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  • Campingaz BBQ Spit


    This barbecue grill turning spit has two 4-spike attachments, providing you with 8 holding blades, to keep your food secure while barbecuing.


    Fits on 3 Series, 4 Series, Rancho, Eldorado, Expert, Texas, RBS and RBS Grande, C-Line, Ventura, Ventura, Woody, and Ventura Woody Grande and Delano ranges.


    Colour:  Stainless Steel
    Material:  Stainless Steel / Wood
    Weight (kg):  1.12


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  • Campingaz Barbecue Round Grid 40cm
    Round double grill. Wooden handle.
    Diameter: 40cm
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  • Campingaz Heater Infrared


    This cabinet heater works using infrared technology which allows silent and clean combustion.


    Safety: Campingaz heater switch off the gas supply automatically if the flame is extinguished by wind or currents and if there is not enough oxygen in the room. It is also a safety precaution that in order to switch the heater off one needs to do so from the regulator to make sure that gas is completely turned off. Campingaz heater comes with a pre-fit heavy-duty metal regulator with a high-quality pipe on which one can also read the expiry date.


    Feasibility: Campingaz heaters are very easy to carry and can carry both sizes of cylinders inside them.


    Colour: Black
    Type: Gas
    Power (W): 4100
    Controls Selector: 3 Setting Levels


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  • Campingaz C 206 GLS

    Pierceable cartridges can’t be disconnected once they’ve been plugged into an appliance, so they’re suitable for more intensive or longer use – they’re also our most economical and widely available cartridges.

    However, the C206 GLS cartridge has a new integrated flow reducing system, the Gas Lock System, which is compliant to the new European standard EN 417:2012 legislation. The system prevents the majority of residual gas from escaping the cartridge when accidentally disconnecting it from the appliance, thereby also preventing flare-ups.

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  • Campingaz Day Backpack 9L Ethnic

    Thermal backpack ideal for short excursions. Practical and comfortable thanks to the padded shoulder straps. Easy to carry and to fill.

    Colour:  Blue
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  30 x 45 x 48
    Material:  600 D polyester
    Weight (kg):  0.48
    Holds:  2 x 1.5L Bottles
    Capacity (l):  9.2
    Insulation Performance:  10h 30min with Freez’Pack® unit (sold separately)
    Unique Features:  Front Pocket,  2 Side Pockets,  Cooling pocket (with large opening)

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  • Campingaz Bottle Cooler 1.5L Ethnic

    Campingaz® Bottle Cooler with a strong, practical and attractive carrier featuring the zipper closure system, offering increased insulation and keeping your drink cooler for longer.

    Colours:  Black
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  18 x 5 x 34
    Material:  600 D polyester
    Weight (kg):  0.21
    Capacity (L):  1.5
    Insulation Performance:  +/- 1°C – 4 hours with Freez’Pack
    Insulation:  PE insulating foam
    Unique Features:  Adjustable shoulder strap,  Zip closure,  Keyholder and document holder

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  • Campingaz Shopping Cool bag 15L Ethnic

    Featuring a new exciting, chic textile design, it’s the ideal companion for the beach, picnics, or a trip to the shops.

    Colour:  Blue
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  18 x 35.5 x 32
    Material:  600 D polyester
    Weight (kg):  0.39
    Holds:  5 x 1.5L Bottles
    Capacity (L):  15.7
    Insulation Performance:  10h with Freez’Pack® unit (sold separately)
    Unique Features:  2 Handles,  1 Central Zipper

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  • Campingaz Minimaxi 4L Ethnic

    MiniMaxi 4L is ideal for lunch in the office or a snack.

    Colour:  Blue / White
    Dimensions (L x H x W) cm:  22 x 15.5 x 14
    Material:  6 mm EPE of closed cells
    Weight (kg):  0.27
    Holds:  6 x 0.33L cans or 4 x 0.5L bottles
    Capacity (L):  4
    Insulation Performance:  +/- 1°C – 7 h with Freez’Pack® (sold separately)
    Features:  Folding fridge,  Side pocket

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  • Campingaz Minimimax 9L Ethnic

    MiniMaxi 9L is the perfect size for picnic lovers.

    Colour:  Blue / White
    Dimensions (L x H x W) cm:  30.5 x 20.5 x 16
    Material:  6 mm EPE of closed cells
    Weight (kg):  0.35
    Holds:  12 x 0.33L cans or 8 x 0.5L bottles
    Capacity (L):  9.3
    Insulation Performance:  +/- 1°C – 9 h with Freez’Pack® (sold separately)
    Features:  Folding fridge,  Side pocket

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  • Campingaz Minimaxi 19L Ethnic

    The MiniMaxi 19 L cooler not only keeps your food and drinks cool, but it is also easy to use and to clean.
    The bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder (adjustable strap). It is also foldable, saving on storage space, and features welded inner seams (in case of damage to the packaging of stored beverages or food, it prevents penetration into the insulation).

    Colour:  Blue
    Cooling performance:  12 hours with Freez’Pack® units (sold separately)
    Weight (kg):  0.55
    Holds: 6 x 1.5L bottles
    Capacity (L):  19
    Insulation Performance:  +/- 1°C – 12 hours with Freez pack (not included)
    Unique Features:  Adjustable shoulder strap,  One side pocket
    Unique Accessories:  6 x 1.5L Bottles

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  • Campingaz Minimaxi 29L Ethnic

    With a capacity of 29 liters, the MiniMaxi 29 L is just the right size to hold a family meal for a day trip.
    The cooler bag folds flat after use and has adjustable shoulder straps, carrying handles, and a side pocket.

    Colour: Blue
    Dimensions (L x H x W) cm:  37 x 36 x 19.5
    Material: Outer – 100% polyester, polyester 600 D with rear PU coating, Inner – PEVA – Easy to clean and food safe
    Weight (kg):  0.84
    Holds: 8 x 1.5L bottle Horizontal and Vertical
    Capacity (L):  29
    Insulation:  6mm closed cell EPE
    Cooling performance:  +/- 1°C – 13 hours 40 minutes (with Freez’ Pack M30, sold separately)
    Dimensions (cm):  37 x 20 x 36.5
    Weight (kg):  0.84
    Unique Features:  Foldable, Adjustable shoulder strap, 2 side carrying handles, Side pocket

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  • Campingaz Tropic Sand Shopping 19L

    The Tropic Shopping cooler bag has a large capacity of 19L and is the perfect companion in your everyday life, while shopping or in the outdoor pool.
    Not only will your drinks and snacks stay pleasantly cool, but the fresh and dynamic design makes you a real eye-catcher. On the outside, the shopping cooler bag is equipped with a very high-quality polyester – inside with an antimicrobial additive that prevents the growth of bacteria.
    The Tropic range includes various variations suitable for various uses such as a bike trip, a walk out of town, lunch in the office, and grocery shopping.

    Antimicrobial lining – resists odor, mold, and mildew
    The antimicrobial effect is obtained from an additive that is melted in the plastic before being molded. This means that the antimicrobial level is “there for life” and cannot be scratched or weakened over time.
    – It resists mold and mildew growth
    – Blocks bad smells from developing

    Colour:  Dark Blue / Orange
    Dimensions (W x D x H) cm:  External – 46 x 17 x 47,  Internal – 39 x 11 x 29
    Material:  6mm EPE closed-cell foam
    Weight (kg):   0.509
    Holds:  6 x 1.5L bottles
    Capacity (L):  19
    Cooling capacity:  +/- 1°C – 18 hours with Freez’ Pack
    Unique Features:  Shoulder strap,  Non-insulated front pocket for accessories,  Large zipper

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