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Philips Essential Air Fryer HD9260-90-b


Philips Essential Air Fryer, 4.1L

Healthy & Tasty. Fry, bake, grill and roast without oil, whilst achieving the same deliciously crispy results.

Get the most out of your Philips Air Fryer with the NutriU app!

€169 €129

Sodastream Spirit My Only Bottle - Homepage-b


SodaStream Spirit Fizzy Drink Maker + Free My Only Bottle

Better for you, Better for the environment!

Turn filtered tap water into fresh, fizzy sparkling water, soda, and cocktails in seconds. A new way to enjoy delicious bubbles without the bottles.

€89.90 €69

Meaco Arete One Dehumidifier Air Purifier-c


Meaco Dry Arete One 20L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 

Quite simply our best combined dehumidifier and air purifier ever.

Arete is not only stylishly designed – it’s also very practical, perfected to eliminate problems with condensation, damp, mould or high humidity.

€399.90 €369.87

Hoover H-Wash 500 10Kg Washing Machine


Hoover H-Wash 500 Pro Washing Machine 10KG 1600RPM

Take good care of all your favourite clothes, preserving fibres for longer. 

Enjoy maximum efficiency & smart control thanks to the hOn app.

 €649 €549

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The perfect balance of intuition, performance & design

Whirlpool has devoted over 100 years of experience to offer the most advanced technology, without compromising on the end results.

Our 6TH SENSE technology is a powerful promise of a superior user experience, for those who want to achieve perfection intuitively.

Let us adorn your kitchen with designs that last...

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Switch your kitchen upside down

Flaunt your culinary skills and impress your guests with the Elica NikolaTesla Switch Aspiration Hob.

Combining a hob and hood in one appliance, this innovation is designed to make every cooking experience quicker and easier than ever before.

We can help you make the right choices for your kitchen...

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Built to last

For over 100 years, Swiss-based Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design.

Its fragranite sinks are particularly elegant, bringing a natural and timeless look to your kitchen, with a subtle shine and a nonporous textured surface.

Franke is also well known for its durable and naturally hygienic stainless steel sinks, the benefits of which make it a natural choice for several applications.

Let us complete your kitchen with a perfectly matching sink & mixer...

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A clean shave, every day

These sleek shavers look as incredible as they work. Boasting powerful performance in every pass, Philips shavers guarantee a close shave while also being incredibly gentle on the skin.

Featuring SteelPrecision blades and flexible heads that follow your facial contours, they exude shaving craftsmanship, providing both stability and durability.

We've got all the cool gadgets you need...

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Inspiring creativity for generations

Create dishes to the very highest standard. From whipping egg whites to ploughing through heavy dough, the Kenwood Chef mixer enables passionate cooks to master all kinds of recipes.

We've got the right mixer for you...

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Exceptional washing results

Enhance your washing experience with the new Hoover hOn App that allows you to access a world of exclusive extra features.

Control your washing remotely, check your laundry’s status, access over 50 tips and tricks to remove the toughest of stains and make sure you never run out of detergent.

We can help you make the right choices for your home...

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Unmatched versatility

Boasting a mighty motor which comes with a 30-year motor warranty, the Magimix food processor will power through the toughest of ingredients, while offering maximum versatility with its brilliant set of attachments.

We've got all the kitchen appliances you need...

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Cleaning made easy

Impeccably designed and solidly built, Gtech vacuum cleaners offer a fantastic solution for easy, versatile and smooth cleaning of virtually any surface.

Effortlessly glide over a variety of surfaces, from carpets to hard floors with no settings to change, thanks to the perfect combination of handheld and upright vacuum cleaning.

We've got the right cordless cleaner for you...

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Less waste, more sparkle

As the number 1 sparkling water brand in the world, SodaStream believes they have a unique opportunity to make a real difference.

SodaStream has revolutionised the beverage industry by empowering people with simple, eco-friendly and fun ways to make and enjoy bubbly beverages.

You can help reduce single-use plastic...

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Your health in good hands

Discover an exciting range of health care & therapeutic devices, designed to optimise your lifestyle and wellbeing.

We've got the right equipment to take care of your wellbeing...

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Speedy, mess-free blitzing

A super sleek kitchen essential that allows you to whip up sauces, soups and smoothies with complete ease.

The Easy SmartSpeed feature puts you in total control with just one touch, while the unique ActivBlade Technology provides you with a 250% more effective cutting surface.

Simply put, Braun hand blenders are multi-use appliances that tick all the boxes.

We've got the best hand blenders for the toughest jobs...

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A masterpiece for the coffee connoisseur

A bold, innovative beauty, there to help you kick-start your day with your favourite coffee.

Experience a stylish and sturdy machine which preserves the full aroma of your coffee beans & giving you the option to customise coffee specialities with just one touch.

Let us help you craft the perfect cup of coffee...

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The ultimate kitchen tool for professional cooks

Designed for brilliant blending, producing first-class milkshakes, batter, mayonnaise and much more.

With a 280W, Made in Switzerland AC motor, Bamix hand-held blenders can power through all your chopping, blending, puréeing, whipping and emulsifying needs.

We've got the right blender for all your cooking needs...

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Sustainable comfort in your home

With over 30 years of experience, Meaco has managed to incorporate the latest technologies and trends into all its items.

Energy-saving and ergonomically designed, Meaco’s wide range of products boast a range of features designed to turn your home into a comfortable and pleasant living space.

We've got the right appliances for you...

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Designed for high quality, efficient cooking

In the pursuit of efficiency, Silampos cookware combines unparalleled performance with durability, with each item being manufactured using high-quality raw materials and the latest in cookware technology.

We've got the right cookware for you...

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A practical choice for vitamin enriched water

BWT's patented magnesium technology, you can now filter out all the usual suspects from your water: chlorine, heavy metals and limescale.

Simultaneously, BWT will also give your water a more natural, balanced and fresh flavour, mineralising it with nutritious magnesium.

Let us help you get fresher & tastier water...

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Aromatic wine whenever you pop open a bottle

Beloved by sommeliers, Caple’s wine coolers are perfect for wine-lovers looking to show off their wine selection at home.

They guard against all variables that degrade wine over time, such as light, heat, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Let us adorn your kitchen with the most exquisite appliances...

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Iron in half the time!

Powerful steam from the boiler and the board, combined with continuous ironing ability for professional results.

We've got all the home appliances you need to save time...

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Appliances designed for the keen cook

This feature-packed microwave-grill combi comes with a slew of settings to precisely prepare a variety of dishes using any of the 8 in-built automatic cooking programs.

The EasySelect rotary control enables you to effortlessly select your desired power level and program, truly making light work of any cooking task. A combi oven that can do everything a microwave can, plus create beautiful crisp food.

We've got the right household appliances for you...

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The perfect pop of colour & vintage in your kitchen

Holding a special position in the cookware industry, Ariete has launched a vintage kitchen appliance range that impressively combines a 15th century aesthetic with all the current advances in technology.

Enamelled in creamy pastel colours and accented with robust metal and chromed finishing, this collection will add a hint of panache to your kitchen without sacrificing function.

We can help you make the right choices for your kitchen...

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Step up your grilling game

Made from high-grade stainless steel and enamelled cast iron, Campingaz BBQs feature robust cooking grills with powerful stainless steel burners, making it perfect when cooking for a crowd.

Additionally, the innovative Culinary Modular System allows you to prepare pizza, paella, wok dishes, and more, directly on your BBQ.

We can help you take your grilling to the next sizzling level...

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Sleek, silent & stylish

If you’re battling the summer heat, our wide range of Bimar fans can bring instant relief to the stickiest of situations.

With their powerful motor and variable speed settings, they will help you get just the right amount of cooling in your home.

Let us supercharge your Summer...

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Uncompromisingly good quality

Berndes offers a comprehensive range of pioneering products to meet the most diverse demands and requirements.

The continuous development of new and improved coating techniques and manufacturing processes has led Berndes products to become a success in the cookware market.

We've got the right cookware for you...

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Quality cookware that lasts

Moneta has been part of the everyday lives of generations of families, becoming a symbol of Italian excellence in the kitchen.

Known for producing beautifully designed and innovative cookware, its pieces are crafted out of love and passion for cooking.

We've got the right cookware for you...

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Kitchen Essentials

Your secret weapon for crumbly cookies and perfectly risen bread.

It gets your baking down to a science, offering unbeatable precision and boasting a functional and practical design.

We've got the right scales for you...

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Tall & Stout

Tastier & healthier meals

Large enough to fit anything from a 30cm pizza to a roast, but small enough to place on your counter, this Convection Oven provides a wider range of functionality and cooking settings, offering an array of possibilities such as grilling, roasting, baking and air frying.

We've got the right convection oven for you...

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