accessories and tools: Extra large feed tube, Triple pusher, Mini bowl and Mini blade, Midi bowl, Main bowl, Knife blade, Blendermix, Dough blade, Egg whisk, Spatula, Slicing Discs 2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick slicing, Grating discs 2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick grating, Recipe book.



    €349.00 €314.10
  • This cabinet heater works using infrared technology which allows silent and clean combustion.


    Power (W): 4100

    Controls Selector: 3 Setting Levels

    Safety: Campingaz heater switch off the gas supply automatically if the flame is extinguished by wind or currents and if there is not enough oxygen in the room. It is also a safety precaution that in order to switch heater off one needs to do so from regulator to make sure that gas is completely turned off. Campingaz heater come with a pre-fit heavy duty metal regulator with a high quality pipe on which one can also read  the expiry date.

    Feasibility: Campingaz heaters are very easy to carry and can carry both sizes of cylinders inside them.

    Type: Gas

    Colour: Black